Press statement by the MDC-T rebels

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Press Statement by the MDC Team Spokesperson, Jacob Mafume Saturday, 5 April 2014

The people of Zimbabwe are suffering from a collapsing national economy with thousands of citizens losing jobs every month as companies are closing down due to viability challenges.

Lawyer and MDC losing candidate for Harare South Jacob Mafume is reported to have filed an urgent High Court application on Thursday seeking to stop Friday’s MDC-T National Council meeting.

Lawyer and MDC losing candidate for Harare South Jacob Mafume

The economic collapse is a result of a crisis of legitimacy following the July 31 grand electoral theft by Zanu PF and sadly the Robert Mugabe’s government has demonstrated that it has no capacity to tackle the national crisis that we face.

High level corruption by senior Zanu PF officials is rampant and this has resulted in the country’s national assets being looted for personal and factional benefits at the expense of the people. As a result, the people’s living conditions continue to deteriorate daily as they have failed to access basic social services that include health, education, water, electricity and sanitation.

Given these challenges, the country needs a strong alternative political party that is able to save the people of Zimbabwe from the current crisis. Regrettably, just like Zanu PF, the current MDC that is led by Morgan Tsvangirai has failed to provide not that leadership, which is capable of resolving the national crisis.

Post July 31, the MDC has remained internally focussed and as such has failed to come up with a national strategy that deals with the stolen election and resolve the economic challenges facing the people of Zimbabwe.

Instead, the party has exhibited a serious departure from its core responsibility of articulating alternative policies and providing solutions to the national crisis.

Added to this, the MDC led by Tsvangirai, has exhibited a serious departure from its core values as evidenced by the use of violence, a blatant disregard of the party’s Constitution, intolerance, personification of the people’s struggle, Zanufication of the party processes and undemocratic approaches to decision making.

Regrettably, such tendencies have alienated genuine democrats within the party to the point where differences in value propositions have reached irreconcilable proportions.

It is against this sad background, that there has been an emergence of the MDC Team, which is advocating for a return to the party’s founding values and the need to intensify our focus on tackling the national crisis.

Over the last few weeks, the MDC Team has intensified and broadened its strategy towards a broad based debate aimed at ensuring that there is leadership renewal that gives the party a new impetus in dealing with the national challenges that are confronting us.

The MDC Team believes that there is need to revive the people’s democratic project so as to restore the people’s hope in a credible and democratic alternative that is able to deliver jobs, better health, education and a better life for all in a truly democratic Zimbabwe.

Our idea is that the only arrangement that will move Zimbabwe forward is a coalition of winners and progressive Zimbabweans transcending gender, race, age, class, ethnic background and old political allegiances. We believe that a united democratic movement that builds a broad social movement will deliver a democratic transition in Zimbabwe and the time for such a movement is now.

We believe that a united democratic movement that builds a broad based social movement will deliver a democratic transition in Zimbabwe and the time for such a movement is now.

We call upon all democrats that are locked up in undemocratic institutions to come forward and participate in the united front to bring about a positive change in Zimbabwe.

We want to assure all Zimbabweans that as the remaining genuine democrats in the MDC, we are committed to advancing a democratic transition in the country and we will be advising you of further developments in due course.

I thank you!!!



  • comment-avatar
    ZimJim 9 years ago

    Cool. I support you.
    A little “proofreading” would not go amiss though…
    “has failed to provide not that leadership”…

  • comment-avatar
    wensil 9 years ago

    Seems like you need to join ZUNDE – only this week they talked about “coalition of winners” or something like that.

    • comment-avatar
      Wilbert Mukori 9 years ago

      There is certainly no shortage of political parties in Zimbabwe, there were no fewer than 28 parties in last year’s elections. They were all “surprised” that Zanu PF blatantly rigged the elections; they all failed to see the connection between the reforms and free and fair elections, hence the surprise!

      If Zimbabwe has to get out of this political and economic mess then it is going to take some leaders with some brains between their ears and not the current crop whose only concern is to join the gravy train and enrich themselves! I believe Zimbabwe has some such quality leaders and it is the electorate who are stopping the good leaders from emerging.

