‘Rid Zesa of bloated executives’

via ‘Rid Zesa of bloated executives’ – DailyNews Live by Ndakaziva Majaka  30 DECEMBER 2013

Zesa Holdings (Zesa) should get rid of bloated executives and boards who are squandering consumer money and instead upgrade electricity generation capacity, a leading residents lobby group said.

Harare Residents’ Trust (HRT) director Precious Shumba yesterday told the Daily News on Sunday Zesa was coming up with excuses for failure to provide the service they exist to provide.

“Zesa has dismally failed to find a solution to persistent power shortages and always come up with excuses for their failure.

“What they must be doing is to end the looting of scarce financial resources by creating one progressive board to run the holding company,” Shumba said.

This comes as Zesa recently released a statement stating that load shedding is set to intensify following stalled the refurbishment of the Hwange Power Station.

“The load shedding has been necessitated by depressed electricity generation at Hwange Power Station due to a power system disturbance from Kafue Gorge,” the statement reads.

Domestic and industrial electricity consumers have attacked the power utility for failing to properly manage power distribution following the introduction of a massive load-shedding programme announced this weekend.

The consumer representative board, Consumer Council of Zimbabwe (CCZ) however, appears in the dark about the development, despite its mandate to represent consumers.

“We are not aware of such a development, it has not yet come to our attention that the cuts are set to intensify however, you have to realise that although they affect consumers some of the cuts are warranted,” Rosemary Siyachitema, the CCZ director told the Daily News on Sunday.

In his end of year address last week, MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai attributed the power shortages to Zanu PF’s failure to implement plans put in place to alleviate power shortages during the unity government.

“In the coalition government we put in place plans to get rid of the power shortages but the clueless government does not have any idea on how to complete the plans to internally increase power generation that we started to roll out as an inclusive government,

“After kicking the-then energy minister (Elton Mangoma), Zanu PF is now unable to implement the initial plans,” the former prime minister said.

Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority (Zera) chief executive officer Engineer Gloria Magombo said several challenges were inhibiting optimum electricity generation.

Among the constraints are failing plant equipment, inadequate funding as well as skills and coal shortage.
“Yes, we have received complaints from customers about load-shedding and high incidents of faults which occur during the rainy season due to lightning, falling trees and lines,” she said.

Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries (CZI) president Kumbirai Katsande said most companies were operating below capacity owing to the latest round of load-shedding.

“The power cuts are affecting the operations of most industries,” he said adding that; “Some industries have resolved to buy emergency generators, but not everyone can afford to purchase one.”


  • comment-avatar
    Nyoni 8 years ago

    Zesa has no excuses . The job is not being done thats all. GET RID OF THE MANAGEMENT NOW.

  • comment-avatar
    Mr Mixed Race 8 years ago

    Why should Kafue Gorge generation affects Hwange thermal power generation, if the system is equipped with isollators to ensure that the two systems are independent to one another in case one system has a fault?It would be stupid to connect the two systems without due protection.
    Most ZESA faults are due to lack of maintenance and poor workmanship.Where wooden poles are used damaged earth wires are not replaced before the next rain season.When the rains start the system is exposed to dangerous lightening strikes without proper discharging paths.The public is also to blame for allowing their trees to touch wires.Wet branches are reasonable good conductors which cause short circuits on the lines.
    I have heard on many occasions claims from the other party that they had workable plans to generate more power but I have not seen the details to that effect.Please give us details for us to analyse them.In my life time I have learnt that politicians over simplify technical issues.This gives misguided hopes to the public.

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    Zimbo 8 years ago

    The countries infrastructure is collapsing,and where is the Emperor?Yeah you guessed right,on vacation.Here is a novel idea,why does he not go on a permanent vacation.