Kasukuwere firms’ property attached over $300 000 debt

via Kasukuwere firms’ property attached over $300 000 debt – NewsDay Zimbabwe November 18, 2014

ENVIRONMENT, Water and Climate minister Saviour Kasukuwere’s firms United Touring Company (UTC) and Comey Travel have lost three properties in Victoria Falls, Bulawayo and Kariba after they were attached by the Deputy Sheriff of the High Court over failure to settle a debt of more than $300 000 they owe a local bank.

The properties were attached last week after the Deputy Sherriff was given a writ of execution to attach the property last month.

The writ followed an order which was granted to Barclays Bank by Justice November Mtshiya at the Harare High Court in May to force the companies to pay the money owed to the bank which amounted to $314 282,94.

“You are further required and directed that after due enquiry and diligent search you are unable to find any movable goods belonging to the said 1st (Comey) and 2nd (UTC) defendants or insufficient to satisfy the amounts due under this writ that you attach and take possession of the following certain piece of land in the District of Kariba called Stand 118 Kariba Township measuring 3 548 square metres held under Deed of Transfer number 3948/86 dated 30th June 1986 belonging to 2nd defendant, a certain piece of land situate in the District of Bulawayo called Stand number 468 Bulawayo Township measuring 1 388 square metres held under the Deed of Transfer number 3144/786 dated October 16, 1986 belonging to the 2nd defendant and a certain piece of land situate in the District of Wankie ( Hwange) called 378 Victoria Falls township, measuring 3 242 square metres held under Deed of Transfer 932/93 dated June 1, 1993 belonging to the 2nd defendant,” read part of the writ.

The attachment of the property follows on the heels of another attachment of a property by the messenger of court , comprising a fuel service station, a depot and a house in Victoria Falls in July after UTC failed to pay its 23 workers about $186 000 in terminal benefits.

UTC assets were set to go under the hammer last month, but company management sought a temporary reprieve to raise the money, but the workers then applied for an order, whereby the former employer is barred from taking any action in relation to the said property without informing the workers. The company is still to pay the workers.


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    munzwa 6 years ago

    The gravy train loosing carriages, shame could not have happened to a better person!!!!

  • comment-avatar
    Charles Chamunorwa 6 years ago

    UTC used to be a viable company before it was indegenised! Like all companies which these goons took under the cover of “financial engineering” they have collapsed. No wonder why he wanted to indegenise Barclays Bank

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    Rawboy 5 years ago

    These guys only know about looting companies not running them.And how can you effectively run one while being a minister at the same time?..Madness!

  • comment-avatar
    Rawboy 5 years ago

    How the hell does he expect to run a company successfully as well as being a minister? Which he is rubbish at!