Lecturer dismissed for insulting mugabe

via Lecturer dismissed for insulting mugabe by Tatenda Chitagu The Standard September 29, 2013

MASVINGO — Chenjerai Pamhiri (38), a lecturer at Great Zimbabwe University, who insulted President Robert Mugabe two times has been fired by the state institution.

In a statement published in a local weekly accompanied by his picture, the university said Pamhiri’s contract had been terminated.

“We would like to advise the public that Pamhiri Chenjerai, who was a university employee, in the capacity of teaching assistant, is no longer a member of staff with immediate effect. Great Zimbabwe University disassociates itself completely with any statements, be they political or of any other nature, that he has made in the past or may make to the press in the future.”

Pamhiri was early this month arrested after allegedly labelling Mugabe an “impotent wife snatcher” at Chemberi Bar in Mashava.

In May this year, Pamhiri was sentenced to three months in prison after calling Mugabe “a dirty, rotten old donkey.”

He appealed against both sentence and conviction.



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    Pachokwadi 11 years ago

    Baba ava ndimafirakureva chaiye. Nyange mukavasunga shoko harivhikwe. Mazvinzwa chete zvavareva.

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    Well, both statements are true of course. I think he was just stating the obvious, not trying to insult the great leader. It’s too bad that the university cannot support their employees.

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    Charles Cutshall 11 years ago

    Actually, Mugabe does not seem to have any issues with his potency. Indeed, he seems to enjoy screwing all Zimbabweans on a daily basis!

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    The association of Donkeys complained and threatened to go on strike.

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    mafirakureva 11 years ago

    He will suffer the consequences mugabe is enjoying his own lyf with his family

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    Sekuru Mapenga 11 years ago

    Universities are meant to be about freedom of thought.

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      jongwe power 11 years ago

      As long as you do things the Zanu-PF way, you can have all the freedom of thought you desire. After all, Zanu owns this country (that is, the parts that our Chinese masters want us to control).

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    Thought did you say thought that implies thinking do your really believe zanoids think. I believe they they think with the head of the nether region of the body. All are HIV infected.