      A naïve and gullible electorate will never elect competent leaders. How can they do anything else, when they a programmed to respond to nonsense and not reason and sense!

  • comment-avatar
    Tsuro Magen'a 9 years ago

    Best wishes…if you are really threat then CIO mosquito will not be biting you…..we wait.

  • comment-avatar
    Phillip 9 years ago

    Usatinyangadza mhani.create you on formation.watumwa here…

  • comment-avatar
    mujibha 9 years ago

    guys this is the end of your political career. u can say whatever u want abt mdc t, i don’t think that is going to change the mind of many mdc t suppoters. people they can only say tsvangirai has failed after he became the president of zimbabwe, without the involvement of zanu pf.

  • comment-avatar
    mujibha 9 years ago

    people of zimbabwe they don’t need new party, what is needed by people of zimbabwe, is free and fair election.

  • comment-avatar
    obert 9 years ago

    Mafume and team are wasting every one’s time. This is just a group of power hungary losers who are bitter that they didn’t form the gvt. What they must deal with is ; how to deal with electoral theft in Zim instead of trying to remove Tsvangirai. They ar the foot soldiers who should have saved our votes but they want Tsvangirai to do everything. Stupid idiots

  • comment-avatar
    mukanya 9 years ago

    Who else apart from you and Mangoma I want to make a decision from an informed position

  • comment-avatar
    Jonathan Kaseke Wekwa Murewa 9 years ago

    Losers. Mafume lost harare sound. Tibvirei kumhepo.

  • comment-avatar
    Chitova weGona 9 years ago

    This mafume guy must tell us why he lost at the July elections before we can start to take him seriously. He is certainly blaming the wrong person. If he is a true democrat he must bring his ideas to the table and let the party decide. He is just a bitter loser and will lose more. Go and join Madhuku,Ncube or zunde.

  • comment-avatar
    Nhekairo 9 years ago

    Shambakodzi iya yoda kuvira, mirai muone!!! Patinozobata 2018, tinenge taonerera. Vaya vaitaura zve ZUNDE vanenge vakanga vazviona.

  • comment-avatar
    Dzatsva 9 years ago

    you are loosers,we want unity of purpose.Right now you haven’t exhausted dialogue to within and you have a party mdc team,confusion in you heads.Come up with your own unique name then sell yourselves not trying to steal inti morgan’s popularity .

    One thing or should i say problem, that was there at the birth of mdc in 99 was the composition of too too many lawyers in it.Some of us knew that it was going to be headache for morgan to lead and unite them ,and it wasnt long before the first split.These guys just thought Tsvangirai’s popularity was going to lead them to paradise easily then dump him later like a used condom.
    People rallied behind him and he worn their hearts and minds at a time when they needed hope,which he provided.They became fish and water and thats reality today.Fambai naye mushe and reason with him even plead he will groom you another leader at no cost.

    Greedness you lawyers, the truth is you are just as ignorant as law itself.I WONDER HOW MANY CASES YOU HAVE WON KAFUME.

  • comment-avatar
    shumba liverpool 9 years ago

    April fool.

  • comment-avatar
    khumbulan mngun 9 years ago

    on mafume&the new proposed mdc team.wise rebels should have emerged uncountenancing the kamikaze elections that the tswangirai led mdc&all other parties consented to participate on with uncomplete electoral reforms&guidelines as was prescribed by the SADC electoral roadmap.pertinently how did everyone there participate an election in the eyes of the world with no discern of the voters roll for discerning.

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    Now is the worst possible time for splits and in fighting. You all play right into ZPF hands. MDC T MDC N MKD Zapu and the rest. lay down your pride and selfishness and unite to fight a common enemy. Think of your country. Before your self. have none of you heard of, “untied we stand: divided we fall.” What does that simple saying mean? wake up guys. Are we so dense we cannot see the simplest of truths. When Zim is sort of free then you can freely campaign for your own agenda.

