Centenary farm ‘British’ invader backs down

via Centenary farm ‘British’ invader backs down – NewsDay Zimbabwe October 23, 2015

The tug-of-war between Centenary farmer Philip Rankin and Zimbabwean-born British citizen Sylvester Nyatsuro, who is allegedly trying to wrest an over 100-hectare farm in Mashonaland Central, appears to be waning, NewsDay has learnt.


Nyatsuro, a medical doctor, is reportedly behind a bid to invade Rankin’s tobacco farm allegedly using his connections to President Robert Mugabe’s family to evict the owner.

Rankin has tenaciously fought back, declaring: “I will not be pushed out of my land by a British passport holder.”

But Nyatsuro appears to be backing down, with the tobacco farmer yesterday saying he had of late been allowed in and out of his property after just less than two weeks of being held “hostage by Nyatsuro’s agents”.

Rankin said the invaders seemed to have eased a bit.

“The acrimony seems to be receding. They have, in last few days, allowed me in and out of the property. Some of the locks are still there, but others have been removed. The number of invaders has also gone down to about eight from the original 30,” he said.

Pressure has been mounting on Nyatsuro, with a group in the United Kingdom lobbying for his deportation and an investigation into how he acquired British citizenship.

Commercial Farmers’ Union director, Hendrick Olivier told NewsDay his organisation has been lobbying government officials on behalf of the stricken farmer.

“We have been doing a lot of lobbying, trying to get him to meet the minister (of Lands Douglas Mombeshora) or even the Vice-President (Emmerson Mnangagwa),” Olivier said without elaborating.

He said the group had been disturbed by information filtering through that more farmers could be on the verge of losing their land in Mashonaland East.

“We have received information from Mashonaland East that at least three farms are under siege, with one farmer having been barricaded in his homestead. But we managed to free him, but the invaders are still camped on the farm,” the CFU director said.


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    Backs down? So now everything is ok. Wether he had right to the farm or not, he must go to jail for taking hostages ,we dont need a mini Boko Haram leader wanna be, with his 30 or so lawless followers.

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    C Frizell 6 years ago

    The Land Grab is probably the most illegal, immoral and destructive event in the country’s history.

    No government can “give” someone’s property to another – however many “laws” you pass.

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    ntaba 6 years ago

    We need to remember that Mugabe has harnessed many amaBritish mujibas like this fellow and Mugabe’s No. 1 Mujiba in Britain is none other than Professor Ian Scoones. If mujibas have titles it sounds much more important and impressive!

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    Mbwa yemunhu farm invasion to do what, to cause destruction to the land and bringing more hunger in zim brain less doctor wemadhodhi.Those who invaded the farms what have they done to our economy, absolutely nothing now this devil joining in to worsen the damage.Is that the reason we get degrees to destroy the country when others with basic certificates build their countries, when are we going to work up mazimbos.Those who are sent to invade they don’t even have eyes and brains to the effect of this so called farm invasion mbwa.
    Like what Tsvangirayi wants said hamusati maiona nhamo mati madii its true for we still want to live in darkness supporting devils who are there to swallow us and reduce Zim to nothing. Tave kutoshaya nekwekunyarira because of these thieves, murderers, liers and corrupt people. When is enough going to be enough to us This is too much.

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    Brasso 6 years ago

    Doctor wedhodhi,foolish and stupid idiot. Shave renzara

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    Tsotsi 6 years ago

    Anyone can write to the CCG responsible for Nyatsuro’s surgery in the UK. I have.



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    JRR56 6 years ago

    More lies from the good Dr.Nyatsuro. Land Thief

    NOTICE Some patients may have become aware, through recent articles in the media, of Dr Nyatsuro’s family affairs with regard to an area of land in Zimbabwe. Please be assured that Dr Nyatsuro’s legal affairs in Zimbabwe are being undertaken in accordance with all due legal process, and Dr Nyatsuro would like to make it clear to all parties that there has not been involved in any inappropriate behaviour.

    We can confirm that you will continue to receive the best primary medical services at all times and Dr Nyatsuro has no intention to move to Zimbabwe in the foreseeable future.

    Any further enquiries should be directed to the practice manager