Livid Muchinguri fires salvo

via Livid Muchinguri fires salvo | The Herald 26 July 2014 by Takunda Maodza

President Mugabe was subjected to an election and anyone eyeing any position in the party must be chosen by the people to prevent the hijacking of the revolution by opportunists, Zanu-PF Secretary for Women’s Affairs Cde Oppah Muchinguri has said.

Speaking in Mazowe yesterday where the Women’s League unanimously recommended the appointment of First Lady Amai Grace Mugabe as Secretary for Women’s Affairs, Cde Muchinguri said Zanu-PF was no longer the vibrant revolutionary party it used to be due to infiltration by ambitious opportunists.

“Tinotsigira baba wedu kusvika ivo vega vataura kuti ndaneta. Muparty mazara zvipfukuto mhai, zvisingazivi kwatakabva, patiri nekwatiri kuenda. Vanhu varikuuya kushopping muZanu-PF vasingazivi kuti Zimbabwe yakauya neropa (We back President Mugabe till he voluntarily retires. The party is full of weevils who do not know where we came from. Opportunists are just coming to shop for positions in the party, they do not know that this country came to be at a huge cost of innocent blood),” Cde Muchinguri said.

Some ambitious party leaders, Cde Muchinguri said, were so impatient to the extent that they wished President Mugabe to step down for selfish reasons.

“Vamwe vakanga vasingade maelections (2013) vava kuti tabatana neMDC. Vamwe vava kuti Baba ngavaende hanzi vachembera. Baba vaMugabe vakaswatuka. Munhu anozvininipisa, vanotanga vafunga vamwe vanhu vasati vazvifunga ivo (Some didn’t want elections in 2013 saying they were working well with the MDC. Some said the President must step down because he was old. President Mugabe is an upright man. He puts the interests of others ahead of his own),” Cde Muchinguri said.

She added: “Ma divisions ava muparty haatikomborere. Kunevamwe vatononokerwa vava kuti vaMugabe ngavachibva. Tinozviziva Amai hatitaurirwe tirimo mukati mezvigevenga (The divisions in the party do not help us. There are some who can’t wait their turn who are now saying President Mugabe must go. We know it, we know we are surrounded by schemers).”

Cde Muchinguri said the Women’s League knew those destabilising Zanu-PF.
“Asi tinowaziwa vanhu vacho. President vakavhoterwa nevanhu tinoda kuvhoterwa kwete kuzvi imposer on people. Kwava nekatsika kemob psychology. We end up tava nemaleader asina kubva kuvanhu. Munhu akavhoterwa ndi President Mugabe. Munhu wese ngaaende patest (We know those who are scheming. President Mugabe did not impose himself, people voted for him. We do not want people who impose themselves. There  is a trend of mob psychology which will give us unelected leaders. President Mugabe has the mandate, everyone must be subjected to the electoral test),” she said.

Cde Muchinguri said Zanu-PF provincial elections held last year ushered the wrong people into office.
“After elections kwakabva kwaitwa ma elections echitsotsi. Mamwe acho vamwe vakapinda vasina kusevha kana musero (cells), ndivo vakapinda mumapositions. Ndiri kutaura izvi nekuti musangano we Zanu-PF watakasiya vamwe kuMozambique, Zanu-PF yachinja haisisiri Zanu-PF chaiyo. Vamwe vaivhoterwa mumabhawa vachitenga vanhu Mhai. Vakatsvagwa vanopopota kuti vadzikisire vanhu vanenge vari pachokwadi (After the harmonised elections we had sham party elections. Some people who were not even in the cells were voted for. The Zanu-PF of the liberation struggle is not this Zanu-PF. Some were buying votes in bars, they looked for hecklers to denigrate genuine cadres),” she said.

Added Cde Muchinguri: “Toti vanhu vakapinda nechitsotsi ikezvino tirikuenda kumaelections the Women ne Youth League vanhu vava ku imposer kuti tirikuda uyu. Haisi Zanu-PF yava imwe party. Uvone munhu wacho arikuita izvozvo akauya nezuro muparty. Manyangira yavona. Iko zvino vari busy kudzinga vanhu kuti vasa contester. We are not fools. Mungaita pamusoro asi povho pasi irikuona (We are now going for elections for the Women and Youth Leagues, the imposition of candidates has started again. This is not the Zanu-PF we know, its another party. Those who are scheming are Johnny-come-latelies. We are vigilant this time.