  • comment-avatar
    Gondobwe 9 years ago

    One thing. Like them or hate them. Lawyers are the final arbiters of legal disputes. They may be on opposite sides of the argument, but all will be lawyers! That said, how do you justify a leader who goes into elections fully knowing that they are gigged? Fully knowing that the electoral process was rigged. Is doing nothing about it at the moment. Is it not that VaTsvangirai won every general election since 2002, what has he done to correct this? For a good measure though, we Zimbabweans let ourselves down. We are cowards of the worst type. We look akimbo even now when the country is burning with corruption and we do nothing about it!

    • comment-avatar
      trevor 9 years ago

      gondobwe, where were these lawyers when all that was happening ?. they just looked aside and did nothing because losing the election was their desired outcome for selfish reasons. even negotiators like biti and mangoma were not negotiating in good faith. this project 2016 has been around since 2009 and the plot has now come to the fore for everyone to see. let them form their own party and leave the mdc alone. noone will deliver independence to the people of zimbabwe except morgan. go on dreaming.

    • comment-avatar
      Chiunduro 9 years ago

      Mafume why dont you wait for congress,You cowards afraid of a democratic contest

  • comment-avatar

    They cant form their own Party these guys they know its cold out there wth a new name.Morgan is too Good guys if i were Morgan some will b turning in their graves by nw,this is the truth Morgan is a good leader ,all those who are saying he is aDictator are the ones who are big Dctators.Why are they sticking to the MDC name ??? They are not sure of what they want to do.Morgan should call a Congress and Boot these boys out then they wl foarm their own Party.

  • comment-avatar
    moyokumusha 9 years ago

    I agree with him and the MDC has become a party of splits which is confusing the voters and playing to ZANUPF’s favour The recent violence has shown that the leadership is just the same.

    There is no point calling for a breakaway but a new party with new faces has to emerge and I would urge Vince Musewe to form that and to vet all his leadership candidates thoroughly and thus gain the peoples support.

    I have my doubts about ZUNDE and somehow I see them as another babajukwa / Nyoka and Kunyepa scenario, just out there to confuse the povho.

    • comment-avatar
      Chris 9 years ago

      brother politicians are same they speak one language LIES and Big Lies. Electrofied orators of people that spread propanda to lure power.

  • comment-avatar
    roving ambassador. 9 years ago

    I am with you ,This is the right time for a new beginning ,new leadership, new ideas. I am waiting to see how broad this coalition will be. We need true social democrats.
    LETS BE GENUINE and go for it guys. We need to keep the enemy on its toes unsure of whats gonna happen next.
    Pasi neZanu.

  • comment-avatar
    Chris 9 years ago

    its all wrong

  • comment-avatar
    Chris 9 years ago

    why they did not unite before elections. These leaders of ours Are fake. once obtain power they will definitely follow the gravy train. where in this world free and fair elections had ever existed give me examples. it has never happened . Solve problem by removing THE Cause. the blame game will never lead us anywhere.SPEAK REALITY NOT CLOSE TO.

  • comment-avatar
    chikandamina 9 years ago

    @Gondobwe, Tsvangirai & those lawyers went into the election together so why blame Tsvangirai only? Shudn’t the lawyers be the ones who know best & advise accordingly? They are his lieutnants so every blame on Tsvangirai reflects on them too as collective decisionmakers.

