The downward spiral continues for Zimbabwe – Tanonoka Joseph Whande

via The downward spiral continues for Zimbabwe | SW Radio Africa by Tanonoka Joseph Whande February 3, 2014

The ineptitude of Zimbabwe’s government is getting more and more critical by the day. The month of January exposed the simple fact that those running the country have long ran out of ideas.

As expected, the ZANU-PF government is hopelessly failing to rule the country they, themselves, destroyed.

The little upward movement of the economy we had started to notice towards the end of the unity government disappeared hardly a week after Mugabe and his goons took total control of the government.

Mugabe, whose senility can no longer be contested, has long been out of touch. His new cabinet is full of potential long-serving candidates from Homes for the Aged. He appointed blind men and women to stir the country. And we are speeding in the wrong direction fast!

The results of the old man’s misguided existence in politics are there for all to see. The country is sinking back into the pitiful depths of despair that have characterised our day to day lives for more than 20 years.

It is appalling that Mugabe has the talent to push the nation into the dungeons but has no clue as to how to remedy the situation.

The salary scandals that are currently rocking the nation, in which some are paid more than what the job is worthy while others go for three years without full pay, can be traced back to Mugabe’s practice of side-lining professionals and employing relatives, friends and praise singers.

All the parastatals are on their knees.

People went for months without pay at the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation while a so-called Director General was being overpaid.

Because of mounting pressure, the government made a move by suspending the corporation’s Director General and other top people but that, in itself, is a little too late and meaningless. Too much damage had been done.

In the latter half of January, the government had problems with civil servants in addition to teachers threatening to strike. Some cities, like Kwekwe, could not even afford to pay their water bills and the state-owned Zimbabwe National Water Authority (ZINWA) disconnected the water supply to the city.

Last week, the government threatened more than 800 asbestos miners with dismissal at Mashava’s Gaths Mine; they were on strike protesting six months of unpaid wages.

Nothing indicates this government’s misplaced priorities and indifference to the citizens than the Chiadzwa Diamond Fields where human rights violations and abuse of fellow citizens are widespread with the government turning a blind eye because Mugabe and his top comrades are benefitting.

Last week, a 13-page report detailing incidents of assaults, dog attacks and prolonged detentions by security officials working for the diamond mining firms against people accused of illegal diamond panning was published. It has gruesome visuals showing the extent of the injuries people sustained.

Meanwhile, Air Zimbabwe is a laughing stock of an entity, a scary thing considering how sensitive the business of flying people around is. Like at the other parastatals, Mugabe loyalists syphoned off the money into personal pockets.

In spite of the anti-British rhetoric and perpetual tirades, Mugabe’s government last week approached the British government and begged them to pay school fees for 750 000 poor children who are on social welfare.

In the current budget, Mugabe allocated his office a staggering $200 million yet he runs to the British to beg them if they could please pay school fees for thousands of his child citizens.

What a nationalist!

All this is happening while Mugabe cronies who head parastatals are being paid what those parastatals cannot afford. The most recent pathetic example is that of Cuthbert Dube, head of the Public Service Medical Aid Society who has been reported to earning USA $250,000 per month. If Dube so wished, with 3 months of his salary, he could pay a year’s school fees for half of these poor pupils.

How can donors take us seriously?

This comes at a time when revelations are being made that Harare City Council Town Clerk and 18 of his managers were earning more than $500 000 a month while residents of Harare are burdened with inflated utilities and amenities bills, in addition to poor service delivery.

This is Mugabe’s Zimbabwe today, alright.

We used to export chickens and day-old chicks across Africa but today, we are eating imported chicken from Brazil – chicken meat preserved in embalming fluid and formaldehyde.

There just is no management.

We have a government in free fall. A president who lost the script decades ago is surrounded by greedy, thieving imbeciles who, like their leader, believe in looting the nation and this time they are doing it big time.

As Mugabe sends a begging bowl to the British, he does not seem concerned about all the rot going on in the country although a few of the blood suckers have either been suspended or fired from their plum jobs.

