#mugabe absence best for Zimbabwe coup: Sikhala

via Mugabe absence best for coup: Sikhala 18/05/2014 NewZimbabwe

Mugabe’s continued absence is a good opportunity to stage a coup against his 34-year-old regime, abrasive MDC-T politician and former St Mary legislator Job Sikhala said Sunday.

Sikhala told hundreds of party supporters who braved the chilly weather in Harare’s poor neighbourhood of Glen-view that removing Mugabe through constitutional means such as elections had been frustrated by the nonagenarian strongman.

He said the opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai could only be installed as the country’s number one through a coup.

“Why must we keep a leader who is surviving on medication? We should just depose him while he is away. He wants to behave like Yasser Arafat (late Palestinian President); to die in office,” Sikhala said
to loud cheers.

“We will not allow that. By the time he comes back from his so-called medical check-up in Singapore, we would have taken power.”

Veteran opposition leader and ex-Premier Tsvangirai did not attend the rally despite having been slotted as the main speaker.

The trade unionist-turned-politician has failed to wrestle power from Mugabe, in power since majority rule from Britain 34 years ago, despite taking part in three successive polls where he has been his main challenger.

Tsvangirai’s latest was in July last year when he was outpolled by the 90-year-old Mugabe in polls which were dismissed as unfair by the West but given a clean bill of health by African observer groups.

His defeat precipitated a leadership fight in the opposition party with party secretary general Tendai Biti and deputy treasurer general Elton Mangoma leading internal calls for his stepping down for a new
leader with fresh ideas.

Sikhala accused Mugabe of draining the country’s meagre financial resources due to his medical problems that force him to make frequent visits to the Far East.

He urged Tsvangirai to lead the revolt, describing the embattled opposition leader as “Zimbabwe’s best foot forward”.

“We will remain solidly behind Tsvangirai even if turns 90. I also thought this was a relay but now understand it is a marathon. I had the same funny ideas as Tendai Biti and Elton Mangoma but I am back after seeing the light,” he said.

Sikhala ditched his tiny MDC99 a few weeks ago to rejoin a party he co-founded 1999 but abandoned during its 2005 split.

The rouble-rousing former student activist has in the past had several brushes with the law for calling for Mugabe’s ouster.

He credits himself for having urged Tsvangirai to tell Mugabe to “either go peacefully or we will remove you violently”, a statement that saw the opposition leader charged with treason charge 2002.



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    roving ambassador. 8 years ago

    [We will remain solidly behind Tsvangirai even if he turns 90.]
    Is this the leadership that we want that leads people astray? We are fighting to get rid of Mugabe because of this and then create another monster to replace him.
    I give up.

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    Job as your name implies is seeking attention by playing with fire.Your days as a free person are numbered as State security institution will not allow such dangerous utterances to go unchallenged.

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      john the first 8 years ago

      yes matoski
      indeed, there are places in the world where the speaker would not even have gotten off the stage- saying such things!
      Maybe Zimbabwe is really really tolerant!

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        John Thomas 8 years ago

        Job is a ZANU stooge. That is why he can say what others can’t.

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    Tjingababili 8 years ago


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    Been snorting somethin eh Job?

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    Chaka 8 years ago

    So mdc-t wants to remove mugabe n replace him with another dictator. Wrong motive. Zimbos lets open our eyes n not be led to back the wrong horse.

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    Msizeni silwelani 8 years ago

    We don’t smoke what you do Sikhala. Painful, we are on auto-pilot, one wonders whether there is light at the end of the tunnel or a train coming at us. The morden world does not recognise coups.

    • comment-avatar
      Malcolm 8 years ago

      Jeez – what are YOU smoking. ‘The morden (sic)world does not recognise coups’ The so-called progressive moral world will yabber on about democracy and rights and civilian populist demands. As soon as they see a coup in the world they all go ‘tut tut’, and do deals through the back door. Many a coup or civil uprising has been ultimately recognised once the ‘morden’ world wangles the propaganda and flicks the appropriate spin.

