Thousands left struggling as retrenchment numbers soar

via Thousands left struggling as retrenchment numbers soar | SW Radio Africa by Alex Bell  November 25, 2013 

The number of Zimbabwean workers being retrenched in recent weeks has soared to alarming levels, leaving thousands of people facing desperate times.

This is according to the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU), which has raised concern about the government’s failure to encourage investment and job creation.

ZCTU Secretary General Japhet Moyo told SW Radio Africa on Monday that figures, revealed during recent meetings of the government-created Retrenchment Board, indicate that retrenchments are affecting as many as 300 workers per week.

He said that the figures indicate that over the past three months there have been retrenchments of up to 150 per week. But in the last two weeks of November the figures have risen to almost 300 per week.

“We are aware that the economy has not been doing very well, but we didn’t think the figures would be so high. So it’s very disturbing. We didn’t expect this to happen just two months after an election, where promises of economic change were made,” Moyo said.

He explained that the retrenchments, taking place in a country with over 80% unemployment, affect thousands of people as many families are dependent on single salaries. He explained this puts even more pressure on these families, predicting more school drop outs, rising poverty and rising crime.

Moyo said that government policies which scare away potential investment were a serious problem, explaining that legislation like the Indigenisation Act “does not give confidence to those who want to invest and create jobs.”

“I don’t see the problem being resolved until the government retracts such policies,” Moyo said.



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    Sadly this is only the start of a complete and utter economic meltdown. Zanu cannot make it to 2018

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    WeZhira Wezhara Wezheve 10 years ago

    whilst Nikuv helped these guys to rig elections,sadly it cannot help them rig the economy.Let`s brace for tough times because for the past three months,the economy is in the reverse gear,and no one in government seems to have a clew on how to engage the travelling gear.

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    Connie kayz 10 years ago

    Why mugabes witnesses sadc& au sillent on,since all retrenched find their way within them.they are now worieng on their stupit witnesing but my remind is you will deport back millions rather than thousands monthly creating robberies and crimes in your regions.ALSO MAY THE WEST TAKE ACTION ON THESE EVIL PARTY COMITING AGAINST HUMANITY

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    Chitova weGona 10 years ago

    Rig the economy zanu pliz! Mava kurumwa nechokuchera!

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    Chatikobo 10 years ago

    This Zanu pf government is falling big time watch and see,they are proving that they cant run the economy plain and simple.There is no economy without investors,no industry,no jobs and importing goods frm China,so that we create more jobs for the chinese people at the expense of our own people and economy.

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    farai 10 years ago

    its nw a dead end

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    Manuchi 10 years ago

    Come to South Africa .There are already 6 million Zims here as well as 11 million fellow makwiri-kwiri from the rest of Africa .This cow still gives milk, less and less each year, even though it hasnt been fed for years . The economy hasnt collapsed yet but will in the near future . Just make sure you get the hell out of here when it happens.