Chombo just re-instated the Harare Town Clerk.

On his part, Mugabe is currently pre-occupied with the recovery of a house he had bought in Hong Kong but which is now said to have been taken by Hsieh Ping-sung, the emissary businessman who brokered and acquired the three-story house for Mugabe – presumably for use by Mugabe’s daughter when she was a university student there.

In 2009 Mugabe denied owning the property but said that they were renting it for their daughter and her friends. Oh, what a thoughtful father, renting a $5 million three-storey luxury pad for daughter and friends!

But in court papers filed in Hong Kong, Mugabe now claims it is, indeed, his house and “the government of Zimbabwe” wants it back.

It is interesting to note in the court papers how “Mugabe’s house” is used interchangeably with “the government of Zimbabwe”, as if he is trying to recover Zimbabwe government property.

The same man who appears to have duped Mugabe, also at that time allegedly conned Mugabe’s wife Grace of $1 million. Ping-sung and Grace Mugabe reportedly fell out over a botched deal to buy trucks in which Grace is claiming that Ping had stolen $1 million from her, with the long distance haulage trucks never having been delivered to her.

If Mugabe and his wife can dabble in millions of unaccounted for public funds, why do we expect their underlings not to indulge as well?

The heart of the matter is that both Zimbabwe and ZANU-PF have no leader.

Zimbabwe is marooned and the vultures have since landed and are feasting.

Zimbabwe has no government because none of these people in government appears to be there to work for the advancement of Zimbabwe.

We cannot remain in the same deplorable mess for as long as we have done.

Because ZANU-PF fails to adhere to accepted economic principles that are practised and that guide other nations, we are failing even to have our own currency. We have become a pimping nation; a monetary prostitute, so to speak.

In 2009, Zimbabwe adopted the US dollar, the Botswana Pula and the South African Rand as legal tender.

Last Wednesday, the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe announced that the Chinese Yuan, Japanese Yen, the Indian Rupee and the Australian Dollar are now accepted as legal tender in Zimbabwe, “with Zimbabweans and exporters able to open accounts in the various currencies”.

With such a track record, it, therefore, came as no surprise when Mugabe was a few days ago elected to be the “First Deputy Chair of the African Union”, whatever that is. We are told this was because of admiration of his leadership.

Zimbabwe, along with SADC and the African Union, are solid proof that Ian Khama’s decision to break ranks with all of these is a necessity.

Except for the morons at the AU, I do not see anyone who admires what Mugabe is doing. Who really would like to be associated with such rot?

In spite of the rhetoric and stupid support, no leader has ever tried to borrow Mugabe’s satanic type of policies and government.

Is Mugabe not ashamed to fight so hard just so as to be invited to enter Europe?

I am Tanonoka Joseph Whande and that, my fellow Zimbabweans, is the way it is today, Monday,


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    Mlimo 7 years ago

    The people of Zimbabwe voted him in , the people of Zimbabwe have the means to throw him out. But as long as we are weak that will not happen.

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    Havanyani 7 years ago

    Well articulated as usual, Whande. Hyenas and mongrel puppies are feasting, as usual. It’s the sheer extent of shamelessness and duplicity at the highest level that I find eternally baffling. What is it? Psychosis from childhood? Insecurity? Greed? Derangement? Malice? … Just what is it?

    I doubt running a country is this difficult. Less clever and far less educated people are making their countries shine. Poverty alone does not steal away one’s dignity but in Zimbabwe it’s decidedly embarrassing. Is it the tragic combination of a predatory, reptilian leadership and a fawning, sycophantic, cringing, cowardly national character that guides us to these mediocre vistas? Highest-literacy-rate in Africa my ass. This human capital investment has only benefited the African Union and a few western countries.

    Perhaps people do deserve the leaders they get after all. Getting to the top is not easy in any society; and for a people to allow the bloodsuckers among them to glide upwards says more about the people than the gliders. Otherwise what is it for heaven’s sake? Even the opposition movement is no different. No leadership material in the Motherland.

    Chii nhai vanhuwee? Zvikwambo here?