  • comment-avatar
    Mandy 9 years ago

    Politics has never been your area dear Jacob. You only specialize in being a sexual pervert nothing more and nothing less. You Jacob Mafume let Morgan Tsvangirai down day in day out sleeping with different women in your office and forgetting to deal with the constitution so that come election there could be a level playing field. Why did it not occur to you that some of those women were in fact CIO operatives. You spent a lot of time scheming with your boss, Ian Makone who like you is incompetent but was only too pleased to allow you space because you were stealing donor money. You Jacob were better resourced than any other candidate in Harare with 5 vehicles endless flow of fuel and foot soldiers all sponsored through money that you were siphoning from the office of the prime minister. Or perhaps tell us where that money was coming from aagh! Now you want to make anyone believe you can offer anything different. It was ‘the constitution stupid’ and nothing else that cost the mdc election victory in 2013.
    You and your bosom buddy, Jameson Timba are the worst advisers any leader can wish to have around herself. Jameson Timba was busy sleeping around and goes on to admire Lindiwe Zulu’s gait instead of defining the buffer role of SADC. After that he would have the temerity of going around on drinking binges and denigrating his own boss Tsvangirai as if he has a good track record himself. He destroyed Tekere’s party, Zum through his scheming. He goes on to accept a second wife from the Mujurus as a thank you. In 2005 Jameson Timba actually co-engineered the split of the MDC pretending he was neutral. During the GNU his real concern was to position his brothers with NASA and other institutions to make money out of the people’s struggle.
    I can tell the world this because I shared a room with one your girl friends whose name starts with L. whom you were always sharing information with and showering with money. We know what a sex addict that you are. For example, when in Joburg you always frequented stripping clubs and would not leave until 5am in the morning in spite the fact that you do not drink beer. Needless to say in between you would take some of the those women for short time sexual intercourse.
    Please do not confuse the struggle. Too many people have lost their lives and limb for you to continue with your games.

  • comment-avatar
    ndaizviziva 9 years ago

    Mafume & co are just nothing, bt mere noise makers, by e way is he the spokesman of the group or it is Settlement Chikwinya?

  • comment-avatar
    Wilbert Mukori 9 years ago

    This renewal team keeps blubbering about returning to MDC’s core values and promise of bring democratic change in Zimbabwe. What they have not said is why the MDC failed to do so throughout the five years of the GNU. People like Biti and Mangoma were the chief MDC negotiators of the GPA which listed the democratic reforms that were supposed to be implemented. And yet not even one reform was ever implemented.

    Even since the rigged elections Mugabe has kicked MDC leaders out of the gravy train and it is this reality that has forced these MDC politicians to reclaim the original agenda of democratic change in the hope the voters will not remember that they betrayed the nation last time over the same issue! They must think again if they think all Zimbabweans are naïve and gullible!

  • comment-avatar

    we are sick and tired of these splits. mafume and your lot, please just get out and form your own party please

  • comment-avatar

    As a student secretary general at UZ SRC in 2000, Mafume did absolutely nothing.He couldn’t even fight for students rights , or even call for a student meeting and talk about pressing issues.During Mafume”s time at UZ, Nelson Chamisa, then Harare Poly students leader, could come and mobilise students at UZ to strike while Mafume and his SRC board were hiding in New Hall.Thats why some of us say these statements are borne out of jelousy and incapacity to think properly.If Mafume can lose a safe seat like in Harare, God knows if he can manage a village rally in his rural home area of Masvingo? True cadres are known by taking the risk and go for rural constituencies,so that they can shake ZANU PF.Not to fight for an urban seat, and lose it again

    So Mafume, just shut up.We know you from A to Z. Capable of nothing, just seeking press recognition.In 2018, I urge you to represent the people of Masvingo South .Go there and tell them you are their son, coming back to change their lives.Harare seats are for the cowards who fear the brunt of ZANU PF in their rural strongholds.Thats why as MDC, we have a very soft heart for Job Sikhala.In the Bikita rerun early 2000, we run into the Mountains-Bikita mountains when war vets had run amock.Wiwa said ngachitsve machinda.We have been in the struggle and it pains me to hear a nobody, a loser, an opportunist like Mafume talking of Tsvangirai as someone responsible for the people”s lives.Shame on you and your little political brain.Anyway true cadres are ALWAYS THERE to safeguard the party from hijachers like you

  • comment-avatar
    jobolinko 9 years ago

    I wish mdc t would ask mdc ncube s party and include devolution as a first priority to work together.

  • comment-avatar
    Hillary Musarurwa 9 years ago

    How ironic, a loser talking about “a coalition of winners”. These technocrats are very amiss. They think that they can just come from the CSO world and win in the political arena. Havana vanhu ava they are simply digging their own political grave. Let them go – good riddance.