NANGO disowns Treasurer’s anti-sanctions slur

via NANGO disowns Treasurer’s anti-sanctions slur | The Zimbabwean by Edgar Gweshe 12.11.13

The National Association of Non-Governmental Organisations has distanced itself from claims by one of its senior members that targeted measures imposed on Zimbabwe by the United States and the European Union in 2002 were hurting the country.

NANGO is an umbrella organisation for civic society groups in Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe was slapped with the sanctions following a wave of human rights violations and ill governance.

NANGO Treasurer, Paul Juru, was quoted by a local daily recently saying the organisation was determined to work with the government in ensuring the sanctions were scrapped.

“We recognise that there are sanctions in the country. They are real and those people that are vulnerable are at the receiving end,” he said.

“We are determined to engage relevant powers towards the scrapping of the sanctions. We are looking forward to working with Government in identifying international players who will have a voice in the scrapping off of the embargo,” said Juru.

However, NANGO Secretary General, Paul Mabwe, distanced himself from Juru’s claims which he said were personal views.

In a statement, Mabwe said NANGO’s decisions are based on consultations rather than personal statements.

“The organisation would like to distance itself from the statement attributed to the Treasurer of the Association.. Paul Juru. The policy positions of NANGO are derived from a process of internal consultation of its members on all issues.

“That process on the issue concerned has not taken place whether at Board level or the entire membership. NANGO therefore dismisses the statement in The Herald as personal views of its Treasurer,” said Mabwe.

He said his organisation was in the process of consulting stakeholders on policy interventions and directions for NGOs.

“Once that process is finalised, the organisation will be prepared to share its position on this and any other emerging issues with all stakeholders including the media. NANGO would like to apologise to all its members for the remarks by.. Paul Juru and will take appropriate action to correct the same and make sure that official policy positions of the organisation are released procedurally as guided by its constitution,” said Mabwe.



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    What a load of rubbish

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    William Doctor 8 years ago

    Maybe they (NGOs) should concern themselves with human rights abuses in the country – not targeted sanctions.

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    Jimson 8 years ago

    This man is trying to score some points – maybe to benefit himself for money. He should know the country is not under sanctions but rather 10 individuals including Mugabe are. ZANU has done a good propaganda campaign to make it seem that the country suffers from sanctions. The only sanctions is that Mugabe and his wife can no longer rent a plane and go shopping in London. This saves the country money.

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      Munkee Tu 8 years ago

      There’s a headline on previous day instalment of Zimsituation, did you see it? Please read the article, it will help you understand your state of mind.

      “US to seize funds accruing from the sale Zim diamonds”

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        Munkee Tu. The article you speak of is unlikely to offer any evidence of anything just more journalistic propaganda.
        Journalist write what they are told and paid by the west.
        I overheard journalists talking and comparing what they were paid for propaganda to what they received per month as a journalist.
        Thus until we have honesty amongst journalists they have no right to write articles about corruption.

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    furedi 8 years ago

    Dear Mr US Ambassador, for the benefit of us the Zimbabwean people could you please explain what sanctions or restrictions you have in place on our country,who and what is affected.There are too many conflicting stories. I and I am sure many Zimbabweans would like to hear your side of this sanctions story.To THE EDITOR please forward this comment to the Ambassador.

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      In an earlier post on another topic, Chivulamapoti wrote:
      Fungi, all you need is an Internet connection and Google Search, is it that hard? I did it for you –
      Fact: U.S. sanctions apply to fewer than 120 Zimbabwean individuals
      Fact: After the U.S. government first applied targeted sanctions in 2003, bilateral trade between Zimbabwe and the U.S. doubled over the next five years.
      Fact: Zimbabwe had stopped servicing its debts and was therefore unable to borrow from the World Bank and IMF before the U.S. imposed sanctions.
      Myth: “The U.S. maintains an embargo on Zimbabwe.”
      The reality is that Zimbabwe’s trade with the U.S. is growing. In 2009 and 2010, annual U.S. goods exports to Zimbabwe were 30 percent higher than the 2000-08 average.
      Myth: “The U.S. blocks Zimbabwe’s access to multilateral loans.”
      In reality, Zimbabwe cannot borrow from the IMF, World Bank, or African Development Bank because it stopped servicing its debts to those institutions more than 10 years ago.
      Myth: “ZDERA ruined Zimbabwe’s economy.”
      The Zimbabwe Democracy and Economic Recovery Act of 2001 has had no effect on Zimbabwe’s economy and is not related to targeted sanctions. Read what ZDERA says (PDF 40KB)
      Myth: “The U.S. has cut off aid to Zimbabwe.”
      The U.S. has provided over $1.4 billion in assistance to Zimbabwe since 2001.
      NOW – all of you, get over this “Boo Hoo, those nasty USA, UK and EU whities are sanctioning us, Boo, Hoo’ mentality, grow up!

