Tsvangirai raises alarm

via Tsvangirai raises alarm – DailyNews Live 23 August 2014 by Lloyd Mbiba

HARARE – Opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai yesterday accused President Robert Mugabe’s Zanu PF apparatus of recruiting Israeli officials to rig the 2018 election.

He spoke as analysts warned that the renewed fighting between government and the opposition may raise tensions, a year after a disputed presidential contest that unleashed accusations of ballot fraud.

Tsvangirai, who controversially lost last year’s presidential vote, said the plot centred around Nikuv, an Israeli IT firm. He said he had also unveiled fresh evidence of ballot fraud from last year’s poll that included coercing village administrative officials by the army to back his rival.

The MDC leader claimed rigging for the 2018 poll was now underway.

“Nikuv, I understand Nikuv is already in place and instead of actually hiring, now they have localised,” Tsvangirai told a news conference at Harvest House, the MDC headquarters in central Harare yesterday.

“They are training at KGVI (army headquarters). They are training local operatives so that they can continue the Nikuv programme.

“We are also aware of 14-year-olds who are being registered because by the time we go for the 2018 elections, they will be 18 years.  All those are shenanigans that Zanu PF is putting in place before the next elections.”

Nikuv yesterday denied involvement in any rigging plot as Tsvangirai ordered a probe into the allegations. The ruling party and the military have previously denied that they helped Mugabe and Zanu PF retain power through ballot fraud.

“We regret that you have been provided with false, defamatory, slanderous information regarding our work in Zimbabwe,” Anat Saadon, PA to the Nikuv CEO said in e-mailed responses yesterday.

“Needless to say, the allegations made by the MDC leader against Nikuv at today’s press conference are blatant lies and utter nonsense. It is quite unfortunate that a senior Zimbabwean politician has chosen to base his political agenda on the lawful and proper work of a skilled IT company. Apparently, Nikuv is being used as an innocent scapegoat in Mr. Tsvangirai’s attempts to explain his political losses within his party and to his voters.

“These shameful efforts to drag a private service provider in Zimbabwe, such as Nikuv, into the heated political arena have been made before and Nikuv has always refused to be pulled into a political embattlement, and we continue to so refuse.”

Saadon said Nikuv was an established IT company which is managed within the framework of sophisticated, modern guidelines and standards which ensures the integrity of a modern, private company.

“Any attempt to claim otherwise is pure slander and defamation,” Saadon said. “This response applies to all of the allegations of Mr. Tsvangirai mentioned in your email and we shall not dignify each and every ridiculous and imaginary allegation with a formal response.”

Tsvangirai, a former prime minister and trade unionist, insisted there was a vote-rigging plot.

He said more evidence was tendered during his party’s national executive’s three-day retreat in Kadoma this week. He alleged that there were fresh details on how Zanu PF stole the vote.

“But perhaps, more interesting is the new details that continue to be revealed about how that election was a fallacy,” Tsvangirai said.

“The national executive heard more intriguing details only last week of how the people’s will was subverted.

“As I said in my letter to Sadc heads of State last week, we in the MDC are aware of how the theft was executed and last year we produced a detailed dossier of how the election was stolen, which dossier we distributed to all diplomatic missions accredited to Zimbabwe.”

Asked to reveal what fresh information he had received, Tsvangirai said: “Were you aware as journalists that the military was deployed at every traditional leader’s homestead to drive and frog march people to the election?”

“Were you aware of the elements of pungwes (all-night vigils) in rural areas to intimidate and coerce voters? Were you aware of the extent of Nikuv involvement in terms of voter displacement and voter disfranchisement?

“Ah, were you also aware that in one incident, in one constituency, all the returning officers in that constituency were relatives of the Zanu PF candidate, in Mberengwa? So, we can go on and on, the truth of the matter is that the election was not a contest but a (process of) retaining of power and nothing else.”

Mugabe won 61 percent of the presidential vote on July 31, followed by  Tsvangirai at 33 percent, securing the 90-year-old in power for 34 years, another five-year term in office.

Tsvangirai said he was withdrawing the call for dialogue with Mugabe, and is now focusing on mobilising the people to confront the ruling regime.

“We are drawing a line in the sand and we shall pressurise and mobilise the people because those who claim to be in charge have not demonstrated any desire and commitment to solve the pressing national issues,” he said. “They have become by-standers while the country burns.”

He refused to be drawn on how he plans to confront the government, saying the form and content of the mobilisation and pressurisation is for the MDC to decide and not for media consumption.

