Mugabe explains MDC-T cabinet snub

via Mugabe explains MDC-T cabinet snub NewZimbabwe by Gilbert Nyambabvu

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe said Wednesday he did consider MDC-T officials for cabinet because the opposition party has refused to accept its defeat in the July 31 vote and continues to dismiss as a monumental fraud an election that was endorsed by African observers.

The Zanu PF leader, who won a new five-year term in office in the July 31 elections, named his new cabinet this week, making minor tweaks to a team largely comprising trusted lieutenants who have served in successive governments since independence in 1980.

But there was no place for officials from the MDC-T party with which Zanu PF shared power in a fractious coallition government over the last four years following violent and disputed elections in 2008.

Quizzed by reporters over the exclusion as the new ministers were sworn into office, Mugabe said he could not be expected to work with people who have refused to accept his re-election.

“Are you saying when a party wins, it must necessarily have members of the opposition included in its Cabinet? That is matter that should be discussed between the parties,” he said.

The MDC-T came close to toppling Mugabe in the 2008 ballot after claiming a marginal majority in the lower house of Parliament while party chief Morgan Tsvangirai edged the veteran Zanu PF leader in the first round of the presidential ballot.

But this term the party suffered a stunning reverse as Zanu PF claimed a landslide victory in both the legislative and presidential elections. Tsvangirai has however refused to accept defeat, claiming the vote was a huge farce.

Despite failing with a Constitutional Court challenge against Mugabe’s re-election, the MDC-T insists the vote was rigged and has ruled out working with a Zanu PF government although its MPs will represent their constituents in Parliament.

Mugabe said once the MDC-T said it would not work with Zanu PF in government again, they had pretty much ruled themselves out of any possible return to cabinet.

He said: “You must agree – when we had the results of the elections, the MDC-T started saying it does not recognise the elections; It does not recognise even the election of the President and as far as they are concerned the elections were rigged.

“And once you have the opposition with that attitude what do you do? Tell me what should I have done?”

Last month Tsvangirai claimed that Mugabe had attempted to talk to him after the elections but the Zanu PF leader said he never reached out to his rival.

“I would have expected that the opposition would say aah, we have lost, we accept defeat – fine, but we are prepared to work together. No. They started even making statements – there are indications that the President would want some of us to be in the Cabinet; we do not want it,” he said.

“The President had never made an indication like that. Zvino maiti todiiko? Mushandirapamwe tinouda asi unotauriranwaka. Zvino kana vamwe vachibva vava that negative tovaita sei? Tovasungirira?”

Mugabe also discussed the thinking behind his new cabinet selection which was delayed, he explained, by unavoidable constitutional requirements which included the swearing in of new members of parliament.

He said the ministers had to be committed party cadres, people of sound character and education adding it was also necessary to considers issues such as balance in provincial representation.

“The party which won is Zanu PF. Are you Zanu PF? ‘Vanhu vakavhotera Zanu PF handizvo here? So you must belong to Zanu PF because that is the wish of the people,” he said.

“And if you belong to Zanu PF, how much of Zanu PF are you? Takabva kupi newe tikasvika kupi? How long have you been with us? Yes, in Zanu PF hatidi madofo ainzi namai vangu madofo. This is 33 years after independence, tave mumakore eruzivo, technological periods – years of technology.

“How educated are you; are you just Ordinary level? Ipapa we were able to say just one or two were just O-Level, the rest are degreed. Hameno kuti mungazviwana kupi? Even in Europe, you get all those 24 or 25 degreed people.

“Madzimai, varume the same … ane principles dzakanaka. Hunhu hwake tinenge tichihuda. Was he a winner and also respected by his own community kuConstituency kwake? What is the standing?

“It is not everyone who comes out with the same good standing, but you cannot just punish people because of what is being said. Kuti uyu aah ndozviri kutaurwa ane zvakati, zvakati.

“Tinenge tichida kuona kuti are all our provinces represented as much as possible, at least two ministers. Kungaita madeputies zvako kune mamwe, but I think we managed to get about three in a province.”


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    Charles 9 years ago

    ‘ministers had to be committed party cadres, people of sound character …’ sound character? Who has sound character – or maybe it has a different meaning to different people – ‘Mad’ proffessor sound caharacter? My word….is our 89 year old ‘leader’ of sound character? Nxa…

    • comment-avatar
      Kevin Watson 9 years ago

      Jonathan Moyo’s character is perfect for Zanu PF. He only opens his mouth to lie, and he is wanted in two countries for financial fraud. It looks to be a perfect fit.

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    It is very sad to see the old man trying to please his Zanu PF members yet deep down in their hearts they are ashamed of what he is saying. Only those who died ten years after independence could accept to be in his cabinet. The rest the know the truth. If you are not a liar you cannot be in the cabinet. He cannot even express himself fluently. Poor man What will happen the day he dies. Most people will she crocodile tears.

    • comment-avatar
      MikeH 9 years ago

      The day he pops off this planet there will crocodile tears AND A LOUD SIGH OF RELIEF !!!

  • comment-avatar
    MikeH 9 years ago

    The MDC-T must have nothing to do with corrupt government. In this way they cannot be blamed for the gauranteed forthcoming total failure of mugabe&co.

  • comment-avatar
    Morris 9 years ago

    It least the old man knows that are some people who do not believe he won fairly and squarely. I hope he understands that it is not just the opposition but also ordinary people. I also hope he understands that the observers did not give a clean bill of health to the election; they had to play solidarity and their language is a tell-tell sign of that fact.

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    Zimguard80 9 years ago

    “And if you belong to Zanu PF, how much of Zanu PF are you? Takabva kupi newe tikasvika kupi? How long have you been with us? Yes, in Zanu PF hatidi madofo ainzi namai vangu madofo. This is 33 years after independence, tave mumakore eruzivo, technological periods – years of technology.” Uuummm!!! This is very interesting stuff ‘Mr Presiden’, the vast majority of all those who you claim gave you the landslide have no degrees, and some of them even if they could cast their votes independently: your thugs, rapists, torturers, murderers, terrorists forced them to act illiterate. Now that the election is done and dusted you pissing on them. A generation lost an opportunity to be who they really wanted to be in life because you messed up big time. You’re a complete idiot who thinks you own the people. You catch a cold you hijack a plane to Malaysia. You send your so called children to Malaysia for education and yet back home you made it impossible for ordinary people to access education. Now you talk of 24 degrees, what f*cked up bloody imbeciles you lot in ZANU – pfubvu are!!! There’ll be a day of reckoning for some of you blood suckers!

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    Kudzidza kupi tibvigwe.Chatunga has a crude character saka St Georges yakamudzinga.Ukaona mwana we first family odzingwa really has a smelly character.Robert jnr proved udofo hwese.chain of uuuuuus.For your own information vana vaTsvangirai are well behaved.Mukomana mukuru had a chat with Mugabe and he tild the old man that he forgives him for his father’S torture since it is the uneducated security agents who act like animals.Bob knows and wishes his children were like Tsvangirais.Susan Tsvngirai was a saint.Not the fashion crazy Grace who likes to falash all over

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    gorongoza 9 years ago

    Hungwe akadzidza kupi?

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    furedi 9 years ago

    If MDC are truly Zimbabwean they must keep their distance very far from that ISRAELI PRESIDENT.