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        Fungi, all you need is an Internet connection and Google Search, is it that hard? I did it for you.
        What DL fails to mention is you also need the expertise to use the computer to search which he doesn’t possess so you didn’t do it for anyone and just repeated press propaganda.

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      You have to stop reading and listening to propaganda.
      It has been argued and proven that sanctions are on everyone in zimbabewe as agreed by a former ambassador James McGee.
      At functions they will say targeted sanctions and the propaganda will roll out.
      By example try to use Paypal it will state due to US treasurer sanctions you sre not permitted to access this site from your country.
      Error 3029. Due to US economic sanctions you are not authorised to access the PayPal system. You can obtain further information from PayPal at 08707 307 191 or from the Office of Foreign Assets Control
      US treasury states and US company is liable to have all assets forfeited if they do any business with ant Zimbabwe company that has any interest or deals with the Zimbabwe government.
      As most companies have been through indigenousisation that is the whole country.
      “So along with the rest of the international community, we are offering political and practical support to civil rights workers, lawyers defending those persecuted by the state, human rights activists, trades unionists and others working for peaceful change”. Others unfortunatly included saboteurs and terrorists.
      As the west realized they woiuld destroy Zimbabwe Jack Straw said he would rebuild Zimbabwe – shame, they haven’t got enough money and have austerity measures.
      “And we are already in discussion with other international donors, including the European Commission, the United States and the World Bank, to prepare contingency plans for rebuilding Zimbabwe’s economy and institutions once democracy has been restored. However long it takes, this country will return once again to a bright future as a democracy.”
      The quotes are from commons minutes in 2000 and yes human rights groups were also on the pay roll and assisted bring Zimbabwe down.
      Of course journalists don’t get paid for bringing facts to the attention of all in Zimbabwe so they promote propaganda saying its dreams etc. they have no thought of the future for their children being irresponsible.
      If you don’t understand or are uneducated or have no expertise in business then don’t bother to comment on what you have no understanding of furedi.
      Businessmen like me have already challenged the local propaganda from ambassadors and the us ambassador has already admitted that the propaganda of targeted sanctions is design ed for the uneducated like furedi above.
      He said we realized that targeted sanctions would extend into other areas from the outset as no one in the US has any idea who has shares in what.
      I hope this explains things to those like furedi who have lived in a cloud and not noticed industry and Zesa closing down.
      Its very stupid ask the ambassador a question when your power is off due to load shedding.
      Jack Straw said in the commons, we will bring zimbabwe to its knees,

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    Shebah 8 years ago

    DL – Are you part of the sanctions strategy. Targeted individuals, correct but that has no impact to the economy. Targeted companies eg Diamond marketers is still in force in America. What has impact to the economy is America’s ZNDERA or what ever they call it. Because funds transfer between buyers and sellers go through USA, that country is able to enforce the withholding of those funds, for the record USA is holding more that 30 million of our diamond money. The on international funding like IMF, World Bank etc all countries are members and all countries borrow for budgetary support. Zimbabwe failed to pay its annual repayments because partly of hardships associated with failure to access budgetary support from IMF because of influence America has on that institution’s board on funding decisions. Those institutions’s voting power is associated with the financing contribution they make to the institution, and America is obviously the dominate voting power (veto) if you like. So Furedi, this is how we are affected. Dont listen to the former white farmers with regime change agenda.

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      Angel 8 years ago

      How blind selfish and obsessed with immoral thieves can you really be ?

