US wishes Zimbabwe well ahead of independence commemorations

via US wishes Zim well ahead of independence commemorations | The Zimbabwean by Chris Ncube 17.04.14

The United States pledged further support to revive democracy in Zimbabwe and wished the country well. The pledge was contained in a letter wishing the country well ahead of the Independence celebrations on Friday.

“On behalf of President (Barack) Obama and the American people, I send best wishes to the people of Zimbabwe as you celebrate 34 years of independence on April 18,” John Kerry Secretary of State, stated from Washington.

He added: “The United States remains committed to the people of Zimbabwe. We will continue to support all Zimbabweans as you seek a more democratic, prosperous, and healthy future.”

He said his country was looking forward to strengthening its partnership with the Zimbabwean people to achieve the common goals of peace, security and prosperity.

The US has been calling for adherence to democratic rule and slapped Zimbabwe with restrictive measures over poor governance and human rights abuses in the early 2000s.


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    Jenandebvu 8 years ago

    Sounds like the signature of Jonathan Moyo of Tshlolotsho. I doubt it was from washington. Washingto has better things to focus on like Ukraine, Middle East etc

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      Is it bad to wish “the people of Zimbabwe”? Read and understand the context of the message. Usapaparike semanyoka!!!!!

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    Two faced. The USA is becoming more autocratic by the day.