Mudede anti-contraceptive rant slammed as ‘dangerous’

via Mudede anti-contraceptive rant slammed as ‘dangerous’ | SW Radio Africa  by Alex Bell on Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Registrar General Tobaiwa Mudede’s weekend rant against the use of contraceptives has angered many Zimbabweans, with HIV/AIDS activists calling it ‘dangerous’.

Mudede made the remarks on Sunday during an address at the Family of God Church in Kambuzuma, Harare. He said contraceptives were a “ploy by powerful nations to retard population growth in Africa thereby weakening the nations.”

He also said contraceptives were “conduits for diseases,” such as cancer, and questioned how Zimbabwean society could thrive if it was actively preventing the growth of the population.

“You want to be a super power, but you do not want to multiply,” he said.

His comments have sparked an outcry from many, particularly from activists campaigning for HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention. Emmanuel Gasa, the Executive Director of The AIDs and Arts Foundation in Zimbabwe (TAAF Zimbabwe) said Wednesday that Mudede’s comments were dangerous and politicised.

“These vagabonds in power do not care. He is a political (placement) and his comments are not appropriate,” Gasa told SW Radio Africa.

He appealed for “intervention”, saying the government has proven it does not care enough to take the fight against the HIV/AIDS epidemic seriously.

“The government knows that people need treatment. It knows this is an emergency. But it is not serious and they do not care,” Gasa said.

The Minister of Health and Child Care, Dr David Parirenyatwa, meanwhile was quoted as saying this week that his ministry would always advocate for the use of contraceptives in the fight against HIV/AIDS, as well as the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. The minister said the HIV prevalence rate had also decreased drastically from about 29 percent to 13 percent as a result of condom use.

“We advocate for condom and contraceptive use to our people. If one fails to abstain, to be faithful to one partner, he or she should use a condom correctly and continuously,” he said.



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    zanupf fear me 8 years ago

    This criminal is well known for infecting under age girls. Hence he has never had a conscience

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    Tjingababili 8 years ago


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    Daddy Chikos 8 years ago

    Kana zvakanaka persuade vako vana vaite vana 15 15 woita vazukuru hobho hobho dzinza rako rikure mabirth haavanetse nemapasipoti unovapa.This man is trying to seek relevance taking into account of what he has done to Zimbabweans.

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    He wants them to breed, build a work force for Zanu PF industries. North Korea in Africa!

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    This is what you get when you place people of limited intellectual ability into positions of power. They just open their mouths without thinking. I don’t consider myself a genius but any normal thinking leader would be speaking about how to deal with the street kids that roam our city rather than asking people to produce more. Mudede is one of the silliest men in the Zanu pf structures barring Joseph Chinotimba but he remains in a post befitting someone who can think before opening his mouth. Only in Zimbabwe can a man like this even have anything to do with the post he has held for so long and the mess he has made of it.

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    This man is depriving a village somewhere of its idiot.

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    haranga 8 years ago

    its unfortunate that the arguement for more children has been proposed by Mudede who is generally considered not credible by zimbabweans. i equally wonder whether the industrial revolution would have occured without population pressure. the chinese (and indian) economic miracle also seems to rely on a larger population. the 300 million americans are now giving up global leadership to the over 1000 million chinese. nearer home the nigerian economy has reportedly overtaken the south african as the biggest in africa (its true nigerian per capita is way below south africa). humans are equally a resource and japan has shown the way. instead of investing in birth control why not focus on developing the manpower? i stand to be corrected but i think no country has ever been great without a large population

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      @haranga It’s good to stand corrected it makes for good debate. Botswana has a Population of under 3 million.That equates to 3 people per square km. They are not doing too bad. China, Singapore and others got rid of their Policies which were going nowhere. Even Great Britain had it’s times when they had to rethink where they were going. Population has got a lot to do with it. Not the numbers but the leaders creating jobs and housing for their Population.Why would any straight thinking unemployed man who lives in a country with no welfare benefits or free health, and no housing benefits want to have children anyway. That would be crazy.

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    Saddened 8 years ago

    Hey Mudede what would be the point of having more children when they couldn’t get a birth certificate from that useless department that you are responsible for. Note I didn’t say ‘run’.