Zanu (PF) spin-doctor disagrees with Mugabe

via Zanu (PF) spin-doctor disagrees with Mugabe | The Zimbabwean 2 July 2014 by Nelson Sibanda

Zanu (PF) spin-doctor Rugare Gumbo has insisted that public enterprise employees must not be discriminated against on the basis of their political affiliation.

This contradicts the stance taken by his boss, President Robert Mugabe, who recently attacked Jonathan Moyo, the Information Minister, for allegedly hiring journalists at state media who have worked for the opposition or criticised Zanu (PF).

Every Zimbabwean has the right to work wherever he or she wishes as long as he or she is qualified to do so, said Gumbo in a recent interview.

Skills know no political boundaries, noted Gumbo, and qualified people should be employed on merit not on partisan grounds. “I would not lose sleep over who is employed where, provided the individual is qualified for the job,” said Gumbo, adding that this was Zanu (PF) policy.

Gumbo said the responsible minister would have the final say regarding the appointment of key workers at the parastatals and state enterprises.

Addressing mourners at the funeral of the late Nathan Shamuyarira last month, Mugabe took a swipe at Moyo, whom he accused of employing anti-Zanu (PF) journalists at Zimpapers. His speech was followed by what observers described as victimisation of suspected anti-Zanu (PF) scribes at Zimpapers.

However, analysts dismissed Gumbo’s position as grandstanding, insisting the Zanu (PF) government would always be partisan in its recruitment of key personnel at public institutions.

Alexander Rusero, a Harare based analyst, Zanu (PF) tended to employ top officials on partisan basis at all state and parastatal concerns.

“Zanu (PF) is a mixed communist and socialist party and would only employ former anti-Zanu (PF) people at public institutions if they have positives to bring to the party. The people in question would also have to be prepared to toe the Zanu (PF) line of thinking beyond reasonable doubt,” Rusero said.

Zachariah Mushawatu said Gumbo would not fool anyone by claiming that Zanu (PF) policies allowed for employment of people from across the political divide.

Eldred Masunungure, a political science professor at the University of Zimbabwe, said: “Patronage is at the centre of Zanu (PF) business, as reflected by ministerial appointments and the assigning of board members at parastatals.”

Dzikamai Mavhaire, Minister for Energy and Power Development, recently appointed Zanu (PF) officials including political failures to several boards under his ministry.

Patrick Zhuwawo, Mugabe’s nephew, Willard Chiwewe, former Masvingo governor, Henry Muchena, Air Vice Marshal, John Mvundura, former Zanu (PF) Manicaland Provincial chairperson and several others were among those appointed.


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    Maybe Rugare should tell RGM that I for one would not lose sleep over who grows the food I eat.Couldnt care less if it was a White or Black Zimbabwean farmer as long as they do a good job of stocking the shops!