Political opposition in Zimbabwe and silent onlookers

via Political opposition in Zimbabwe and silent onlookers February 19, 2014  By Andrew M Manyevere

Our politics was been bread under hunger of procedural etiquette that drives for the need to prove stronger through physically molesting of one with another on viewpoints instead of accepting voting as best answer for a resolution. While voting merely show opinions at a point in time based on people understanding of issues, it never suggests that once a person is voted in he should always be voted in over and over without meeting objectives an organization aim to achieve. It merely suggests the exercise of the right to change an opinion based on education and understanding of issues where freedom exists.

In circumstances such as facing the opposition politics currently unfolding in Zimbabwe, it is not difficult to see and notice that we have bread a generation with a mentality that justifies the get rich quickly approach as an empowerment driven from politics irrespective of who is bruised or injured. Naturally it is an unhealthy state of community socio-political affairs which can only contribute to the darkness on economic development on the land than to bring light on economic and political processes.

The baby boomers’ age in Africa were sheer observers on how governments were run than participators. It has created a thirsty power management vacuum that leads to excessive control at the expense of a mind that seeks analysis and the sharing of ideas. One person often stand in as everything, with the rest mercilessly milking the economies of their countries in a mercenary fashion, only comparable to devils in sheep clothing.

In 1959 the first focused politics in Southern Rhodesia to articulate clearly for self-government under demand of majority rule was announced under the leadership of Joshua Nkomo in a political organization then named National Democratic Party (NDP). That NDP was banned by a colonial regime gave grounds for nationalists rejoicing to launch yet another party, blaming it on the colonial bondage and the style of rule from the foreign masters.  Little did nationalist think of the danger of failing to see beyond colonial rationality of disallowing violence?

Lack of cognitive analysis skills took possession of the nationalists’ better foresight who failed to comprehend that natural dictates of democracy will have their own brothers and children one day grow weary and speak their minds against dogmatism soon. No sooner was there independence when political opposition became a reality to balance political management came in.  Opposition begun growing, Imprisonment, violence and brutality on innocent and none armed civilians has always characterized the behaviour of cowardice that lacks in reason and thinking among leadership.

What is happening in MDC has happened before in the 1960s Zimbabwe. It is not dialectical but is of historical significance to why MDC was born, even when sight has been lost. Unless there were criminals in the system of this party at its formation, MDC was born on none violence philosophy. That there is no police report required or asked for at the skirmish that was singularly aimed at an individual, shows the party is running out of options on good reasoning and growth to implement morally strong principles founded on democracy. Failure to restraint hooligan style, irrespective of who was under attack, echoes familiarism when looked at in the context of fractures that broke one MDC into two eight years ago.

It is not the issue of I have more support at stake than that of the failure to channel democratic rights procedurally. When Morgan Tsvangirai was beaten by Mugabe hooligans’ under uniform, I critically disliked it the same way I critically review what happened recently at the meeting held in Harare by the MDC as absolute failure to demonstrate logic and restraint that yields into victory of the people . The failure to handle dynamics of opposition and the growing fear among many in the party, is a seed that will destroy MDC, give it time. My honest sense of integrity will condemn anything done wrongly whether by those I love or those I have little respect of. At least we have to have guiding principles to stand by than keep shifting position to accommodate decay.

When Zapu was formed there was no argument because the issue was winning using a majority rule vote. When Zanu was formed it set fires all over townships so Zapu could die out from fear of insurrection by the people.Former President of Tanzania Mwalimu Julius K Nyerere rightly observed that violence begets violence. No sooner than Zanu opened violence did Zapu answer violence with violence. It gave room to the colonial regime detaining leaders. None criticised leaders for inciting violence, but blame was put on the colonial regime. They opposed the colonial regime action, but never condemned themselves for inciting violence. Study carefully events in splinter politics in our country to understand failure in leadership.

The iron of it is that the men who said they would die to liberate the country yesterday and talk the theory of democracy, are today killing and violently abusing others for putting out different views. Here is one time when moral leadership should be found on the realm based on the good book adage of, ‘do unto others as you like that they do unto you’. There is a critical sense of both ignorance and hypocrisy demonstrated in leadership of vanity. The limitations of reconciling truth and bad politics are hard to remove when society is geared at measuring progress by the number of cars one owns than achievements on development done.

Our children, thirty years after independence, have been robbed of a future. All they now know is a constantly failing economy, ugly cases of executive robbery that go unprosecuted, covered under protection of the highest office in the land. They have observed in dead silence careful protectionism of individuals highly favoured even in opposition political leadership. It can be hard to tell the difference except one has another glance at the book ‘Animal farm’ by George Orwell. Just one more reading will play scenarios good and explain politics of greedy. To think that MDC would engage or support acts related to violence during its proceedings at a meeting can only kill her credibility and give Zanu opportunity to gain credibility in the eyes of the world.

Truth be told, those excited to watch violence unfold will fall prey to Zanu victimization very soon. Let them not cry foul of lack of political level ground, but to remember that what goes round comes round.

Our dilemma as a people will linger on us for a little longer while truthful and honesty knocks at the door of both opposition oppressors who are oppressed by Zanu and the masses oppressed by both Zanu and opposition. No doubt Zimbabweans everywhere are talking of how to rescue the fall and decay outwardly showing in the country. The talk is nice and shows origins of seriousness of minds from fighters for change and freedom. It is difficult to see differences in decay, particularly the stages in the decomposition process. So it is with Zimbabwe today, thirty four years after independence without freedom, is yielding political decomposition.