“They are busy suspending people so that they become ineligible for election. You may do it at the top but the grassroots is watching),” she added.

Cde Muchinguri said the internal fights over positions in the party had seen some people being targets of elimination by rivals.
“Isu taida kuurawa kakawanda — muma car accidents, mun’anga. Hatityi, chakatiponesa muhondo hamuchizivi (Some wanted to kill us, in contrived car accidents, using witch doctors but we are not afraid. We survived the war, you do not know what made us prevail),” Cde Muchinguri said.

She said only Amai Mugabe would bring sanity in the Women’s League.
“Vaindidherera ini. Varume vakanga vavakuti musaite ma meetings nezvimwe zvakawanda.
“Regai titange Chimurenga tichivaratidza kuti tiri pano (Some thought I was a pushover. Some men saying do not hold meetings and so forth but now we are starting the revolution to show them we are here to stay),” Cde Muchinguri said to applause from delegates..

Amai Mugabe thanked Cde Muchinguri for the powerful speech.
“Experience is the best teacher. That was a powerful speech,” she said.

Zanu-PF Youth and Women’s Leagues are holding their conference next month while the party goes for an elective congress in December.


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    Insider 8 years ago

    The women is a vile, evil b***h. She will be one of the first to go down when the great day comes.

  • comment-avatar
    eugene 8 years ago

    AnaMuchinguri muchabvuma rinhi kuti makauraya nyika napresident wenyu wamunoti his is an upright man.Munoti tiripwere here zvichapera chete .Your days iminapresident wenyu are numbered

  • comment-avatar

    Amai Mugabe thanked Cde Muchinguri for the powerful speech.

    If that was DisGrace’s definition of a ” powerful speech” then I am the QUEEN OF SHEBAH

    That was no speech.its a lot of hot air. and thats me just being nice because its Sunday

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    Oppah vying for the coverted position of Lead Vocalist in “The How Good Is Mugabe and His Sneeze” Choir..!!

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    What twisted logic to talk about mafikizolos who’re shopping for positions when they ddt partake in the liberation struggle, then say disgrace is the perfect person to take the Women’s League post?? Grace is the total opportunist who slept her way to the top and now has grand ambitions. Mark my words, this could be the beginning of the Mugabe dynasty. You’ll be kneeling in front of President Grace or pres Robert jnr or Pres Bona one of these days!

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    mpeiwa 8 years ago

    Oppah knew she would not win, now putting Grace as her shield. What she doesn’t know is people are just shy to disgrace Mugabe, when that old man is no longer, that the death of Zanu Pf. No sane person would vote for Grace, looking at her past record. When people talked about Mugabe’s retirement, I don’t think they was anything bad, yes two or three years he may stand but he can’t be forever. For own information, Zimbabwe is not a kingdom, it a state which can be ruled by any one. To my fellow Zimbabwean, please lets stop this corruption.My feelings is that’s why our Head of State didn’t want to relinquish power, Muchinguri is just a spokesperson, but the planner is the Old man. If we are not careful, Chatunga will rule is, as if Zimbabwe was someone’s property.

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    Mukanya 8 years ago

    Typical lead vocalist material in patronage politics that has killed this nation.

  • comment-avatar
    biend 8 years ago

    That’s why ZANU will destroy this Country more and more,they don’t tolerate change,it shouldn’t be about how long you have been in the Party it should be about the ability to perform the assigned duties.ZANU has held Zimbabweans to ransome with the War rantings,it is not only ZANU Members who sacrificed their lives many Zimbabweans did from other uncelebrated Parties

  • comment-avatar
    Rwendo 8 years ago

    Did Oppah and Grace not nearly come to blows when they were linked to the same man? Now one promotes the other? Politics…no permanent enemies…

    Is this the prelude to an orchestrated musical chairs where Muchinguri vacates her post for Grace, so as to go for Didymus Mutasa’s position, while he vacates his post to go for Khaya Moyo’s, who heads for the 2nd V-P post?

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    Nhai sister Oppah, makadii kudzawo Tongogara the skills to survive accidents?Mava kurotomoka manje.Yava ngozi manje.Reports with true intelligence says the driver who was driving Tongo’s vehicle was shot dead instantly by Mozambican troops.You Oppah hd to be hidden as Samora wanted to skin you alive.So don’t tell people rubbish,bygones are bygones.Focus on the starving masses