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    Job let the old go to his maker naturally. Why should want to go into history books for wrong reasons? That would divert the attention and prolong the suffering of Zimbos. The darkest hour is just before dawn.

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    Smelling prison Job!
    You are not doing a good job for yourself boy, especially in this weather, prisons are not hotels hey! There are no heaters there

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    munzwa 8 years ago

    day dreaming and misleading, proves to me that TB and EM have some merit…

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    machakachaka 8 years ago

    Sikhala said this and then drove home. Why did he not drop the mike and head for State House to install Tsvangirayi? Who is he expecting to lead the coup. Is he not a coward trying to cajole other people to be reckless whilst he is safe somewhere? MDC-T leadership are slowly reducing themselves to gangsters. People are watching.

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    reason 8 years ago

    Who gives a damn about this useless idiotic comedian cum puppet.
    Just some of the laughing stock. Too much weed.

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    Mapingu 8 years ago

    If anything, Tsvangirai, with people like Job playing his best-men at the moment, will soon find himself in some dingy prison. Which may actually be duly deserved according to the existing laws of the land.

    My only prayer is: When it happens, and possibility of it happening sooner than later is fast increasing by the day, MDC_T must accept responsibility kwete kuzotsaga muroyi from outside when the witches are within. Hatidi kuzonzwa vana Komichi navana Job ivava zvakare claiming kuti Tsvangi asungisiwa naBiti, Mangoma, blaa, blaaa,….

    Either these guyz are trying recover lost glory thru committing themselves to prison, or they are setting up each other for the same, or even for something worse than that.

    Honestly, coup inombosheedzerwa parally here, nhai vakomana? Then, back then Tsvangi paaka sheedzera kuti ‘…
    “either go peacefully or we will remove you violently”, …’ what was the outcome?

    Job uyu anoda kuchenjeregwa zveshuwa. Otherwise Tsvangi acharumisiwa nechokuchera kana asinga zvivoni.

    Watch this space!

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    Realist 8 years ago

    Job is the new Jonathan Moyo of MDC-T. The boy is trying to recover lost ground and appease his masters who took him back after languishing for so long in the political wilderness. We should not draw so much out of these statements if I were you guys

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    Where is this Job boy from? A comedian indeed

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    Straight Shooter 8 years ago

    Exactly why is Tsvangirayi and his disciples always shouting from podiums at these useless rallies?

    What has this brought for the suffering Zims?

    I mean, why cant these people see the need for a change of strategy? Surely, you can not keep doing the same things for over ten years but still expecting different results.

    These guys are surely not normal!

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    Straight Shooter 8 years ago

    Izinto zika Tsvangirayi zinhlanya nje. Maba yeke ukubheda la – ayikho into abazoyenza!!

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    Mhondoro 8 years ago

    Job is day dreaming, work him up so that he can smell the coffee.

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    nyoni 8 years ago

    COUP COUP COUP. What Coup. We only need to cooperate and remove Zanu. Thats all. Job your energies should be better spent by going to all the other countries and getting their support to help us get rid of Zanu. So far there is no action by you all . You all are waiting on the sidelines to pick up the pieces when Bob goes to meet his maker. What are you hoping to achieve right now is the question? People can not simply die so that you and partners can sit on the throne and start being the new dictators. We may be passive but we are not silly.

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    Onyonyoo 8 years ago

    Wiwa is right.Even at the Students Union we knew that Wiwa was always right….Read Animal Farm.Nyoni, Mhondoro et al go back to tertiary education- I mean go back to school.BY Coup we don’t mean BLOODY COUP. NO NO NO. Palace coup ie – we just tell the grootman to stay where he is today or else nobody moves nobody gets hurt -Overstand?…Big UP Job Saro WIwa Sikhala mfowethu, I knew that Aluta Continua continues and this is our day that you used to address us about at the SU.-Kill another sound… hear dis….’member the MDA and the Sangano Mhunumutapa. Ja man. Big tings fe gwan. We shall conquer. Lets carr’on

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      Malcolm 8 years ago

      You need a diversion apart from weed. Your hormones are out of sync. Get a girlfriend, and start to think about life realistically.