Tsvangirai said his party’s national executive resolved not to participate in future by-elections or elections until agreed electoral reforms have been implemented.

He spoke as Mugabe yesterday signed into law the Electoral Amendment Bill.

“The national executive was seriously concerned with the persistent disputes over elections in the country and resolved not to participate in any election, including by-elections, until and unless all reforms are implemented,” he said.

The MDC leader warned Mugabe against the introduction of the youth service programme.

“The information I have, sadly, is that Mugabe, instead of doing everything possible to solve the crisis, is determined to confront the people by bringing back his militias to cow the nation,” Tsvangirai said.

“Let him be warned, that if we cannot live as free men and women in the country of our birth, we would rather die.”

The MDC leader said the government should fully implement the new Constitution and all other attendant reforms, including availing a transparent voters’ roll that will ensure a free, fair and credible poll.

“The national executive is seriously worried about the non-implementation of the Constitution, including the failure to reform all institutions of the State and to unshackle one party’s hold on key national institutions,” he said.

All party members who stood as independent candidates during last year elections have been pardoned, Tsvangirai said, adding that over 60 members who recently defected from the party have shown interest to rejoin his party.


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    If you as NIKUV admits that it is a heated political arena, then why are you putting more fire? Why then as an established company not put your energy and expertise to stimulate industrial growth? This shows that Israel is a vampire that sucks blood.All over the world, Israelis are concerned about making money even if blood is spilt.Look at the damage in Gaza.Selfish ungodly people.
    If you are an expert IT company, then provide an electronic voters roll that can be accessed by anyone on the internet,with control locks.You cant even do that.So MDC has every right to raise alarm because as Zimbabweans, Mugabe said we deserve our own destiny but now winning eections is via NIKUV.Crime against humanity.Do the honourable and leave Zimbabweans to do it alone.

  • comment-avatar
    Parangeta 7 years ago

    I agree ‘tino’, as they say –

    ” Nikuv does the lawful and
    proper work of a skilled IT

    – yet this SKILLED Company doesn’t
    know how to burn, save, encrypt
    and lock an electronic copy of the
    Electoral Roll.

    Even I know how to burn a secure CD,
    save and lock it, in ‘read only’,

    The killer ‘Nyaza Nyoka’ Mugabe,
    being bum-rushed by these filthy
    Israeli Zionists, run by the
    Rothschilds – and that odorous dis-Grace!

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    Mapingu 7 years ago

    Mr Tsvangson, u seem to be speaking what u shld have spoken during the GNU whilst the sun shone. As of now, we can only wish you the best of luck. Keep trying, who knows? Hanzi rinopa waneta. But sad reality is all the odds are against u Mr Tsvangson at the moment. U had a much better opportunity in GNU (of course not a silver platter, but at least much better than now or even before) but you failed to take advantage of it. So, in asmuch as we generally agree with what you say the question is whether its gonna have any impact at all.

    Kp trying. Time will tell. Good luck Mr Tsvangi

    • comment-avatar
      Tsuro 7 years ago

      Mapingu, honestly what could he have done….had he boycotted, Ncube would have gone on as the 2005 Senate and probably would have become the major opposition.

      As a Zimbabwean and not an MDC member I voted and did not boycott knowing fully well that rigging was in place, we thought the rigging would be bested overwhelmingly by mass vote.

      The One million or so who went to vote for Tsvangirai were also in the wrong and we should all accept responsibility and not blame one man.

      Either way had he refused to participate I am convinced there was going to be a major split in MDC with some MP’s rearing to go to the extend some were prepared to be independent.

      Its easier to analyse from the terraces and also take advantage of hindsight.

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    Mr Tsvangirai you are not intelligent enough. If I were you I would not have joined the GNU. That is the first mistake you did. Second you keep on participating in elections when you are aware the constitution or the electoral laws are unfair? I don’t think you are raising reasonable issues. Don’t worry we will fix your mess and that of your stupid idiot Mugabe. The problem Zimboz you are gullible and claim to be schooled when you are very passive and full of history lies.

  • comment-avatar
    Reverend 7 years ago

    You dont judge Zimbabweans by character of r g mugabe and zpf, and so I believe it is wrong to judge the nation of Israel by a bunch of israeli scumbags called nikuv who are a shame to their nation and its principals.

  • comment-avatar
    Jackson 7 years ago

    Anat Saadon, we dont believe you. Your response to the claims have strong zanu pf undertones, especially this one, and I quote ” Apparently, Nikuv is being used as an innocent scapegoat in Mr. Tsvangirai’s attempts to explain his political losses within his party and to his voters.”

