Tsvangirai appoints chief political strategist

via Tsvangirai appoints chief political strategist | SW Radio Africa by Tichaona Sibanda on Friday, April 25, 2014

MDC-T President Morgan has appointed US based academic and political analyst, Dr Maxwell Shumba, as his chief political strategist.

Tsvangirai’s chief of staff Abisha Nyanguwo confirmed that Shumba will advise the party leader on a range of political and economic issues and will work alongside officials in Tsvangirai’s Harvest House office. Nyanguwo said Shumba would provide ‘significant support’ in an advisory role.

Shumba, the founding chairman of the MDC-T in the United States and an original member of the National Constitutional Assembly (NCA), is expected to travel to Harare shortly for strategy meetings with Tsvangirai.

After that he will participate in ‘regular’ discussions with the team, before setting up base in Zimbabwe. Shumba told SW Radio Africa on Friday that he was excited about his new job which will be to develop action plans designed to achieve electoral victories.

‘The MDC-T has been winning many of the elections in Zimbabwe but they have failed to rule. Without giving away much, we are busy developing strategies to convert an electoral win to executive power,’ Shumba said.

In 2008, the MDC-T leader is believed to have defeated President Robert Mugabe in the presidential poll, but the military junta prevented Tsvangirai from taking over as the new President.

‘It’s not going to be business as usual…there are many things that have to change,’ said Shumba, whose priority would be to proffer advise to his boss on how to unite the fractured main opposition party.

‘My message to every democrat in Zimbabwe is let us unite, without unity, we are not going anywhere. To colleagues in the renewal team, there is also an opportunity to sit down and find ways to reengage,’ he said.

Meanwhile, the Zimbabwe Independent reported on Friday that financial challenges facing the MDC-T continue to mount, amid indications that Tsvangirai is seeking funding from Botswana, Gabon and Ivory Coast.

The paper said Tsvangirai is seeking funding assistance for an early congress, in the aftermath of an internal crisis triggered by calls for him to step down.



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    Little Dorrit 9 years ago

    Get the SA report on 2002 Elections as sued by M&G

    • comment-avatar

      Yes! I agree. get that report. push and push or it. demand it. And demand the opening up of all electoral information for 2013. Now~!

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    Chipikiri 9 years ago

    Good and long overdue move. BUT this is not a bold move. This guy is a Chemist PHD and all. I am not sure he brings the gravitas that goes with this position.

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    I sincerely hope the good doctor will authenticate his credentials by being very open with his boss and tell him how bad Tsvangirai’s poor judgment has contributed to the weakening of the opposition. No bootlicking will make a great strategist a great strategist if Dr. Shumba is that. People have lost faith in Tsvangirai. Honestly he is better off as one of the many members of the opposition party, than the all powerful and only leader of that opposition. That is where the strategist should start from. Tsvangirai needs to take the back stage role for now and perhaps he may be able to recover few years from now. He should not be obsessed with the so called rebels to losee focus as to why there is and should be opposition to Mugabe’s regime.

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      Tsvangirai is not a saint, but he is our only hope especially during this time where Zanu Pf has gone a gear up in destroying the opposition through infiltrations.Until such time when an uncompromised leader with no Zanu Pf links comes up, we will go with Morgan.To suggest that pple have lost faith in Morgan, is a gross misrepresantion of facts.Even Robert Mugabe knows that despite Tsvangirai’s flaws,the majority wants him to be the President of the country which is why he’s working overtime to have him removed from the apex of the party.

      • comment-avatar
        roving ambassador. 9 years ago

        People used to say Mugabe is our only hope, and its those around him who are corrupt.
        Now see what that has brought us.
        A treasonous leadership.

  • comment-avatar
    thembani 9 years ago

    100% agree with you.

  • comment-avatar
    John Thomas 9 years ago

    This is playing while the house burns down over your head

  • comment-avatar
    Mpranga 9 years ago

    As long as there is no 1 opposition , zanu will win again 2018, saka zivai kuti muchavhima mhuka yaneta kugarirwa dehwe.

  • comment-avatar
    Senzachena 9 years ago

    Too little far too late, I wish the good Doctor well but he will have to be a very strong character to make any change in Morgans ability to put his foot in it and achieve defeat from the jaws of victory! I regret to say that it appears the MDC and Morgan are rapidly becoming irrelevant on the Zimbabwe political stage.