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    Rukweza 7 years ago

    Europe,africa,and the would at large has no problem,zimbabweans are the problem they voted for him so lets suffer

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    Nyoni 7 years ago

    Excellent article written by a true Zimbabwean. If the powers that be are reading this ,one is sure they are laughing at us all because we are stupid not even to demonstrate and show our disgust in the status quo. True we truly have no true leaders.

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      American 7 years ago

      31/2 trillion dollars disappeared in the American economy via the stock market manipulation and the mortgage fraud.Obama calls it the greatest economic disaster since the last depression. Did any of the corporations return the loot or individuals go to prison for this scale of corruption?. You know the answer to this question. Nothing was done to hurt these corporations because the popular view was any serious legal action against these culprits would bring the American economy down.The handling of the crisis was undertaken with the view of protecting the American capitalist system in terms of national interest and the imperialistic role american corporations play abroad. It is a breath of fresh air that the corruption unearthed in Zimbabwe is spearheaded by the Zimbabwean government and that government must be commended. Zimbabwe like the US must continue to weed out corrupt practices but not at the expense of it’s progressive land reform and the indigenization and empowerment strategy. These policies are in the national interest of the Zimbabwean people just as the Obama government has protected the interest of american corporations. In spite of the massive financial fraud in the US, few are saying they truly have no leaders or are disgusted with the status quo. Food for thought.

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    Senzachena 7 years ago

    I say it again, we wanted him, we voted for him, now we have to suffer him. That is unless we throw him out. Smith must be laughing himself sick in his grave!

    • comment-avatar
      Umwrong 7 years ago

      No. Smith grieved the decline of Zimbabwe to his dying day.

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    Nobody is going to help you unless you help yourselves. Does that ring a bell anywhere.Not even the good lord will help you unless you H………………………………..!!!!!!!

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    Rwendo 7 years ago

    To put it another way, the worst of it all is not the incompetence, cruelty and corruption of it all, but that we the people stand and watch.

  • comment-avatar
    Mprang 7 years ago

    Ummmmm pakaipa apa!!!!

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    bingo wajakata 7 years ago

    The you voted or we voted him in are people writing from some Mars. The truth of the matter is Mugabe did not win the 2008 or the 2013 election through the people’s ballot, he used his well oiled rigging machine so the issue of you voted or we voted him in is nonsensical. Mugabe is a spineless coward who has murdered and caused the collapse of an economy that had survived real sanctions. Only in Zimbabwe can so much open and repeated looting by those in power take place an the so called president says nothing, absolutely nothing as if he was dead and I think he is mentally dead. The looting dates back to the birth of Zimbabwe itself and has grown exponentially over time with anyone with access taking it all in stride knowing fully well that the shouting president is busy worrying about his health and the fact that his children are not his children.

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    bingo wajakata 7 years ago

    Only in Zimbabwe can so much open and repeated looting by those in power take place an the so called president says nothing, absolutely nothing as if he was dead and I think he is mentally dead. The looting dates back to the birth of Zimbabwe itself and has grown exponentially over time with anyone with access taking it all in stride knowing fully well that the shouting president is busy worrying about his health and the fact that his children are not his children. The you voted or we voted him in are people writing from some Mars. The truth of the matter is Mugabe did not win the 2008 or the 2013 election through the people’s ballot, he used his well oiled rigging machine so the issue of you voted or we voted him in is nonsensical. Mugabe is a spineless coward who has murdered and caused the collapse of an economy that had survived real sanctions.

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    Mthwakazi 7 years ago

    What about Shona tribalism and forcing Mthwakazi to speak Shona at gun point during gukurahundi Mr Tanonoka?

