Nikuv’s $3 billion budget: leaked docs

via Nikuv’s $3 billion budget: leaked docs | The Zimbabwean by Staff Reporter

Documents leaked to The Zimbabwean reveal shocking details on how the Zanu (PF) campaign in the run-up to the July 31 elections was bankrolled, with two presidents from the Southern African Development Community donating a combined $177 million to the party.

Minutes dated June 3 of an election briefing at Manyame Airbase Station between the Zanu (PF) commissariat and some members of the Joint Operations Command, reveal the level of involvement by the security agents in directing the Zanu (PF) election campaign.

The minutes do not show who attended the meeting, but reveal that DRC’s President Joseph Kabila advanced $85 million for the Zanu (PF) election campaign, while Equatorial Guinea’s Obiang Nguema donated $92 million. Kabila was one of the few heads of state who attended President Robert Mugabe’s recent inauguration. Nguema and Mugabe struck a cordial relationship in the early 2000s when Zimbabwean security thwarted a coup attempt by mercenaries led by British national, Simon Mann.

JOC comprises the heads of the army, police, air force, CIO and prisons. It was supposed to be disbanded in 2009, upon formation of the Government of National Unity, and be replaced by the National Security Authority, but Zanu (PF) resisted the move and JOC continues to operate clandestinely.

The NSA, which consisted of representatives of MDC-T, MDC and Zanu (PF), the principal parties in the coalition government, was set up, but hardly convened, amid resistance from the security sector that has never hidden its hatred for the opposition.

The documents also lists other donations: Campaign regalia from Sino Zim Chairman Mr Sam Pa who pledged two million t shirts and a corresponding number of caps and bandanas.

500 trucks donated so far by Meikles and CPC.

Mbada Diamonds and Anjin (Pvt) Ltd donated a total of $800 million for transport and moblisation.

Other local donations Mahomed Mussa $2 million, Van Hoog (presumably British business tycoon Nicholas van Hoogstraten, a long-time supporter of Mugabe and owner of vast tracts of land in Midlands and a major shareholder in the Rainbow Tourism Group and Hwange Colliery) $3 million.

The minutes also record that the Israeli company believed to have manipulated the election results, Nikuv International Projects, had submitted a projected budget of $3 billion “to secure 50% of possible adult votes”. It is not clear whether this money was actually paid.

In the run-up to the elections, Webster Shamu, the Zanu (PF) national commissar, announced that the party had faced difficulties in sourcing funds for campaign regalia but a donor, whom he did not name, had come to their rescue.

When the regalia was unveiled, it was reported at that time that a truckload of the campaign wear had been shipped from China.

JOC agreed during the meeting at Manyame that 33 percent of the Zanu (PF) budget must be used to drum up support for poll credibility before, during and after the elections through a regional diplomacy offensive targeting the SADC Chairperson, Mozambican President Armando Guebuza and the various liberation movements in the bloc.



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    Zambezi 10 years ago

    Show us the documents. Put them online in pdf format……..

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    chimusoro 10 years ago

    I can’t see why donating money is so shocking and illegal????

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      Well yes there is nothing wrong with donating money provided it is not one sided. MDC is not allowed to accept any foreign donations. Please also think why do these people/companies donate money to a political party and the political few and not to a country for the benefit of the population?? Think – it will be good for you!

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    todii zvazvo 10 years ago


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    Charles Chamunorwa 10 years ago

    The Political Finance Act is quiet clear. All political parties are not allowed to get foregin funding-period. Be it Zanu pf or MDC. Imagine if it was the MDC which had received a donation from a white person! Zanu pf should be dragged to court so that the donations can be forfeited to the state. But alas Chidyausiku is there.

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    Tjingababili 10 years ago

    What Act, do we know the importance of acts and constitutions as Africans!!!

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    Pulsey 10 years ago

    Why contnue buying from Mahomed Mussa wholesale when the same money is going to supress us. Why not boycot Mahomed Mussa and Meikles empire including Tm. Thus the reason why Meikles went on a spree buying some mines because it has paid bribe to ZANU. Rinamanyanga hariputirwi hezvoka zvobuda. We all journalist to take to investigate further exposing these organisations

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    gukurahundi 10 years ago

    we want u to expose e Names of the cio and army idiots at the meeting……

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    Bhola 10 years ago

    Show us the documents. This is all heresay as far as I am concerned. Show us real evidence, post it online, let the world see it.
    Plus, companies in this country have the right to fund whoever they want. If the MDC was so popular, I am sure they wouldnt have had a problem soliciting finance from their many “well-wishers”. If they cant even raise money for their own party, how on earth did they expect to raise money needed to reconstruct the economy??? LOL…. A bunch of dreamers I telly you.

    Thank goodness that silly party has been buried for good. Now please can we have an opposition that we can suppport and be proud of… Credible opposition is important for this country. Unfortunately thses MDC nimrods were the furthest thing from a credible opposition.


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    It’s curious that Nikuv estimated that it would take $3 Billion to win the election, and according to another story in todays headlines, ZANU-PF has been withholding $3.8 Billion annually from the national Treasury. No wonder they had to ask for foreign donations! They only had $800 Million left to work with!

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    chimusoro 10 years ago

    Please give us good credible articles supported by evidence not one-sided assertive over-sensationalized rubbish.

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      Read “Gem Deals Listed,” in today’s headlines. Check out the comments too.

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    Chamunorwa 10 years ago

    Animal farm, by all standards, where on earth can we have a government good at sourcing illegal funds for the wrong reasons? ZIMBABWE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    cde tapinda 10 years ago

    Evidence please.

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    poor journalism.what document is there for us to see?ita mushe iwe author