Give chairmanship to Zapu cadre: Msipa

via Give chairmanship to Zapu cadre: Msipa 20 August 2014

ZANU PF politburo member, Cephas Msipa, has added his voice to the hot and potentially divisive debate over the party’s chairmanship saying the position should, in keeping with tradition, be reserved for former PF Zapu cadres.
Following the 1987 Unity Accord between Zanu PF and PF Zapu, former cadres of the latter have occupied the second vice-presidency in the united party as well as the national chairmanship.

However, as the party heads for its elective congress in December some officials now argue for a break with that tradition.
They claim that while, according to the letter of the 1987 accord, the second vice-presidency must go to PF Zapu, the issue of the chairmanship was merely a “gentlemen’s understanding”, observed only in the spirit of the agreement.

Times have changed, they insist, and the chairmanship must now be open to all members.
However, Msipa, a former senior PF Zapu official, said for the sake of unity, it was important that tradition was followed in the event the post becomes vacant.

“I am aware that some people are pushing to have the chairman’s post open to all (and) there is a very lively debate taking place regarding the issue,” said the former Midlands governor.

“Those who want the post open argue that it was merely a gentlemen’s agreement which is not written and time has come to effect change.

“But we feel it must remain that way because it strengthens the unity between the parties.”
Incumbent national chair, Simon Khaya Moyo, is widely expected to be elevated to second vice-president, a post left vacant following the death of John Landa Nkomo in January last year.

Several former PF Zapu officials are already slugging it out for the right to replace Khaya Moyo but current administration secretary Didymus Mutasa has also entered the fray with outgoing Women’s League boss Oppah Muchinguri also understood to be interested.

But Msipa said the likes of Mutasa and Muchinguri should keep clear of the battle.
“The presidium has five members two reserved for former PF ZAPU members – that is the chairman and the vice-president. But if the post of the chairman is open to all it will mean that former PF ZAPU members will have one reserved seat in the presidium.”

Msipa was however confident the issue would be resolved amicably.
“I don’t know if it will be open or not but the issue will be sorted out, though, before the congress and I don’t think there will be a problem; remember we are members of one party,” he added.


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    Patriot 8 years ago

    The significance of Zapu portion of Zanu PF did not remain static over subsequent decades since independance. Neither did the significance take upwad mutation in magnitude. More significant portion might have exited the umbrella party over decades. With the possible consequence that the umbrella party’s current political fortunes are possibly tied to unity of NEW dicotomy, not the former Zanu/Zapu dicotomy.

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    Tjingababili 8 years ago


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    Adding another lobotomised emasculated eunach to the growning mass of corrupt worms who rule us is not the answer to our economic problems. Being a Cadre is no qualification at all for running the country. Nobody says any of the cadres/cadavers we have in power right now have a brain to share among them because surely if they did by virtue of having fired a gun then the country wouldnt be in meltdown.

    Yes firing a gun at the enemy and defeating was commendable and we recognise that yearly but lets not confuse that ability with ability to run an economy. There is a tendency to think everyone who “fought” the war has a God given right to sit in some office and shuffle a few papers about.Besides what exactly do VP’s do other than hold the keys when Mugabe goes globe trotting?If you love Zimbabwe allow those people with the acumen and requisite qualities run the country its the only way your war efforts will remain relevant.

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      Straight Shooter 8 years ago

      Nobody fired a gun and defeated anybody during the struggle. Thats gukurahundi ZANU PF propaganda. Nowhere in the world does it happen that you fire a gun at your enemy and defeat him, then sit down to talk as happened at Lancaster – it simply doesnt make sense.

      The so-called defeat is even more interesting when you take into account the fact that, those they claim to have defeated retained a guaranteed 10 seats in parliament for ten years, despite their small population numbers!

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    This man is extremely confused. By his own admission, ” remember we are one party”. Were is the problem here. Zapu that he is talking about has been diluted into Zanu. The unity accord he mentions offered nothing substantial to Zapu. As a matter of fact, they surrendered everything in a plater to Mugabe. Had they resisted this or intelligent enough to see through the eye of the devil, Zimbabwe would have been a different story to what we are currently witnessing.

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    Whether they give it to ZAPU OR ZANU, it is insignificant to the nation. All posts belong to Mugabe anyway, including SADC Chairmanship!

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    Straight Shooter 8 years ago

    To hell with your gukurahundi unity accord wena mfoka Msipha. The country does not need it; we dont even want your two useless vice presidents – we want devolution. It does not matter whether the President is white, black pink or yellow or from Mars, Hurungwe or Buhere – let it be; as long as we have powers devolved to the provinces; thats what matters. Power to the regions – power!!