    • comment-avatar
      Mupurisa 7 years ago

      Iwe Mthwakazi wanyanya manje iwe!! What exactly are you trying to achieve? Maybe you are also on the ZANU PF payroll i.e Divide & Rule Policies? Always talking trash against Shonas and your tribalistic and downright racist views. Sure you have reason to feel aggrieved about Gukurakundi, sure it was very, very wrong, and sure it was Mugabe & Co who orchestrated that sad chapter in our history. But to continue castigating all Shonas, you are isolating yourself and causing more division in society than what already exists, and therefore playing right into Mugabe & Co’s hands. Its high time we all stood together and united for our common desire to see true democracy, peace and prosperity in our lifetime. If and when we achieve that, then just maybe we can go back and bring justice for those unfortunate souls that became and remain victims of that terrible crime. That will never happen while we can’t talk and discuss nicely together, let alone work together. Shamwari, wake up and smell the coffe!! United we stand, but divided as we are, we will continue falling – as we do with no end in sight!!!

      • comment-avatar
        Mthwakazi 7 years ago

        1. What about forcing Mthwakazi to speak Shona at gun point during gukurahundi?

        2. What about “Andnzwi chindeeeeeeeeeeeeeere!!”; and

        3. What about “Amutongi nyika yedu, mandeeere!”

        4. What about “muri maDeputy edu!!”; and

        5. What about dzokerayi kuKwaZulu!”

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        William Doctor 7 years ago

        @ Mupurisa

        Good points. One problem is that Mugabe and ZanuPF castigated all white Zimbabweans, and made them responsible for things they did not do. And was there any disapproval? Nope, none.

        You have yourselves to blame comrade. You’ve allowed Mugabe to rule as long as he has. Now westerners [whites] actively undermine Zimbabwe. And the Matabele will never forget what happened – not for 100 years. That’s Mugabe’s legacy – hate and violence. And that hate and violence, will perpetuate further hate. So get rid of the old man!

    • comment-avatar
      Tanonoka Joseph Whande 7 years ago

      This Mthwakazi nonsense is not on my radar. I do not accept the stupidity of blaming a tribe because of one man, much as I do not blame the Ndebele for one of their ancestors’ love for sugar.

  • comment-avatar
    Zvakwana 7 years ago

    The grotesque lengths that the ZPF government went to in order to secure a 7th term in power has resulted in many players within the circle looking for their reward whether it be in a government job, on a diamond field or elsewhere these people are demanding their payback for services rendered.

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    Johno 7 years ago

    Mlimo, you are very mistaken. The people of Zimbabean NEVER voted him in. NIKUV did that on their behalf!

  • comment-avatar
    MikeH 7 years ago

    Tanonoka Joseph Whande ….. Brilliant article my friend. One day I will shake your hand and that will be in Zimbabwe. I have reluctantly stayed away for 15 years, up to now, with mugabe&co and their widespread destruction being the sole reason.

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    former farmer ( White ) 7 years ago

    Wow an article that does not blame a colonialist, thank you. Another one of the contributors I follow and believe potential future leadership of a new Zimbabwe.

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    Mthwakazi 7 years ago

    But, lets be honest please Zimbabweans.

    If Zimbabweans voted on merit in 1980 and 1985, and not on tribal lines, do you realY think Zimbabwe would be what it is today? Please be honest.

    The excitement about gukurahundi Mugabe in 1980 through to 1985 was largely tribal.I was there, and I know what I am talking about. The BBC news archives and youtube have all the tribalistic recordings of the obscene shouting against Dr Joshua Nkomo by Mugabe’s Shona supporters.

    If Zimbabweans had voted for a parliament and government that was say 54.5% ZANU PF and 45.5% PF ZAPU – ZANU PF would have never become this arrogant.

    A strong PF ZAPU in parliament would have blocked all machinations of one party, one strong man rule and all appointments to the army, police, civil service, the police would have been strictly according to the constitution.

    Now unfortunately, tribal voting gave Shona gukurahundi Mugabe and his ZANU PF carte blanche to do as they please.

    They made sure each and every appointment in all strategic levers of power were ZANU PF. They have since used violence to retain the status quo.

    Because every strategic institution is militarised in Zimbabwe, there is no way the opposition will ever, ever wrestle power from the gukurahundis through elections. It will never happen.