    By this statement and others contained in your response, we the vast majority of Zimbambeans, at home and in diaspora, find you guilty as accussed.

    You should have spend more time in explaining how you got hired by mugabe, to do what job etc etc.

    An entity found in the situation you are needs to do more to explain their innocence. You are way-way far from it.

  • comment-avatar

    Of course Zimbabwe is for Zimbabweans bt to be frank and honest this Mugabe thing is now an itch in the ass!!

  • comment-avatar

    If Tsvangirai means it by,”Let him [Mugabe]be warned, that if we cannot live as free men and women in the country of our birth, we would rather die”,then he really is seeing the light. There is no negotiation, right now that he can hold with ZANU PF, and expect Zimbabwe to be free. He needs to mobilize people for civil unrest and be prepared to die as he says. Only then, can he salvage his waning political fortunes. The only leader worth, people’s support is one who can mobilize people to stand up for themselves and defy this very corrupt government. I am not one for armed insurrection, because that rarely, if ever leads to democratic governance, but civil unrest will. Yes, people will be brutalized but ultimately we will overcome. If Tsvangirai is really prepared, I say go for it and don’t run and seek refuge in the Belgium embassy. Be strong and be prepared to die. That’s what true leaders are made of and a lot of people will follow you.

    • comment-avatar
      matigari 7 years ago

      The sober truth. No tough talk can quench the ZANU PF thirst for power. It’s high time we did something and not leave everything to providence.

  • comment-avatar

    I use to have the greatest of respect for Tsvangirai. Now I think he just a fool. Tsvangirai and the MDC should have been raising this alarm before the 2013 elections. All a bit to late now. Mugabe and Zanu PF have successfully castrated the MDC and it’s leadership. Zimbabweans are doomed to live under ZANU PF.

  • comment-avatar
    Kusvikazvanaka 7 years ago

    Nikuv, all educated zimbabweans know that you got lots of cash from mugabe’s diamonds and stole the freedom of millions of people. Stop pretending. Soon we will bomb anything we think is nikuv related. we do not need you.

  • comment-avatar
    nyoni 7 years ago

    My tacid question is. If Zanu intends to create employment why employ foreigners when there is plenty of IT GRADS out there. Talk about double standards. Zanu style!

  • comment-avatar
    Straight Shooter 7 years ago

    Missing the Monday Teas and Buscuits with the Gukurahundi!!

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    Tsvangirai has had a taste of going into anything with ZANU in charge. He should therefore forget talk of elections.

    The only way forward is for him to lead the people in a mass protest or let someone else do it.

  • comment-avatar
    matigari 7 years ago

    There truly was mass intimidation. Known opposition activists were not employed as polling officers where as ZANU PF apologists were given the green light. Why were ballot papers kept under lock and key when the anti-Nikuv alarm was first raised? It’s true that the 2013 vote was stolen in broad daylight and Mr Tsvangirai’s concerns are qualified. Matigari used to devuldge ZANU PF plots but his articles were intercepted. God frees people through brave people like Gideon not cowards! It’s high time enlightened Zimbabweans did something to free themselves from the ZANU PF bondage. We want Nikuv out of this country. They are up to no good! Deny it as they may, they are a hired group! Could the spokes person explain when and how Nikuv came to ZIMBABWE in the first place? What was their core business? We are sick and tired of their blatant lies!

  • comment-avatar
    wordwriter 7 years ago

    Its the jews. Its the jews. Every jew grows up knowing that they will be accused of everything from the illuminati to free masons to the start of communism and now…… cooking the books. I recently acquired an ID and then soon afterwards, a passport. My fingerprints are there, my photo, my address. This has nothing to do with the elections and everything to do with having the details of every single person in Zimbabwe so that if any of us embarks on terrorism, we can quickly be found.

    MT keeps on talking about cooking the election but he has yet to bring forth the evidence. I say to him stop talking and start exposing …. if you can. ..and I don’t believe you can. Why, it is after a year and there is nothing from him.MT You stand accused of being an also ran. ‘I tried’. …but we no longer believe you. Go and get a job. Stop crying wolf when there is only a sheep in sight and stop blaming the jews. I am not a jew but it makes me sick when jews are a convenient scapegoat for every failure of mankind, from the Tsars f Russia to the inquisition of Spain to nazi Germany. MT you are a bigoted failed racist. stop it. Stop it. Stop it. I am tired of you fake excuses.