I’ll deal with ministers: Mugabe

via I’ll deal with ministers: Mugabe – DailyNews Live 3 July 2014 Helen Kadirire

HARARE – President Robert Mugabe yesterday issued a stern warning to Cabinet ministers who are in the habit of protecting the few remaining white farmers, saying he is going to descend heavily on them.

As he launched the new A1 settlement permit model at Chipfundi Resettlement Farm in Lions’ Den Mashonaland West, the 90-year-old strongman swore that no white farmer would be allowed to own land.

Mugabe said the remaining whites still on farms should make way for blacks who have not been resettled.

The nonagenarian said he knew there were some ministers who were harbouring white farmers. Chiefs engaged in the same activities would be called to order through their leader Chief Fortune Charumbira.

“There is a concern that this area (Makonde) still has many whites on farms,” he said.

“Temba Mliswa confirmed that they are still around when I met with him last night and he gave me 35 names of people though some may still be unknown. Pane maminister angu arikunzi arikuramba kubvisa varungu paminda, kwete, tinenge tichavadirei? ( There are some ministers who are refusing to evict white farmers from the land, what use are they to us now?)”

“Vanhu ava havasi vekuitira moyo chena, especially panyaya yevhu. Kana paine varikuita lease out land for money kana kuvahwandisa, we will look in the districts to find out ndiyani. (We should not be lax when dealing with whites especially when it comes to our land. If there are some who are leasing out land to others, we will be going around the districts to fish you out),” he said.

“They can own industries and companies or stay in apartments in our towns but cannot own land. We hear in some cases they are being protected by cabinet ministers and politicians within their constituencies. We will deal with that.”

Douglas Mombeshora, minister of Land, Land Reform and Resettlement, said 221 472 farmers had been resettled on A1 farms across the country.

He said banks should now consider extending loans to the resettled farmers as they now had assurance.

“We are looking into talking with banks to consider you,” Mombeshora said. “Those on large tracks of under-utilised land should volunteer to subdivide their land so that those on the waiting list can access land also.”

In the first phase of land reform between 1980-1998, government resettled 71 000 families on 3,5 million hectares of land while phase two saw 4 697 families benefitting from 168 263 hectares.

Paul Zakaria, Zimbabwe Farmers Union director, said banks should now start taking the resettled farmers seriously as they were now land owners.

He said the farmers should also take their land as business ventures where they can make a profit.

“In some countries like Brazil, such permits as the ones being presented here can be bankable and used to get loans. The same thing should eventually happen for these farmers,” he said.

The new land ownership model is expected to bring clarity on land ownership in Zimbabwe as the land redistribution programme reaches a crescendo and probably closure after years of unending disputes and confusion. So-called new farmers did not have access to loans because of a lack of security, especially title deeds.

But with the issue of the new permits, more than 220 000 offer letters issued in the past decade are set to be nullified as government seeks to bring order to the vital sector.

Over the years, Zanu PF officials, notably Mashonaland West provincial chairperson Mliswa have waged unending battles with some farmers whom they allege have the protection of powerful government ministers.

A cocktail of changes contained in the new model, sub-letting, abandoning land and allowing agricultural land to decline would result in the cancellation of the permit after a 90 day warning.


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    The man is completely mad

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    jongwe 10 years ago

    this man must qualify as the biggest racist who ever lived….he certainly is Hitler x 100

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    The Black Aristocrat 10 years ago

    Mugabe is a vindictive bully who leads a bankrupt Mafia State of looters, that makes the New York crime families look like choirboys by comparison.

    The Mugabe Government is actually unique in history…. part oligarchy, with a small gang of extremely wealthy rulers…. and a part feudal system in which payments are collected from the serfs, who have no rights.

    For anyone who really wants to understand the Mugabe regime in depth, i can recommend some reading. No Karl Marx or Adam Smith. Nothing by Montesquieu or Machiavelli, although the author you are looking for is of Italian descent … Instead, go directly to the fiction department and take everything home you can find by Mario Puzo.

    The web of betrayals, the secrecy, the extortion, the intimidation, the extreme violence, the blurred lines between what is business, what is Government, and what is criminal, and above all the mandate to keep the revenue flowing into the offshore accounts – its all there in Mr Puzo’s books.

    Essentially, Mugabe is a very dangerous self-centred narcissist & ego maniac.

    A corrupt, violent, incompetent, greedy, lying, state looting tyrannical sociopath, with the wit, social-graces and appearance of a street thug – his extremely shady business deals, assassinated rivals, gagged media, and Government stacked with his cronies all thieving on an industrial scale, has proved beyond all doubt that he is not the progressive leader most Zimbabweans would like to see and have long hoped for.