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    stobbs 7 years ago

    Well written article i must say,,,what we are seeing today are the results of under dealings and murders going as far back as our first elections,,,in 1980 all things being equall and if people voted on merit they would have voted joshua nkomo into power,,,,,my fellow zimbos specially the shona people of zimbabwe you must fry in your own fat i wish you decide to go onto the streets and subsequently get slaughtered by your fathers ,,,you only now know that ndebele,s are people cause we meet on the streets of joburg,,,when you laughed and called every ndebele a dissident protecting the same dog that is now biting you,,,you deserve to suffer for all the crimes and sins you have commited to other minority tribes,,,dont cry the fire of hell will embrace you welcominglly,,,,please ZANU PF i beg you not let go the grip you have on these hopeless people of yours let them suffer till the spirits of the more than 22000 people scattered all over the countryside in matabeleland are appeased,,,go to hell and die there you murderous shonas,,,you deserve what you are getting,,do you think your country is run by sane people,,innocent blood makes you insane is that not known in mashonaland,,,enjoy your punishment

    • comment-avatar
      Mthwakazi 7 years ago

      The saddest thing about the tragic state of Zimbabwe is that even today, many of these people still continue with their tribalism in Zimbabwean politics, as seen by their attitudes towards Welshman Ncube and Dumiso Dabengwa.

      They twist and turn; pretend to have short memories over obvious political developments of just yesterday; all the time blaming the minorities for the problems. In short, they simply abuse their majority status anywhere and anytime and they expect all of us to just cow in surrender.

      They have this thing engrained in their minds that if you are not Shona, you should not participate in Zimbabwean politics at leadership level. Its either you opt for a Deputy leadership position, or something slightly below or just simply a support of a Shona led political formation. Leadership roles are totally out of bounds for Mthwakazi people – thus the thinking.

      One would think all this suffering; all this scattering around the globe would have taught them a lesson in humanity and human rights; but alas, NEVER FOR A HARD MASHONA, NEVER!!

  • comment-avatar
    Palms 58 7 years ago

    Good article but nothing new here. Cohesion is required, the keyboard is mightier than the sword.

  • comment-avatar
    William Doctor 7 years ago

    @ Mthwakazi

    What is the difference between ‘Mthwakazi’ and ‘Matabele’? Or Karange for that matter? Is Mthwakazi the new term for the Matabele?

    • comment-avatar
      Mthwakazi 7 years ago

      @William Doctor
      Our grandfathers and oral history tell us the uMthwakazi is the whole nation that King Mzilikazi and Mambo moulded into one. The name Ndebele is the name the baSotho/baTswana gave to Mzilikazi’s people whom they encountered as they moved from KwaZulu, across the northern parts of South Africa, towards Botswana and finally moving north to Mthwakazi, now known officially as Matebeleland, the colonial name. Mthwakazi, the name is derived from the San people, also known as Abathwa in Ndebele, who also form part of the Mthwakazi people.

      The name Mthwakazi has existed as far as our fathers and forefathers can remember. There are many organisations, Associations in Mthwakazi/Matebeleland, Bulawayo in particular which use this name.

      The most popular Radio station broadcasting in Mthwakazi and the Midlands in the ’70s during the Rhodesian days was called RADIO MTHWAKAZI. It featured the then renowned broadcasters Luke Mkandla aka LMK (uMavulakuvaliwe); Musi Khumalo; Sis Sibongile Khumalo; Jabulani Mangena; Englam Nyathi; Abbie Dube and many others.

      Unfortunately, because of gukurahundism in the Zimbabwe of today, our region, language, culture, and the arts have suffered tremendously from general neglect b y government. It is for this reason you regard MTHWAKAZI, a long standing name, as “THE NEW NAME….”.

      Most people born after the 1990s in particular know nothing of this glorious past; even some among those born in the 1980s. All they know are words like CHIMURENGA; OLIVER MTUKUDZI; TSWANGIRAYI, and virtually anything and everything that has to do with the SHONA people only.

      They dont even know anything about Fanyana Dube, o Freedom Sengwayo and people like Lovemore Majayivana!!!

