Harare – Mutare rail way line construction to begin soon

via Bulawayo24 NEWS | Harare – Mutare rail way line construction to begin soon 15 September 2014

Engineers have completed feasibility studies on the proposed Harare – Mutare rail way line and three major road dualisation projects under infrastructure development agreements between Zimbabwe and China.

Government has also made a down payment for new locomotives.

Railway construction and dualisation of the Harare – Chirundu and Harare Nyamapanda highways are scheduled to begin as soon as possible.

Transport Minister Obert Mpofu said the initiatives also involve rehabilitating existing railway equipment.

He said Chinese firms will finance the projects under a built operate transfer agreement and revenue generated will repay the funds.


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    John Thomas 6 years ago

    What about Harare Beitbridge? This is the one that carries the most traffic

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      Roving Ambassador 6 years ago

      John , its all lies. Don’t take this seriously.

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    tapiwa 6 years ago

    would it not have been cheaper to rehabilitate the existing lines say Harare to Bulawayo and as Roving Ambassador said Harare Beitbridge (which would be popular and even save money, rolling stock, etc). This idea of builidng new is really like the concept of someone who buys a Royce Rolls but has no house to live, no clothes, no food , no additional money to purchase fuel and so it rots in the sun until its worthless

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    If it smells too good to be true then its most likely not true especially with these people.
    Last month they were in China and within weeks they have completed feasibility studies and construction is commensing in record time like DisGraceless-ness’s PhD.

    What is this kuvaka chirugu chembudzi would take even longer

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    Tinomunamataishe 6 years ago

    This has been very quick and therefore very suspicious, maybe Mpofu just wants to look like he is doing something.

    This however shows the problem with these Chinese loans. They give you loans to do projects which will create business for Chinese companies even if you don’t need some of the projects being proposed.

    What’s the hurry of the Harare-Mutare railway line when the industry is on its knees and that railway line will just remain idle? The answer is simply because the Chinese wanted to give its railway construction companies some business to do.

    Why not ask the same Chinese to help with setting up factories that will manufacture agricultural equipment for example at competitive prices and therefore create long term jobs for locals? Zimbabweans are paying a high price for inept leadership.

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    Cecil Rhodes the great actually built it for free in 1896 !!!!!! China doesn’t do free !!!!!!!

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    Tafadzwa 6 years ago

    Dr Mpofu is lying through his teeth. Just two weeks ago, Mugabe was in China and were being told, China will fund upon completion of feasibility studies, and all of sudden, Obert Mpofu says these studies have been completed. Which engineer is going to believe this ?

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    Justice 6 years ago

    What a joke Zim’s economy is broken and producing next to nothing, infrastructure is created if there is a need, there isn’t.

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    munzwa 6 years ago

    Anew harare to mutare rail link!!!! the existing one is not fully utilized!!!What about the mutare by pass road, the harare to beit bridge road…..

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    mhlanga 6 years ago

    what happened to bulawayo’s egodini reconstuction its all lies

  • comment-avatar
    mhlanga 6 years ago

    what happened to bulawayo’s egodini renovations.. Its all lies gvmnt is not taking pple serious

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    GOING BONKERS 6 years ago

    With new lines, new rolling stock and nothing to carry in them, I presume the Railways GM and the Minister will be ‘playing’ toy trains like 5 year old kids??

  • comment-avatar
    haranga 6 years ago

    matakanana/mahumbwe (make believe world) folks. Take it easy. unfortunately the fate of the country is in these hands

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    Dzimbabwe 6 years ago

    If we are not careful in monitoring quality this will become a ‘build operate and abandon’ arrangement. I has seen this with my own eyes in other African countries where Chinese funding was secured for similar high values investments but they are done in such a shoddy manner that by the time they recoup their costs, the thing needs to be replaced. be careful mukoma Obert.

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    Patriotic 6 years ago

    What will be the use of the rail line and new locomotives really? Is there any use of the rail road in Zimbabwe? No products to carry. The wise thing to do will be to urgently finish the Harare-Beitbridge road where a lot of business is done through that road.

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    CharlieDeuce 4 years ago

    This looks like a jock just to impress people with false promises