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    The good doctor is advised to be prepared to compromise on womanising ,autocracy ,dictatorship and above all the curse of the Nyadzonya massacre.

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    Atheist 9 years ago

    Still think the main issue here is the proprietary nature these political leaders take the organisations. Once an organisation like MDC has grown to its extent it goes beyond the individual and collective policy formulation and drive needs the whole team . It is not uncommon for the founding members to be removed and be replaced by more energetic and more current and astute leaders in the ranks . This is one of the checks and balances in term limits to allow renewal. I am not so sure how this new Tsvangirai appointee is going to benefit the organisation? Is he going to have enough balls to call a spade a spade and tell Tsvangirai to move over take a patron role as a father figure and introduce new leadership less tainted and less vulnerable to Zanu machinations. Can he rid MDC members from hero worshipping and bootlicking to allow people to more objective. I am not so sure what my good friend Dr Alex Magaisa’s role was but I think his appointment was along same lines. What led to his withdrawal (tabloid rumours about clashes for female favour aside).
    My fundamental question is is Tsvangirai amenable to reason or he has assimilated his nemesis Mugabe’ Messianic approach

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    Rwendo 9 years ago

    Tsvangirai, however commendable his achievements in the late 90s and early 2000s, is now damaged goods.

    For someone to be excited about becoming his chief strategist is indicative in itself.

    Voting ZANY PF out of power in 2018 without some major game-changer that neutralizes the leadership of the armed forces is as likely as voting the MPLA or FRELIMO out of power.

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    Tats, I sincerely hope and think you do not believe what you wrote. Yours is a very limiting and too gracious a view of Tsvangirai that borders on sycophancy. This is not meant to be an insult at all but an invitation to you to seriously look at Tsvangirai and be objective about him. Outside his personal indiscretions he has purged MDC of any opposition to his decisions and challenges, from Welshman to Mangoma. Potential leaders and better leaders not tainted by what you call “ZANU PF links” are many within his own party. Unfortunately, he has convinced himself that he is the only one who can lead the opposition effectively notwithstanding the evidence otherwise. The ground swell of opposition is apparent, but poorly led and as long as Tsvangirai remains at the helm without an introspection of his poor leadership qualities an opposition led Zimbabwe will remain a pipe dream. Acknowledged Mugabe understood the threat that Tsvangirai posed to his presidency and he effectively dealt with it, albeit by hook and by crook, but on his part Tvangirai fails to effectively deal with his opponent, because he so poor at handling opportunities that are presented to him and take advantage of. Never mind what he failed to exploit all the previous years. Currently we have economic problems that are going to severely ruin us all and the corruption that has been brought to the surface but the lack of action on the part of this leader, Tsvangirai, other than old and tired oratories is disarming. This is the time for him to galvanize the support you say he still has. But he can’t because people are disillusioned by him.

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    peters 9 years ago

    Tsvangirai is weak

  • comment-avatar
    Isu Zvedu 9 years ago

    pati, I hear you. But when people stop looking at Tsvangirai as MDC, that day I will stop supporting him and his cause. The problem is people like you view MT as a football coach for a club somewhere in Manchester, where if the team fails to make it past division one, he gets fired. The politics of Zimbabwe is complex and MT alone could not possibly have delivered the much needed victory. MT has not denied leadership renewal. There are set rules and Dr Shumba must make this very clear to people like you sir. Let us hear clear tangible ideas on how those claiming to know better politics will move forward and bring results against the Chihuris and the Chiwengwas of Zanu PF. For me, Biti or Mangoma are not the option. They are tainted goods seeking to support their families by hood or crook. I am not blind.

    • comment-avatar
      Ngezi 9 years ago

      True kufunda kwevamwe hakushandi sure. Can not differentiate between a goat and a wolf.

  • comment-avatar
    Ngezi 9 years ago

    People trust Morgan. Who else can we trust? The reason why zpf hate his is that he is straight. Makambo urairwa mukadzi here imi. You guys all confusions came coz aiva asina mukadzi Baba tsvangirai Zimbabwe inokudai chaizvo.

  • comment-avatar
    Nemaz 8 years ago

    Its a waste of time for a grand coalition without Save. He is the main men, no doubt about that fact. Zpf will remain in power unless there is unity of purpose in the opposition front. Zvekuti afunga kutungamira woti ndaveneyangu party will make zimbabwe suffer more.