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    Mthwakazi 7 years ago

    Shona tribalism is so engrained and widespread that even on these websites, blogs, public media platforms, they simply assume each and every Zimbabwean can and should be able to read Shona.

    They just tell themselves its their right to speak and write in their beloved language Shona; even in public fora, bugger those Zimbabweans who claim they dont understand – thats their funeral. To hell with coloureds, to hell with Asians, to hell with Mthwakazi. But when you take a stand and insist on your Ndebele, they are the first to shout ANDINZWI!!

    All these useless cries for one nation, unity, econimc progress blah! blah! blah, by the likes of Tanonoka Whande and Vince Musewe are just that, useless. Mere crocodile tears. Its just a case of lets all now unite because we Shonas are also now suffering under Mugabe; just like you!!

    Its a typical gukurahundi Mugabe attitude of refusing to accommodate diversity or those who could be different; just because “we are the majority”; “tinotonga”.

    During the renaming exercise in the 1980s – they simplu bulldozed with their names with no consultation. In Whange, they imposed the Shona spelling HWANGE on the town – yet the Chief of the region from which the name is derived is traditionally known as Chief Whange – the way the word is spelt in Mthwakazi. No difference in attitudes from the white colonialists. Kwekwe was thus renamed from the name Que Que.

    Its meaningless as it is, because its correct spelling is the Ndebele version of Qwe Qwe; which is that top layer you find in mulk or traditional beer. In the same Kwe Kwe town – Imbizo Township is Shonalised to Mbizvo.

    I can go on and on however this should suffice – Shona tribalism knows no limits in gukurahundi Zimbabwe bafowethu!!!!

  • comment-avatar
    chirasha 7 years ago

    MTHWAKAZI you have a problem evaluate yourself learn not to generalise things you are irratating us with your shona hate comments. so all the shona people are responsible for gukurahundi .after all Mugabe is not a shona

    • comment-avatar
      Mthwakazi 7 years ago

      Not all Shonas are responsible for gukurahundi. Some in Mthwakazi – people like Enos Nkala and Mark Dube were also responsible for gukurahundi. It just happens that the Shonas responsible for gukurahundi were in the majority – thats a fact.

      And stop lying. I dont hate Shona people. I hate Shona gukurahundi tribalists – there is a bug difference there.

      Above I have already detailed the reasons why I have serious problems with many of these Shona gukurahundi tribalists. Instead of ducking and diving, please challenge the facts stated.

      Yes, its very easy to blame ZANU PF and try to rally everyone against them – but are we really sure they are our only problem?

      Its useless to keep writing these articles by Tanonoka and people like Vince, without addressing the other wider concerns of the other fellow Zimbabweans. Its not simply a Mthwakazi issue alone; it also includes whites, coloureds, and people of Asian origin.

      All these people have been rendered irrelevant by the Shona socio-political environment in Zimbabwe. Tell us how we can correct this, so as to make everyone feel they belong, in an effort at genuine nation building!!

  • comment-avatar
    Gwanyamwanya We Mahobo 7 years ago

    Mthwakazi I now understand you. The comment above is logical and not emotional. Well done!

  • comment-avatar
    Gwanyamwanya We Mahobo 7 years ago

    Mugabe is Malawian, muBrantyre!

  • comment-avatar
    Patriot 7 years ago

    If indeed the national political landscape was initially tribal in outlook, then pliz thank hr dear Lord for improving the outlook. I am optimistic of future gener ations’ predictable inclinations to rise above regretable primitive national vices such as tribalism or zenophobia. Fortunately evolution guarantees every nation perpetua lly better refined future generations. Lets build national culture of hard work, a country guided by one law ; THE GOLDEN RULE.

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    die groot wyt aap 7 years ago

    I am sorry Senzachena, but Ian Smith is not “laughing himself sick” from the grave. His final public address to the world was to say a prayer for Zimbabwe and its people.

    Our great friend also said “a politician thinks of the next election, a statesman thinks of the next generation”

  • comment-avatar

    Tanonoka tells the truth. The mass of replies is snowballing.Couldn’t they stop the talk and do like in Egypt, by quiet demonstrations.