Moyo losing patience with ZBC management

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INFORMATION and Broadcasting Services Minister Jonathan Moyo has accused the ZBC board and management of failing in their duty to seek ways of improving the welfare of workers, amid reports employees are unpaid in five months.

Moyo said since his appointment on September 10, he had not received any representations from either the management at the state-owned broadcaster or the workers about the financial problems.

“We’re grateful to the newspapers for reporting these matters, but the problems will not be solved through the press. They will require responsible authorities at ZBC to attend to them. If they’re not willing to attend to them, then it is our duty to move in and deal with that situation,” Moyo told New on Wednesday, in a clear signal that he has no confidence in the current ZBC management team.

ZBC employees are failing to meet “day-to-day needs of their families like paying rentals, school fees and buying food” after going for months without pay, the opposition MDC-T said on Tuesday.

“As a labour-backed party, the MDC condemns the non-payment of salaries to the abused staff members at the ZBC and demands that they should be paid a living wage urgently while improving their working conditions,” the party said in a statement.

ZBC employees accuse top managers of paying themselves US$20,000 monthly salaries and buying luxury cars.

The MDC-T, which has previously railed against the ZBC’s TV monopoly, said the poor remuneration of ZBC workers was now affecting the quality of programming.

“Because we appreciate the importance of a satisfied employee, we sympathise with the workers whose non-payment of salaries is not only affecting the employees and their immediate families, but the entire nation which is being starved of proper information, education and entertainment due to low output as staff members at the country’s sole State broadcaster are disgruntled,” the party added.

But Moyo told New the MDC-T was most culpable for ZBC’s problems after failing to provide funding for the broadcaster in the budget through its secretary general Tendai Biti, who was Finance Minister until August 21.

“Throughout his tenure, Biti did not allocate a cent, let alone a dollar, to address the problems that the newspapers have been highlighting about the plight of workers at ZBC,” Moyo said.

“These problems became particularly acute during the life of the unity government and according to the newspapers, some of the workers have not been paid for five months. It is instructive that the MDC-T has become aware of the plight of these workers after leaving government on August 21, and this kind of hypocrisy from the MDC-T – which is clearly out of depth and beleaguered and looking for anything that can give it mileage now that it’s running on empty – does not help the problems that are being reported.”

The minister said he recognised the problems at the ZBC were “very serious as reported by the newspapers”, adding: “What the newspapers have reported paints a sorry and serious state of affairs that needs attention.

“However, we have not received as a ministry anything from the ZBC board, management and indeed workers. Nothing! It sounds like the MDC-T knows more about that situation than we do.”



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    Johno 11 years ago

    About time, mininister.Some shameless people are getting fat on other people’s sweat

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    Moyo have just started , solve the problem and stop your useless reasons to the starving people , the story of MDC T is a way of scapegoating ,what a stupid minister , you rigged the elections , now rig the problems and lets see .

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    Shame 11 years ago

    “As a labour-backed party, the MDC condemns the non-payment of salaries …” Ho-o-o? Ah, we didn’t know. So why was the civil service not given a meaningful salary by this so called ‘labour-backed’ party for over 4 years?

    What then is a shame and a quarter if not this?
    Shame, shame, shame!

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      Kevin Watson 11 years ago

      There was no money fool because Zanu PF had destroyed the economy with corruption and looting.

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    Waida kuti Biti ape mari vanhu vanomunyomba all day.Chero uriwe hawaimbopa cent

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    Dairayi Slogan 11 years ago

    Jonathan you always have something interesting to say against your sworn enemies MDC, but I suppose this time you lost it.The fact is you are not in touch with the suffering masses of Zimbabwe, the people at the bottom and that is why you do not have any clue but MDC a party which is concerned about the day to day livelihood of the masses have more knowledge on this particular issue than you.You ZANU guys are living somewhere else and not in Zimbabwe watchout for the time bomb is ticking you imposed yourselves over the people you shall reap the rewards not long from now!When you speak of Biti allocating money you begin to make us doubt about your credentials as a minister and as a luminary. You are talking like a pre-school boy blaming his father for not buying him a toy even Chinotimba has better insight into government procedures than you baba zvimwe muchinyarawo vanaMoyo gara moyo nechiNdevere unonzi chii?

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    Webster Shanu of Zanupf was the minister of this department. Moyo give us solutions and not excuses. Shame, shame on you Moyo – Zanupf

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    Zombi 11 years ago

    Why on earth should taxes have to be used to finance ZBC? It is a profit making entity. Monopoly of TV should give them lots of ad revenue – but their programming is terrible – we’d rather watch poached TV stations. The figures for top management $20k a month! Executives at big mines in South Africa don’t make that. The issue had nothing to do with MDC. It’s simple business management – pay within your means and offer a quality broadcast service that attracts advertisers. And ethics – is a senior executive really so indispensable that you pay them that much at the expense of the average employee? It’s just plain looting. ZBC management have no interest to correct the problems. They’ll ride it as long as they can. It’s profitable and those salaries have been approved so technically they ate not stealing. If I had control, not a single tax payers cent would go there. Just fix the organisation and run it purposely and without the cancerous Zanu PF political patronage.

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    Patriot 11 years ago

    The abused staff at ZBC?…..we are abused for having to watch their drivel.

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