    He is very small man in every way, and to an increasing number of Zimbabweans there is nothing more humiliating than going to vote in national elections and having your vote blatantly stolen and essentially being told you don’t exist.

    Sadly for Zimbabwe, this appalling little man will never exit quietly. He’s just one more in a long tradition of African dictators and violent thugs, that cannot and should not be trusted under any circumstances.

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    KIBBS 10 years ago

    “As he launched the new A1 settlement permit model at Chipfundi Resettlement Farm in Lions’ Den Mashonaland West, the 90-year-old strongman swore that no white farmer would be allowed to own land.”
    SADAC, EU, AU, UN, AUS, NZ, CAMERON, USA – are you listening? If this is not enough to convince you that Zim. is being ruled by a psychopathic, rabidly racist, mentally retarded dictator then nothing will!!

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    Petal 10 years ago

    Dream on Forget the Southern African Dictators Club (SADC they will do nothing they will just watch – remember the 90 geriatric is taking over in August same goes for the All Useless AU they do not give a stuff about anyone except for themselves they re poop scared of this 90 year old geriatric

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    Petal 10 years ago

    correction -mentally retarded 90 year old geriatric dictator

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    disgrace 10 years ago

    we are fed up of you lunatic crazy geriatric . Please go in peace . Your days are numbered .You have runout of ideas . MAFARM EVARUNGU Humugute here.

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    biggus dickus 10 years ago

    The only white man you can trust is a dead white man.
    Robert Mugabe

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    nyoni 10 years ago

    You must remember Mugabe loves the Queen of England. I would say Mugabe wishes he was White. This madman has altzheimers for sure.

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    Yaaay, our president, the honorable Robert Gabriel Mugabe, is finally going to deal with these rotten ministers that are making him look bad. I knew it all along that his brilliant plan would finally pen out. 34 years is the magical period needed to make everything right. Very insightful our president is. He noticed that since our Lord Jesus Christ died at 33, and left the world before His work was done, our very smart president would only need an extra year to make everything right. Whilst he is at it, he will make the economy perform. America, South Africa, Britain and the EU will start importing food from Zimbabwe. What a brilliant plan. All these Obamas, the Camrons, and the Goodluck Jonathans will see the wisdom in these very very old man, and chase all the good for nothing white citizens out of their countries and encourage black Zimbabweans to emigrate to their respective countries and farm for self sufficiency. After his work is done the very very old man will die in piece of a loaded pile. Brilliant.

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    Jimbo 10 years ago

    Streak and Smith should be ashamed of themselves. Their tiny enclave is crumbling before their eyes as Mugabe loots everything that has ever belonged to whites in Zimbabwe. He has to be classified as the worst racist in Africa yet the leaders of Africa are silent in their complicity ( except for Botswana )

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    Why does this story remind me of Nazi Germany under Hitler?

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    Shenanigans 10 years ago

    Which Bank will ever give one a loan over a mere piece of land with no infrastructural development thereon.A piece of land that produces nothing is worth nothing much like mortgaging the countries minerals and never producing will never achieve anything other than selling ones sovereignity down the drain.Which university did these geniuses get their degrees from.Fort Hair or more like Fort Springhare.

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    Ephraim Gumbo 10 years ago

    Robert Mugabe has always been consistent in his policies, even going right back to the 60’s. One thing is clear, he absolutely loathes whites other than perhaps those few sycophants who so loyally serve him and his agenda. Why anyone is now shocked simply means they have never followed or believed in what he says going right back to the 60’s. If ever there was a racist, far more so than even Verwoed, it is Robert Gabriel Mugabe. Mugabe has cleverly organised nothing short of an ethnic cleansing operation in Zimbabwe…and he won’t stop until every white is gone.

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    Mugabe the murderer and his thugs took over a first world coutry in a third world continent and made it into a failed state, he knows this and blames everybody but himself if it is not sanctions then it is drought, or maybe locus, the sad fact is that these clowns could not run a bath let alone an economy

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    Shenanigans 10 years ago

    Zanu in Wonderland.There will be a run on the banks for loans to buy mabenz inputs and Zimoco will flourish.Depositors with much cash such as cabinet ministers should get in first and withdraw their deposits as the banks will be cash starved and the good man wont be able to maintain the “small house”.Oberts,Allied Bank should be the bank of choice as Zany never pay back;hope he gets a govt guarantee.We ordinary povo in apartments and kias will be able to invest our shekels with the Land Bank to get 10% cash return on the never never as the bank will go bankrupt when a few Zany managers loot the funds and blame it on drought.The Zany govt will then introduce a Land Development Levy to cover any looting.

