Grace paves way for Mnangagwa

via Grace paves way for Mnangagwa – NewsDay Zimbabwe November 21, 2015

FIRST Lady Grace Mugabe made a dramatic U-turn yesterday when she said Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa was her boss in the party and he did not take instructions from her.

by Blessed Mhlanga

In a one and a half-hour long address at Mataga Growth Point, Mberengwa, in Midlands province, Grace appeared to dump a faction of the ruling party known as Generation 40 (G40) that had of late claimed her as its leader under the mantra “munhu wese kunamai” (all support to the First Lady).

President Robert Mugabe’s wife said the constitutions of both Zimbabwe and Zanu PF were very clear on who would take over the reins of power in the event that her husband is incapacitated.

“Have you ever heard that I have ever acted as President any time that President Mugabe has left the country? Nonsense!
Mnangagwa is the one who is second to the President and will always be in be charge when the President is away.

“Even if he [Mugabe] stops being President, the Constitution is clear that the VP will hold the reins. I will not be President because I sleep in the same bed and eat with him. I am an educated person and I have a doctorate. I know how our party constitution works,” she said much to the amusement of Mnangagwa’s allies, particularly Gokwe-Nembudziya MP, Justice Mayor Wadyajena, who celebrated uncontrollably.

The G40 group, said to be led by Zanu PF political commissar Saviour Kasukuwere, is reportedly fighting hard to block Mnangagwa’s rise to succeed Mugabe as the 91-year-old leader gingerly walks into the sunset of his half-a-century political career.

In endorsing Mnangagwa’s leadership, Grace said the VP’s liberation struggle credentials and loyalty to Mugabe were impeccable and “he is a good man”.

She castigated those pushing an agenda to catapult her into the Presidium at the Zanu PF conference next month as non-progressive elements, who were bent on destroying the party.

“They said I was giving instructions to the two VPs yet I talk to them as the leader of the women’s league and they listen because I will only be reporting to my seniors the problems of the people and as servants of the people they listen,” she said.

Grace went further to say Mnangagwa was second to Mugabe, leaving Mphoko with egg on his face before he left the stage in a huff, reportedly for security reasons.

Mphoko, who has largely become Grace’s chief aide introducing the First Lady at most of her rallies, suffered two embarrassing moments during the rally after he was called “Mboko”, a derogatory Shona word for “fool”, by Midlands acting vice-chairman Kizito Chivamba.

Mphoko did not take it kindly and called Chivamba on stage and told him before a bemused crowd that he did not merit his position.

“You do not deserve to be party chairman — I am serious about this. You called me ‘Mboko’, when my name is Mphoko. Do you know what that means? Do you speak Shona properly?” he said, while holding Chivamba by the shoulders.

Grace then handed Mphoko another blow when she asked him why he did not know her totem.

“You taught us today that people can be disciplined in public, so let me also discipline you. How come you don’t know my totem up to this time? I am of the Shoko (monkey) clan,” she said jokingly to the amusement of the crowd.

Mugabe’s spokesperson George Charamba said Mphoko had to leave early since he had come by road and because of security reasons he had to leave before the function was over.

Grace travelled to the venue accompanied by Mnangagwa in the presidential helicopter, while Mphoko went by road.

Thousands of people attended the rally after being bussed from as far as Kwekwe, some 350km away, to brave the heat with temperatures soaring to over 38 degrees.

Police had to be called for crowd control, as people began to walk away while Grace was still addressing party supporters.


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    Is this really a U-turn by Grace?? Only time will tell, but we wont wait for long before we know. Her next few rallies in other province will soon provide the answer to the question. As yet, it is too early for Ngwena faction to celebrated, especially given the regional location where so-called U-turn was made. The location happened to Mataga in Mberengwa, Midlands province, and obviously a Ngwena-strong-hold, by zanu pf regional and tribal politics.

    So, the location of the U-turn surely begs the question: Would Grace have dared to attack Ngwena in it’s home yard & leave the place without suffering embarrassing bruises from the Ngwena foot-soldiers present, who were obviously in the majority compared to hers? Suffice to say, Grace could simply have been fore-warned that Mataga was not the right place to blow her loud whistle; and she took the warning seriously.

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    Mushavi 7 years ago

    Why did they use Helopter instead of driving so that they see the condition of roads.Proberbly Mphoko will update them since he use road transport.

    Not even one tared road link Mberengwa yet we always vote for Zanu PF, Wait and see what will happen in Mberengwa in 2018 elections

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    To us 1st lady did good.Yes my lady,yu refused to be fooled into believing the unbelievable.Ngwena is our next President after President Mugabe.No doubt on that.We from Mutoko ,we can now forget yo transgresion against us,when yu called our language chimutauro chinenge chimanyika,during yo rally in Marondera wth kaukonde.we donot deserv that.We are of the Budja clan and we speak Budja language,its our heritage n we are proud of it,proud of our Chief Mutoko,the Ruler of Budja clan of Nehoreka .Hamutidaro Mai.Mhosva dza Kaukonde handidzedu tese Matoko or MaBudja.No.Saka pamberi na Ngwena.

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    Maita Shoko.Mabuda pachena.magadzirisa musha.Musha hautongwi ne mai baba varipo.Ngwena always.What is left now is for yu Dr Mai is to apologise to all Budja clan or Matoko as we are known.Our language is not chimutauro.We speak Budja.Mhosva dza kaukonde handidzedu tese matoko.Yu called our language chimutauro chinenge chimanyika.That was an insult to us and our Chief Mutoko,the Supreme CHEIF.2ndly plze start campaining for Ngwena now and dismiss all these rumours as yu call them.Mnangagwa is our next President ,after President Mugabe.weldone mhamha.Kasukuwere,plz change when theris still time,follow the crocodile mfanami.