New party petitions #mugabe over corruption

via New party petitions Mugabe over corruption April 7, 2014 in NewsDay by Charles Laiton

A NEWLY-FORMED political party, Democratic Assembly for Restoration and Empowerment (Dare), has petitioned President Robert Mugabe to urgently address the corruption scourge and bring the culprits to book before they bled the economy dry.

The party’s interim president Gilbert Dzikiti challenged Mugabe to walk the talk and empower MPs to expose and debate the issue without fear.

“Mr President, Zimbabweans in their homes and on fields, on the street, in pubs and churches, in gyms and hospitals, in places of work and play are disappointed, shocked and angered by the undemocratic gagging of our representatives in Parliament from debating the motion on alleged blatant looting of government and quasi-government institutions,” Dzikiti said.

“The prevailing feeling among Zimbabweans is that the Executive is out of touch with the public mood, reminiscent of the period prior to the year 1999.

“The uncaring attitude manifested in the treatment of flood victims at Tokwe-Mukosi Dam and shameful uprooting of more than 900 families in Manzou in Mazowe reinforce a perception of an Executive that is uncaring and out of touch with the needs and plight of the ordinary people.”

Dzikiti added: “Therefore, we implore His Excellency to post-haste allow and enable Parliament to institute a commission of inquiry into the ‘Salarygate’ scandal and other allegations raised by Billy Rautenbach and Temba Mliswa, without leaving any sacred cows.

“The commission will enable Parliament to investigate and act on all proven acts of corruption in different State and quasi-State institutions. This is imperative in restoring a culture of transparency, accountability and compliance in governance.”

The party also denounced government’s empowerment policy, saying it was designed to benefit a few top persons.

“The Indigenous and Empowerment Act is dubiously defined to suit a few individuals,” Dare’s national co-ordinator Happison Chikova said.

“The youths are being used as a thin veil to cover the rot behind the looting of resources by the top government officials at the expense of the majority.

“The issue of 51%-49% is not clearly defined as to who benefits what and where the revenue from the said percentage is sent to. This is just a vehicle of looting.”
The party claims to have a membership of 20 000 people across the country.


  • comment-avatar
    Sarudzai 8 years ago

    Will be interesting to know Jealous Mawire’s involvement with this outfit!!!!

  • comment-avatar
    John Gwizo 8 years ago

    “petitions #mugabe over corruption” – as you are a new party I think the corruption is deeply routed and the referee you are approaching is the main culprit.

    I think you are supposed to tell the people that you do not accept what the President is / has been doing and stop bothering those who claim they got their entitlement through the President’s directive.

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    Zvichanaka 8 years ago

    As a new party I think you have shown you also dont have a clue on how to approach the issues at hand. How can you pettition Robert Mugabe on these issues and expect him to act. He is no doubt part of this mess so I believe this so called new party may just be another arm of Zanu Pf or a group of political opportunists.

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    Tongoona 8 years ago

    I know DARE was already operational when floods hit Tokwe Mukosi and where was DARE then? I know DARE was already active when the first family kicked out the Manzou settlers, what did DARE do? Nothing. DARE you are a coward, player and muchekadzafa. Deserving praise are the Human Rights lawyers who took the bull by the horns and secured relief for the Manzou people. How can you petition the culprit about Manzou. We have yet to hear that the President visited the Tokwe Mukosi people. DARE advise the President to do that because it will be a good gesture for the flood victims.