via Grace – NewsDay Zimbabwe November 23, 2015

First Lady Grace Mugabe stirred a hornet’s nest when she blamed miniskirts for attracting rapists. The tirade has caused an outrcry from gender activists and readers.

Social media was awash with comments from people castigating the First lady for her miniskirt remarks.

Calvin Da Nobriega said “A rapist is someone who cannot control his urges. Do rapists only attack women wearing mini skirts? There are many stories of men raping babies or elderly women or even animals. These are sick people and not wearing mini skirts will not stop them.”

Below are some of the sentiments expressed by netizens on the issue.

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    Ndonga 7 years ago

    Was Amazing Grace wearing such a miniskirt when Mugabe swept her off her typist’s chair and into his bed? But now fully knowing her cunning and Mugabe’s mincing ways, it was probably the other way round.
    She is making Zimbabwe the laughing stock of the World with all of her wild and senseless talk.

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    Gilbert 7 years ago

    I want to believe what she meant is not what you heard. She was trying to bring morality in dressing. Besides she did not say any man would rape a woman wearing a mini skirt but that rapists would find an excuse. Generally dressing on its own has a language that men turn to interpret. Men would at times (if not sometimes) misinterpret the dressing language. Gone are the days when boys and girls would swim together naked in the rivers. Due to moral decay my Mugabe is just cautioning that chances of being raped when you put on a miniskirt are so high. We can argue and justify the rights of wearing them but the justification wont stop the rapists. Don’t blame the bees hovering above or around you when you are putting on a floral dress. Go ahead , put on the miniskirt. But the rights to dress wont help you when you get raped. You will be alone at that time with your rights in yours skirts.
    Wish you luckyin your thigh out miniskirt. I

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      I agree with you Gilbert, people read too much into the speech by the first Lady, the issue was promoting good morals. There was never a right given to men to rape those with miniskirts neither was such action condoned. It does not mean that if miniskirts are eliminated rape will also be eliminated, but it could be reduced, most likely. And by the way the issue of good morals does affect everyone, both male and female, if we had looked from that angle we all would have the positive out of it, and leant something.

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    waSvosve 7 years ago

    People endeavour to select the best when they speak. Is this the best from Dr Amai? Why link unrealted issues? Does she have Advisors? I strongly recommend that she delves into Uncle Bob’s pool of Advisors before she rakes Zim’s reputation any further. She is an embarrasment to the nation.

    True, the miniskirts have gone beyond imagination. Some ladies are virtually moving around naked i.e. wearing those ‘belts’. It is difficult to imagine what their objective is in moving around near naked and in the process exposing their dear privates.

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    Chanisa 7 years ago

    To suggest that Zimbabwean men would involuntarily rape a mini-skirted woman is offensive to the men of this country too. There is no law against mini skirts, so one would expect a whole First Lady not to preach to us against what is not illegal, unless she wants to start her a church, which would be ironic for a man snatcher.