Old phrases now gaining favour are outright signs of frustration than clarity on way forward. We have lived for too long under false promises so much that it means nothing, to be like bad masters. Children are singing songs that show nothing but comparison of the old with the new that is based mainly on the rationality that to be smart is to lean and ingratiate with those in thrown of corruption and power in order enjoy the malaise of corruption. It is these children who like slaves are shaved into committing acts of arson at the command of beleaguered organizations.

Nothing is new in this decay spree except that these youths who are directionless under dogs today, will soon turn into adults, so is the demise of good moral ethics in anything called organization. Should we hope for a better tomorrow ever, given scenarios so hopeless and full of violence? With invested time in thinking, the condition of Zimbabwe is not unusual. What is unusual is the love for corrupt ways and the speed to raising riches very fast at the cost of law and order and therefore economic development. This swallows all that Zimbabwe has stood for and her pride of being a bread basket. How long can a chicken watch her children picked one by one by an eagle without shielding them to possibly die too but survive a new generation, new habits and focused direction?


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    John Thomas 8 years ago

    The above article is an apologist variation of the “liberationist” version of our history. Since the main foundations are false all the conclusions are wrong.

    After WWII it was clear to any educated person that the Europeans would be leaving their colonies. Here in Zimbabwe men like Nkomo, Mugabe, Sithole and others realised the country would be theirs for the taking. They then set about building organizations that would ensure the outcome to themselves. In the 50’s Nkomo himself (a large strong man) was well known for waiting at factory gates on payday and beating the living daylights out of anybody who would not hand him a large chunk of what they had earned. This evolved into the party card wars in the townships in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s where anybody caught without a dearly bought party card from whichever party risked life, limb and their family. In simple words the so called liberators first actions at the foundation of their organizations was criminal robbery against the ordinary people.

    In the mean time the call to all was “join us and get your share when we own this country”. Talk of democracy, rights and one man one vote was for public consumption only. The leadership of the various “liberation” organizations was in constant ferment of ambition, deceit, backstabbing and assassination . Each ego competing to be the future emperor.

    On the war front the heroic liberators, particularly the ZANLA very quickly gave up fighting the Rhodesian military and turned on their own people. Violence, terror of the most extreme kind was visited on the ordinary indigenous citizenry. The accounts of what was done are too harrowing to repeat here. All traces of development were destroyed wherever possible. Schools, clinics, hospitals, missions, irrigation schemes were all destroyed. Far more black people were killed, than white, by a ratio of more than 100:1. Overwhelmingly most of the deaths were unarmed civilians killed by the liberators.

    While having no reason to feel favorably disposed to the Rhodesian government in view of it’s racist policies, many black Citizens took up arms in it’s defense. In fact more black citizens fought on the Rhodesian side than white. Many had concluded that the racist government was by far the lesser evil.

    The events which ended the war were set in motion when the South African prime minister Vorster told Smith he would be cut off if he did not make a deal.Smiths position became untenable. This was no military victory to the liberators. It was a peace deal.

    ZANU has now owned the country for 34 years. Every worst fear of their coming has been made real.

    The truth we now have to face is that this country has never been liberated. It is all still to be done.

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      This is the Zanu machinery in full force. All of a sudden some of the writers have forgotten about the armed violence that Zanu have perpetrated. It is now the MDC is now being touted as the violent party.The MDC people, mainly the President of the MDC was beaten and his bruised face shown world wide. He and some of his subordinates were spending most of their time in Police cells. All of a sudden this is forgotten. I apologize for saying Zimbabweans have short memories.The Zimbabwean populace is continuously being brain washed. But as I said before Zimbabweans are not stupid. They will see through this onslaught. Morgan Tswangirai is not perfect. Truth is none of us are. Lets look at the imperfections Adultery Morgan vs Robert. Score MT 1 RG 1. Violence MT 1 RG 34. Come on people something does smell right. If it smells it cannot be right.

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      Kondo 8 years ago

      ZIPRA was equally brutal against villagers. Many school heads and health assistants in my area had their throats slit, women raped and general mayhem unleashed. Liberation my foot!

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    And Zunde players all still in the dressing room and yet to play???

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    The evolution of life is changing as does, not only the whole world, but especially, this/our country.

    The struggle is between the independent domination groups, towards prosperity, over the splintered groups.

    It couldn’t have achieved fairly and the progress would proceed, in terms of the countrys growth.

    Thats all it is. With oppression, you just have to fight it back.

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    Well said@John Thomas.sme people dont know where we are cming from.what u said is the truth .

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    Tongoona 8 years ago

    Andrew that’s a good visit to the past. In Zimbabwe politics there are partitions: the ruling party partition against the opposition, the opposition partition against other opposition to kill competition for opposition space. You see, opposition politics is fragmented and disabled by inter opposition jealousy and thus more time is spent on opposition against opposition besides opposition against the ruling party. The end result is that opposition becomes a fire brigade which reacts to fire outbreaks and if there is no fire, they relax and sometime become so irresponsible as to start intraparty squabbles instead of concentrating on targeted ruling party. In short opposition is disorientated and indeterminate.

    Opposition parties must learn to coexist with each other and sometimes forge unit of purpose inorder to target victory at the ballot.

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    jobolinko 8 years ago

    we have to make decisions if its not clear how the elections are run lets not participate but remember zanu will still go ahead and shout the opposition has nothing to offer thats why they chickened out and you will see more useless parties being formed i say useless because after july 31 where are they only mdc t is visible.

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    Dadirai 8 years ago

    Jack the Rabbit, ZUNDE is not a team of morons or lunatics that will go to the dressing room before the fixture is even out, rather, they would build their team progressively & coach it properly, wait to see what happens when the whistle blows off. For the first time, we have a movement of sharp minds that will not be blown away by the wind.

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    I thought zapu and Mdhala wethu were than clean!!. Politics is a dirty game really!!