The days of Zanu PF are numbered on one hand – ZUNDE

via The days of Zanu PF are numbered on one hand – ZUNDE Christmas and New Year Message December 23, 2013

Good day my fellow countrymen and women. 2013 is now coming to a close and, as the tradition; we celebrate the ending year, Christmas and a new year. Zimbabweans United for Democracy (ZUNDE) would like to wish the nation a happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year. Christmas is about God’s love to humanity and his demonstration of his love by giving his Son. God was not unconcerned by the doom facing humanity and he did something about it.

God is not unconcerned by the suffering in Zimbabwe and he would rather have something genuine done about it. Just as God liberated Israel from Egypt, God will not look without dismay at the architects of our suffering in Zimbabwe. Just like the false prophets who prophesised peace when there was no peace, God will not be unconcerned with false prophets of change.

The year 2013 started off well with some hope that the nation’s crisis was going to be resolved on 31 July 2013 as we were assured that this year Zanu PF was not going to be allowed to steal another election. The day turned out to be one of the darkest days of our history when Zanu PF performed the greatest electoral fraud of all time and democracy activists probably had their longest dose off the ball of all time. To cap a sad year the nation has started on a downward slide that is leaving most of us in dread.

In sympathy ZUNDE calls upon the nation to be hopeful and innovative, and to celebrate whatever good is remaining, whatever gains we have made as a nation towards freedom. Let’s not forget the vulnerable and the poor amongst us and share the little that we have. Let’s save from the little we have for next year. ZUNDE has big plans for our freedom. With the meagre resources in our hands we can do much better to free ourselves if we pull our efforts and resources together.

As we celebrate Christmas, it will be very painful to watch our oppressors gouging themselves at the national trough. They have stolen our resources and diamonds under the banner of indigenisation (Zanunisation). They will, with impunity, be displaying their ill-gotten wealth without shame. They will be doing long-relay BBQs and drinking sessions whilst the majority of people are starving. The only thing they will share is the smell of goodies and sounds of merry crossing over their high walls to our open spaces. Let not our hearts be troubled for our freedom is around the corner.

ZUNDE is appalled by the disrespectful and contemptuous overture by Zanu PF to the Diaspora community to fund their budget. Chinamasa and his Zanu PF, including anyone who takes the diaspora for granted, must be reminded that the diaspora community are not fools. Recently they asked to vote and Zanu PF fought fiercely against this. The diaspora community asked to participate in national politics but some people saw them as a threat that needed to be avoided. Now that these people are stuck they want the diaspora community to fund or support them. The diaspora community would rather use their hard earned cash to liberate themselves than prop an illegitimate regime that will fight them. They will not support calls by people who simply want to use them to resuscitate their fallen fortunes.

ZUNDE is a different player. We are not opportunists. We are not funded by anyone and are not anyone’s puppet (East or West). We are a generation of genuine war veterans united with patriotic and realistic democracy activists from all walks of life. We are not intimidated by Zanu PF. We are not going to beg Zanu PF for freedom; we are going to take our freedom. We are not going to tolerate Zanu PF intimidation and violence.

With ZUNDE now onshore, Zanu PF can no longer claim to be the sole representative and custodian of the liberation struggle. ZUNDE has found and kindled that which was lost and has given impetus to that which the democracy movement has been wishing to achieve. With roots in the liberation struggle and the democracy movement ZUNDE is now the way to go.

ZUNDE has learnt from the Zanu PF arrogance and double dealing. We have learnt that our problem, the Zanu PF institution, cannot be part of the solution and that we are our own liberators. We have realised that united we can do it. We cannot wait for big people to save us because they are in short supply. We have learnt that fear was our greatest enemy and therefore in this phase of our struggle FEAR IS NOT AN OPTION.

ZUNDE has faith in our people and believes that Zimbabweans are not fools; they may be quiet but they are smarter. They may have been cheated but they are innovative and resilient. They will not be fooled by unfunded budgets or promises of a better life by the architects of our suffering and those that stood motionless and idle when they had been mandated to bring change. Zimbabweans now know who has failed and will not be fooled by promises of doing better next time.

The best New Year gift that ZUNDE gives the nation is that the fight for democracy has been rekindled with fresh and hotter fire. The days of Zanu PF are numbered on one hand. May these celebrations be the last under bondage and may 2014 put us on a sure path to freedom.

Thank you and may God bless Zimbabwe.


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    james joseph 8 years ago

    Wishful thinking. Zunde learn to walk before you can run!!

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    John Thomas 8 years ago

    If wishes were horses beggars would ride

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    ZUNDE 8 years ago

    If you don’t wish to be free you will never be. You can not continue to walk and hope to catch a thief running away with your goods. We will learn from experience and listen to the feedback from our people.

