Lions kill safaris employee

via Lions kill safaris employee 06 September 2014

An employee with Somabula Safaris was attacked and killed by three lions on Friday while docking the company house boat in Matusadonha.

In a statement, Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority board chairman Alvin Ncube said soon after the incident, the Matusadonha field station deployed some rangers who killed two of the lions while the third one is currently being tracked down.
Five people have been killed while 12 others have been injured by lions country wide this year alone.
Meanwhile, the department is appealing to members of the public to report the presence of dangerous wild animals in their areas.


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    Gomogranny 8 years ago

    The policy to kill these animals is WRONG WRONG WRONG!
    Humans are supposed to be intelligent enough to understand that they are in a WILD LIFE RESERVE…humans are simply food for carnivores. These lions simply did what they are supposed to do – they killed their food. People need to stop thinking every human animal conflict must end in the death of the animal. PEOPLE ARE THE PROBLEM NOT THE WILD LIFE….wake up!

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    SHOCKING that the lions were killed. Man is in their territory. Parks and Wildlife Rangers need to be shot!!!

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    Will somebody please translocate these lions to where Cabinet sits

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    Careless employee. Lion felt threatened

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    “Rangers deployed against hyenas”Stray lions wreak havoc in Beitbridge” Crocodiles in Kariba. There used to be experts that investigated what was causing the change of behaviour in any species. There is always a reason. People have encroached into game reserves forcing animals to move to places where they come into contact with humans. In the areas they survive in the game has changed as they compete for the same food source that the humans are poaching. At this stage even the greatest predator of them all has changed in behaviour in Zimbabwe. Humans. That one needs no expert to know why. Unemployment, hunger etc etc…As he changes he starts to interfere with the way the wild life operate. Until bounderies are redrawn and wild life is protected it will only get worse. In the early 90’s a lot of people are not aware that a crocodile was captured on the road in Newtonwest in Bulawayo and sent to chipangali. Also jackals were getting knocked down by cars in the same area.

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    Our entire stretch of land, the whole of Zimbabwe, including wild life areas have come under increasing stress due to the chaotic land issue. Thanks to people who call themselves ‘leaders.’ We need to repent and plead with the Lord to restore. But that will not come without repentance. We truly are a rebellious and sinful nation.

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      Parangeta 8 years ago

      Oh Stop it NBS,all
      this proselytizing
      gets really tiresome!

      You keep bringing God
      into Zimbabwe’s destruction.
      It’s Mugarbage stupidity, not
      God’s concern.

      Zimbabweans aren’t rebellious
      or sinful, the Government is,

      Keep God out of this filthy
      business, He’s not interested
      in Zimbabwe’s failed politics.

      We are all so tired of your
      God ranting, when in fact
      God has more important things
      to take care of like –

      – rape, murder, hunger, homicide,
      creation, death, birth etc:

      Zimbabwe is somewhere at the
      bottom of His concerns, especially
      as we allowed this tragedy to happen!

      North Korea, Venezuela, the USA, UK,
      EU and even South Africa also need
      His help!
      Don’t be selfish?

      Let God have a break from these
      ridiculous rantings?

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    gukurahundi (GNB/jukwa) 8 years ago

    @RRS….i love ur mindset…i can provide transport…lol

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    Angela Wigmore 8 years ago

    I agree with all the above except @NBS – I’m not sure that God is particularly bothered!

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      Parangeta 8 years ago

      Well said Angela,
      my thoughts exactly!

      NBS should refrain
      from bothering God
      with his protestations!

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    Justice 8 years ago

    Well I think God is bothered and He does answer prayer but he also helps those who help themselves and Zimbos have done very little of that over the last 34 years!

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    Mena Bona 8 years ago

    Crocs killing people at Kariba. Lions killing people at Kariba. There has never been so many incidents of predators killing people in such a short period in that area. Why? Because the wild animals they used to feed on have largely been killed and eaten by starving and/or greedy people. They have lost their food source. That’s why?

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      Angela Wigmore 8 years ago

      Agree Mena Bona – and with Dr DL who said much the same thing a few posts up.