Mutambara shows up at Bona’s big do

via Mutambara shows up at Bona’s big do 02/03/2014 NewZimbabwe

FORMER deputy prime minister, Arthur Mutambara, made a surprise appearance in public at the weekend after months in hibernation.

Mutambara was among the 5000 plus guests who attended the wedding of President Robert Mugabe’s only daughter Bona’s to Simba Chikore held at the Zimbabwean leader’s plush Borrowdale home Saturday.

Mugabe did not invite erstwhile political foe and former Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai however.

The event was beamed live by state television while private media organisations were shut out completely.

Insiders said also among the guests were former Shabani Mashava Mines owner and exiled business mogul Mutumwa Mawere’s family. It could not be ascertained if Mawere made it to the wedding.

“Mawere and family were invited, they received an invite but I am not sure if he (Mawere) made it to the wedding,” said a source.

Mawere lost control of SMM after at the height of the hyper-inflationary era after government claimed he had externalised billions in local and foreign currency. He has fought tooth and nail in the courts but to no avail thus far. The case is still pending in the courts.

Since the folding of the coalition government Mutambara has hardly been seen or heard from while his party has seemingly also disappeared from the radar.



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    Roving Ambassador 9 years ago

    Just like Pompeii, let’s party till we die ,Soddom and Gommora part 2. The only difference being ours is a man made disaster. I cry for Zimbabwe, I cry.

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    senzachena 9 years ago

    Mutambara was always a bought man, bought by MBEKI to save MUGABE’s rotten hide. Now he is being paid back and invited to eat some of the crumbs which have fallen from the top table. Despicable individual, Anybody know why he was fired from Standard Bank SA prior to being bought by Mbeki? Trash.

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    matombo chiremba 9 years ago

    Indeed Mutamabara was always a ZANUPF project well before he came to join the other ZANUPF side kick professor aka village politician. Mutambara’s friend and director in his DPM office (another professor Paul Mavhima)actually went on to contest a seat under ZANUPF on July 31st and Mugabe appointed him Deputy Minister of Education and Culture!!! Its a circus with these opportunistic professors. History will judge these professors very harshly for selling out on the people’s struggle.

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      Mthwakazi 9 years ago

      Democracy dictates that everyone has a right to belong or not to belong to any organisation that they choose.

      Now, exactly what is the difference between you and gukurahundi Mugabe and his ZANU PF? If a person does not share your views, then he has to be labelled, are you crazy? So its right that Tswangirayi is a puppet of the west?

      Please give us a break. Let Mutambara choose his friends, its non of your business.

      • comment-avatar
        Mukanya 9 years ago

        Mthwakazi you are fuming just because Ncube has been criticised!!! What a hardcore tribalist.

        • comment-avatar
          Mthwakazi 9 years ago

          This story is about Mutambara, what do you mean Ncube has been criticised?

          I will not keep quiet when some of you pseudo-democrats are hell bent on restricting each and every Zimbabwean’s freedom of choice to support or not to support, to belong or not to belong to who ever they choose. This is their constitutional right. No amount of labelling or insults will ever change that.

          To hell with you nonsense!!

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        Kubota Binga 9 years ago

        Agreed, he is learned enough to know what to do with his time now that he is jobless.

        People amaze me. Does writer of the article need to mention that Morgan was not invited at all?

        Be realistic.
        Best Wishes Bona. Robert, good on you to have lived to see your daughter’s Happiest Day.

        Athter Mutambabra, I know you are above what this biased and blinkered lot class you as. Follow your ideology. I respect you. Politics is not about following someone even after they have completely lost the plot like Morgan.

        I think you(Mutamabara) are just more politically mature than the Morgans of this world and their ill informed followers.

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    The Manicaland politicians are a huge joke(Tsvangirai & Mutambara)!!!

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    Gwanyamwanya We Mahobo 9 years ago

    Arthur Guseni Oliver Mutambara is a confused cockroach. Ndakamuvona paUZ vose naEnock Chikweche a.k.a. Munyaradzi Gwisai. If they were to sit on a galloping horse its not surprising to hear their eyeballs rattle in their empty skulls!

    • comment-avatar
      Kubota Binga 9 years ago

      You must be joking. Will surely never take you seriously going forward. Empty skull who?

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    John Thomas 9 years ago

    Zimbabwe is full of Mutambaras. Plausible fellows who talk about things that people like to hear. People who are rumored to have ability of some sort.

    The reality is very different. Mr Mutambara sold himself and the freedom of the people of this country as quickly as he could in full view of all who cared to pay attention. All for a chance to remain in the limelight a little longer. Without ZANU he would have disappeared into anonymity as quickly as he appeared.

    Another of the very same kind is Simba Makoni. Full of talk, but no discernible ability or skill.

    Dear Mr Mutambara you have my best wishes to rot in hell.

    • comment-avatar
      Kubota Binga 9 years ago

      For once John Thomas I see you lacking loads of knowledge about Mutambabra. He is intelligent, he has the skills. He is self sufficient, he needs no looting, you know that and I think you envy Mutambabra. He is way above you Hell Wishes. You sink so low to try and undermine the learned professor’s abilities and integrity.

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    Godonga 9 years ago

    The question is: Does Mutambara need Zimbabwe or does Zimbabwe need Mtambara? The answer is obvious coz that man is a genius! No one in this current gvt or the passed-away GNU has his level of education and it is given that any government would need his skills!

    Bayethe Mzilikazi

    Except he is no Zezuru but a Manyika. Eishhhh!!

    • comment-avatar
      Mthwakazi 9 years ago

      You are lying, there are plenty of Zims who are just as equally educated to Mtambara or even better. The fact that you dont know them does not mean they are not there.

      Dr Frank Khumalo, now based here in South Africa did his A levels in the early ’70s at Fletcher High School. He was the best student then.

      He studied all the way to PhD, and qualified in solid state physics. He passed double Bsc Degrees uncontested. He presented papers at numerous international conferences and won several reserach awards. In Japan he had an interesting paper that won international accolades.

      When he came to South Africa in the early eighties, he got sponsorship from the Zululand government, then led by Chief Mangosuthu Buthelezi to study Medicine. A brilliant scholar as he was he completed his Medical degree in record time and is now practising in Mzansi!!

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    Godonga 9 years ago

    Mthwakazi, thanks for the info i know already however u are wrong; i did not say he is the most educated in Zim, i said in the current gvt or past GNU. They need Mtambara more than Mtambara needs them.

    Bayethe Mzilikazi.