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    Nyoni 8 years ago

    Freedom must be for all and not a select few. The people of Zimbabwe make a country not political hedgehogs. The goal from now is to educate our people more about their inaliable rights . Totally trampled by all and sundry. If ZUNDE wants to be a force expose all these violations to the outside monitors and leave no stone unturned. ACTION NOT WORDS.

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    mucha 8 years ago

    1.ZUNDE is a different player. – Different from who?

    2.We are not opportunists. – Tell us who are opportunists?

    3.We are not anyone’s puppet. – Who is someone’s puppet?

    4.We are a generation of genuine war veterans. – War vets re-generating 33 years after the war, how old are you?

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    Africanson 8 years ago

    Zunde tell us more more about how you are going to save our economy. How are you going to raise our hope?

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    Never trust a so called war vets or bogus freedom fighters or pseudo liberator or zunde

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    I don’t know much about ZUNDE but I sure as hang liked this writing. Zimbabwe needs strong and decisive leadership. And isn’t it typical of us to start criticising and writing everything off. Are we so negative??? WE need unity desperately. Let us begin to listen to each other and begin to work with each other for a change. Forget the disparaging remarks and begin to pray and work as one!

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    Nyoni 8 years ago

    All we want is unity not hundreds of parties claiming to represent the people.

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    Zunde stop day dreaming just coz yo prefered political party lost elections does not mean Zimbabwe goes bankrupt,so stop hallucinating and continue preaching your hatred.for us life goes in Zimbabwe, this is not the first and last election, see in 2018 and good luck if your partisan political resonate with the voting public come 2018 otherwise u might be up for another rude awakening again

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    My fellow country have become a hopeless lot and so full of distrust of one another.This is so heart breaking.

    I appreciate the sense of despair expressed in the comments, Zimbabweans have been oppressed, abused and violated for so long its difficult to trust any so called politicians. Zimbabweans have not tasted any periods of significant peace and prosperity in period spanning over more than 60 years. Prior to 1980 the Rhodesian government had been oppressing black people for several decades, come “independence” Zanu pf went on a killing frenzy killing their fellow liberation comrades whom they perceived to be “dissidents”. In the 90’s the government sent the children of Zimbabwe into a war in DRC that not killed Zimbabwean children but also its Economy as the country was funding a war it could not afford in the hope of gaining from the diamonds that are vast in the DRC. We all know things did not go according to plan for Bob and his crew. Then we had “War Vets” being paid large payouts to keep them quite using money the country did not have.

    In 2000 when Bob was under serious threat from Morgan and the MDC they went about committing atrocities against white Zimbabwean and any one who was in their way. Then there was “Murambatsvina”.

    Then we had all those murders and violence in the run up elections of 2008 which ushered in the unity government that saw some sot of stability but saw Morgan and some of his crew members displaying their political immaturity.

    The 2013 elections went on to show the world how ruthlessly shrewd Bob and his crew are and at the same time highlighting the MDC’s naivety.

    We as Zimbabweans are obviously skeptical of so called politicians and so called political parties. However I believe we to unite a people and start believing in ourselves and work toward a better future for our children.

    If ZUNDE believes they have what it take us to lead us into the future lets not be quick to right them off, however my advise to them is to avoid naivety and complacency. What is need now is united front to take out the current rot that is eating our country to the core

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    Khaya'bonina 8 years ago

    You said , we are not going to beg ZANU PF for our freedom , we are going to take it , tell me how– better go to Mozambique and assist FRELIMO and against REINAMO , we don’t need your war , you are not a puppet of east or west , so who is a puppet , you talk like Mugabe against MDC T , i think you are a small ZANU PF , sorry i will rather keep my vote than to vote for another ZANU .

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    Zindoga 8 years ago

    ZANU PF apologists are the first to develop goose bumps whenever there is something serious on the horizon. The reasons are too obvious to articulate!!!

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    Kuakwa Katiyo 8 years ago

    All the attacks from brain-washed zanoids can only mean you are on the right track. Keep-it up Zunde. Zunde ndizvo!!!!!!!!!!

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    Good people some of us are now hopeless to the extend tht they quickly write off everything even if it is positive .This is because the Wanachi has seen it all ,the economic downturn,the political hedgehogs,the genocide,empty promises,violence,limited democracy,povery stricken society.Then who should we trust good people,The Almighty God

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    Good people some of us are now hopeless to the extend tht they quickly write off everything even if it is positive .This is because the Wanachi has seen it all ,the economic downturn,the political hedgehogs,the genocide,empty promises,violence,violation of rights,impoverished stricken society.Then who should we trust good people,The Almighty God