Citizens shun Africa Unity Square sit-in

via Citizens shun Africa Unity Square sit-in 27 October 2014

Itai Dzamara and some 150 colleagues have been sporadically occupying Africa Unity Square for the last two weeks in an attempt to force President Robert Mugabe and his government to admit failure and leave office.

They delivered a petition to Mugabe’s offices on October 17. “The campaign is not owned by any political party, but a concerned citizen conducting himself within provisions of the constitution,” said Mjobise Noko, one of the protestors.

Noko noted with sadness that ordinary citizens were reluctant to join in the sit-in thinking their political parties would give them the go ahead to team up with Dzamara.

Respected economist-cum-political commentator, Vince Musewe, noted that Dzamara was on a noble mission which required selfless backing from democratic citizens. Musewe said he planned to join the sit-in soon.

Rejoice Ngwenya, an independent political analyst challenged ‘real youth’ to convene at the Square and make noise for change. “Instead of being cry-babies the youth should join the likes of Dzamara and express their concerns,” said Ngwenya.

Journalist-cum-activist Dzamara said they demanded that Mugabe should agree to dissolve his government and engage all national stakeholders in finding a new solution to challenges facing the country.

Mugabe was also asked to make a public announcement that he would not abuse state security agents by unleashing them to intimidate people and agree to accept that Zanu (PF) cease to be the ruling party, and become one of the stakeholders involved in the national engagement.


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    Nyoni 6 years ago

    The citizens are scared to be seen . Such is the fear factor in our country. While most should be scared of dying from incurable diseases we are scared of mere mortals.

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      Bob is no mere mortal. ..he is the DEVIL. Killing his own people. The man will end up at the bottom of a mine shaft. .it is the Mugabish way..

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    I see another 34 years of hell..wait you mean you are getting rid of the thieving Mugabish family. ..grow some balls do it

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    Bob is no mere mortal..he is the DEVIL for sure. .get in his way. .he will remove you..bottom of a mine is his style. .

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    Bob is not a mere mortal.
    He is the DEVIL. .he will remove you from this earth if you cross his the 400 found at the bottom of a mine shaft. .that is his way. .get Rid of Mugabish for good. ..NOW.OR YOU WILL HAVE Another 34 years of hell. .just do it

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    There is utmost fear, selfishness and lack of trust amongst Zimbabweans. The fear came from stong brutality faced by people from CIO, police and the army. Selfishness was brought by division in the application of law. The people who are sitting -in at Africa Unity Sqaure are not all civilians, but others are CIO, and police in plain clothes. The people may not even trust the organiser if he is doing it for them or for a bread of his on at the end. There is definate need for people to have that selflessness and readiness to face brutality and maximum payment of life to liberate ourselves. Employers are urged to mark register to ensure that no one miss days work by joining the sit in, yet the same employers are complaining of poor economic policies and exisitence of an environment that is friendly for invetsors and new capital. Now is the opportunity to support a good cause of one courage man, youa re now being used as instruments to make of not a success. One old saying is that you can not eat your cake and keep it as well. If you can not do it no one will.

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    Yes let the real citizens join in. All those guys who wanted to demonstrate for jobs where are you now? Real citizens should be motivated by self and not by mob. Dzamara is one of his kind

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    Swagman 6 years ago

    Just do it!

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    Day dreamers. Elections are done to elect leaders to rule. So to come to Africa unity square moswera muchidziya zuva and ask Mugabe to leave office is mere wastage of time. Its your constitutional right but my advise mvura yakuda kunaya handeyi torima kumusha kana kupurazi if u are not employed.

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    Daniel 6 years ago

    Dont worry,Morgan said he was going to LEAD a demonstation in the streets against Mugabe.We are waiting.