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      Pastor 8 years ago

      The Bible states that “the powers that be are ordained [appointed] of God” (Rom. 13:1). It also states that God “changes the times and the seasons: He removes kings, and sets up kings: He gives wisdom unto the wise, and knowledge to them that know understanding” (Dan. 2:21; see also 4:17, 25).Why would the Creator allow such governments of men—monarchies, totalitarian states, brutal religious regimes, lascivious democracies—to rise to power? Why would He permit suffering to run rampant among innocent civilians and children? Why doesn’t God intervene? The answer—which millions of professing believers fail to grasp—is simple: This is not God’s world. For the last 6,000 years of human existence, our Creator has allowed men to do “that which was right in his own eyes” (Judges 21:25). The lasting peace, joy, security, prosperity and sense of purpose that all long for continue to be an unattainable dream because human beings do not know how to govern themselves. Governments of communism, socialism, monarchies, dictatorships and democracies have all failed under the guidance of human hands. Zimbabwe is no different. In some ways, it is a study in failure. The Bible is almost entirely a message about a coming world government. Everywhere Christ went, He preached—announced—the coming of the kingdom of God. He explained that it would be a world-ruling government that would smash and replace all the governments of men. He brought exciting, thrilling good news, in advance of its arrival. He spoke of a utopian, wonderful world tomorrow—now imminent—explaining how many would qualify to rule with Him. God has a Master Plan! No man could ever think of it, or bring it to pass if he did. Yet it will solve every problem related to overpopulation, pollution, and production, procurement and distribution of food and water. It will involve a complete change in entire weather patterns around the earth, including ocean currents, jet streams and flow of arctic air. Beautiful, clear water will be available—and in abundance—in all parts of the world. The nature of mountain ranges, islands and even placement of continents will allow a repopulation of earth simply inconceivable to modern planners of cities and nations. Though the current situation for Zimbabweans is dire, hope remains. Man cannot solve his ever-growing problems, but his Creator can—and will! Today’s governments and their imperfect economies, educational systems and societies will soon be replaced by a perfect world-ruling super government—the kingdom of God

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      Shebah, boo hoo hoo the big bad US is holding on to $30 Million dollars of Zimbabwe’s diamond money. At least that’s $30 Million that is accounted for and will eventually be returned. Shabah, where is the more then $2-20 Billion worth of diamond money that has dissappeared in the last 5 years? Only about $630 Million ever made it to Treasury to help the people. What has Mugabe done with it? He only paid Nikov $12 Million. There’s quite a lot that’s still not accounted for.

      Beforte you start pointing fingers, you should get your facts straight. Mugabe decided to stop paying his bills to the IMF and the World Bank in 1997. ZIDERA wasnt passed until 6 years later in 2003! Your argument is that Mugabe had to stop paying his debts because the IMF and the World Bank would not give him more money – so he could pay his debts!?! Isn’t that the same argument Chinimasa is using now. “Please, multi-national lending institutions, give us more money so we can pay you back.” It didn’t work in 1997 and it won’t work now. Mugabe has shredded ZImbabwe’s credibility and until he takes steps to repair it, nothing will change. You also need to realize that ZIDERA merely compells the US representative to vote against giving Zimbabwe future funding from these institutions, but that is something that has never happened! Neither institution has ever voted, because Zimbabwe already does not qualify due to the county’s non-payment.

      So, your argument in essence is that after Mugabe’s 33 years of total economic failure, it’s all because the US has merely made the THREAT to someday vote against some future vote to possibly give more money to Mugabe? So you’re saying that Zim is a victim and cannot do anything for itself, so long as the US has a negative opinion of the ZANU-PF government? In essence, you’re saying that Mugabe and his government are LOSERS who are unable to help their own people. Right? So why do you continue suporting a loser whose ideas haven’t changed since 1997?

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    Bunguse Tauyawo 8 years ago

    If there are no sanctions or their effect is insignificant, surely a powerful country like the US would KNOW and REMOVE the “useless” sanctions. If they are kept in place, then they must be achieving some purpose. I fail to understand why some “Zimbabweans” will shout from mountain tops that there are NO sanctions when the imposers of such clearly state otherwise!

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    Shebah 8 years ago

    This reporter refers to Juru as the treasurer while the other reporters referred him as the chairman, which is which. We know they are now in trouble financially because the donors have realised regime change could be a pipe dream and are now not so eager to donate funds to the NGOs. So the bottom line is that survival strategies have to be put in place.

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      Partially correct save that regime change/ terrorist funding has now been withdrawn.

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        Angel 8 years ago

        Such a bright and descent personality you are. YOU should be in place of Mugabe’s.