Massive jump in 2014 budget allocation for Mugabe ’s office

via Massive jump in 2014 budget allocation for Mugabe ’s office January 10, 2014 By Kudzai Kuwaza Zimbabwe Independent

THE Office of the President and Cabinet is set to gobble a sizeable chunk of the 2014 budget after being allocated more than US$206 million, which is more than the combined allocations to the ministries of Industry and Commerce, Agriculture, Mines and Energy, which are key to the country’s economic recovery.

According to a Government Gazette, Appropriation (2014) 2013, outlining the budget allocations by Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa to ministries and other government departments, the Office of the President was allocated 5,6% of the total US$3,6 billion budget allocation.

This is about six times what the Office of the President was allocated by then finance minister Tendai Biti in the 2013 budget, who gave it US$36,3 million.

Departments that fall under the Office of the President include the offices of the vice-presidents, ministers of state and the spy Central Intelligence Organisation.

The Ministry of Industry and Commerce was allocated US$7,4 million, Energy and Power Development US$23,4 million, Mines and Mining Development US$8,6 million and Agriculture, Mechanisation and Irrigation Development US$155,2 million.

The Defence ministry continues to get the second biggest chunk of the total budget allocation as was the case during the pre-Government of National Unity (GNU) era when Zanu PF was in power.

It received a budget allocation of US$368 million, followed closely by Home Affairs which got US$364 million. These are major jumps from US$26,2 million allocated to Defence and US$2,1 million to Home Affairs in 2013 by Biti.

The biggest allocation went to the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education, which received US$866 million.

The Ministry of Health and Child Care, whose service delivery system has been crumbling over the years resulting in a high maternal mortality rate currently pegged at 790 per 100 000 live births, compared to 390 deaths per 100 000 in the 1990s, means eight women die every day while giving birth.

In addition, 100 children under five years die every day mainly due to preventable diseases, while around a third of them are stunted. The health sector has been relying much on donors whose funding has been dwindling.

Industry and Commerce minister Mike Bimha, who vowed after his appointment in September to resuscitate the ailing industries, has said the paltry US$7,3 million he got only catered for the day-to-day running of the ministry.

Zimbabwe needs at least US$10 billion to revive its distressed manufacturing sector.

According to the Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries (CZI) Manufacturing Sector Survey Report for 2013, capacity utilisation in the sector plunged to 39,6% from 44% in 2012.

Bimha has publicly admitted that the country’s industries were generally in the intensive care unit and desperately in need of help.

Among others, parliament was allocated US$20,9 million, Public Service US$168 million, Finance US$202 million, Environment US$93,4 million, Transport US$69 million, Foreign Affairs US$63,8 million, Local Government US$88,3 million, Higher Education US$332,7 million.

Glaringly absent on the list is the allocation to the Anti-Corruption Commission.



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    “This is about six times what the Office of the President was allocated by then finance minister Tendai Biti in the 2013 budget, who gave it US$36,3 million.” THE PLUNDER BEGINS


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    Look at defense, an increase of nearly 14 times what it received under the unity government! What country are we fighting, I forgot? Oh, it’s a domestic threat? I guess it takes a lot of money to keep the people down.

    Mugabe needs to take a lesson from the new Pope, who lives at the Vatican, but doesn’t stay in the castle. He lives in a modest guest house on the grounds, and when he travels he carries his own luggage. When is the last time Mugabe lifted anything other then a teacup – with his little pinky pointing straight up!?! Ha ha! He’s such a pretentious jerk, riding around in his Rolls Royce, in Seville Row suits while the people starve. He wastes millions when jets off to foreign events with scores of people as an entourage. Is he afraid to sleep alone at those meetings?

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      Mugabe shows a lack of taste. It is all about wealth and power. Nasty, borrible little man!!

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    Sekuru Mapenga 8 years ago

    There is only one priority in Zimbabwe under Mugabe and Zanu PF. To stay in power and wealth for ever and ever and ever.

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    I’ll say it again – because it gives me such pleasure – NASTY, HORRIBLE LITTLE MAN!!!

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      Chinese Puppets 8 years ago

      I admire your restraint – you are far too polite !

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    Personally I think the world should be very grateful to Comrade Mugabe for valuable lessons in economics. He has shown us a major example in the field of macro-economics – go the whole hog, don’t fiddle around with minor things and hope for success. If you loot – take everything you can while the going is good – don’t go for trifles. It is likely that the latest budget would be a major tool for looting.

    Zimbabwe’s foreign debt is circa $10 billion. You can bet your bottom dollar of that circa $7 billion is safely deposited in Mugabe’s and his cronies’ foreign bank accounts. They know the loans were not used to fund economic development through investment and support of infrastructure and they know where the previous loan money ended up – so no more loans for Zimbabwe.

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    passenger 23 8 years ago

    defence for who exactly?

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    munzwa 8 years ago

    Make it clear to everyone that, we the people of Zimbabwe, will not be responsible for the debts run up by these thieves until all their assets, and those of their families, have been returned to the state..

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    Michael Saruchera 8 years ago

    Some of Mugabe’s allocation will be used to campaign for Malema you know Niku (whatever it is) doesnt come cheap.

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    mambara 8 years ago

    corruption with in zanupf did not start in zim. it started outside the country where chefs used to pumper them selves on the expense of the starving cadres.those structures just came into the country like that and concubines for the chefs not surprisingly rising to positions of vp now,no wonder they want corruption be swept under the carpet.those who dared complain were labelled vapanduki and most of them never lived to see zimbabwe. the recent comments by mai mujuru is a testimony to the archaic thinking of the old dogs.the surprising thing is these people will never say its enough and still maintain their sanity .shame