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    The Black Aristocrat said it eloquently. Mugarbage has not noticed the irony that wantonly destroying white enterprise and farming has, in fact, destroyed the entire country. A few thousand whites lost their farms and their livelihoods but so have >12 million black Zimbabweans. “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction” is a basic law of physics: blinded by hatred, the real losers are the black majority.
    There is a big red button marked “self destruct – do not press” but he can’t help reaching for it! Oh, and watch South Africa going the same way, rapidly. White and Chinese capital must be rubbing their hands in glee as another country succumbs to dependency when they have to beg and donate resources in order to obtain money for basic needs such as patronage payments.

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    John Thomas 10 years ago

    To my fellow whites I have to say that reading your remarks above gives me the impression that self pity is a very unattractive quality.

    The Jews were herded into concentration camps in Nazi Germany, then gassed and cremated. To compare their fate with ours is a bit strong. Most whites in this country still live well.

    Mugabe is the creature we made. He was a nothing, then Ian Smith and his bunch, with the full support of white voters, embarked on a stupid unthought path that resulted in ZANU in 1980.

    We must carry our share of the blame that this piece of sh1t rules this country and our share of responsibility to see the back of him.

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      JRR56 10 years ago

      That Mugabe can make these statements in todays world (not 1936) and even worse “I have a degree in violence” makes him as bad as if not worse than Hitler. If he could he would embark on genocide against “White Africans” as he did against the Ndebele Nation. To blame him because of Smith is utter rubbish, Smith warned the world about him and he was correct. Evil was not created by Smith, it was there waiting to evolve.

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      DubboZimbo 10 years ago

      Smith should have hung this terrorist way back.

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    Clive Mandizha 10 years ago

    i think its time we build our lovely nation together. Love one another n have mutual respect for one another.Support our national teams in whatever sport together n mend whatever differences we might have had in the past n focus on embrassing our cultural differences.

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    Guvnor 10 years ago

    What a pity to always be in disaster mode, lurching from crises to crises and never in control of things. Never having a clue or a genuine solution to salvage the nations fortunes. Zimbabweans can not wait to be rid of these usurpers and pretenders who do not have what it takes and continually soil and disgrace this countries reputation and standing. You are clearly not fit for purpose and should desist forthwith this habitual abuse of the citizens.

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    Tatenda 10 years ago

    Deal with them and they will deal with you. They also know your games too. Tichaona kuchawira tsvimbo nedohwe

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    Rwendo 10 years ago

    Whatever their failings, the Fidel Castros and Mwalimu Nyereres of this world were at least principled men who stuck to their tenets. And they eventually stepped down from office, allowing their countries to begin to recover.

    This recalcitrant tin God of ours is a Marxist one day, capitalist land and business owner the next; preaches racial reconciliation one year, then shouts racialist diatribes the next; smiles and jokes on Monday, then froths at the mouth with hatred on Friday. He is like an actor who strives to becomes whatever he believes each new situation demands of him.

    Impotent to solve our economic problems, it appears he believes the current situation demands that he be seen heroically battling more susceptible villains – weevils in the party one week, treacherous whites the next.

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    Bazur Wa KuMuzi 10 years ago

    I m seeing 2 aspects here:the land redistribution and falsehood coupled with greed and corruption by some Zanupf individuals who have convinced the likes of Streak and Smith that if whites support Zanupf or if they give them money their farms are safe. The land grab is not new. Wise whites accepted that and just left the farms. Opportunists in Zanupf distorted the whole programme and shared the farms amongst themselves. Some rented their extra farms to the whites. They have gone even farther by wooing white business men into “partnerships” in which they guarantee protection to these whites. Desperate whites have seized the opportunity to start singing praises to Zanupf. The press even reported that some tried to use South Africa’s Julius Malema to talk to Zanupf on their behalf. So old Gushungo the un predictable has hit that one. I have little tears to shed for reactionary opportunists who dine and wine with whites but shout slogans of praises to Gushungo. I wish they could really burn these “chefs” calling themselves “comrades”.

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    Micah chapter 2.

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    Doctor do little 10 years ago

    This man is absolutely amazing. He has failed to deal with the corrupt people and thieves. Now he wants deal with people who have committed no crime. This is why some of us were asking questions about the Smith/ Streak speech. Why would anyone want to trust this group of people that change their minds more often that their socks.

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    white whale 10 years ago

    This is what happens if leaders are voted in due to popularity and not on competence. Same happened in South Africa – Zuma is popular and Malema is popular but both lack basic logic competence.