MDC-T threatens boycott of Zanu PF-linked businesses

via MDC-T threatens boycott of Zanu PF-linked businesses – NewsDay Zimbabwe August 18, 2015

THE main opposition MDC-T party led by Morgan Tsvangirai has threatened to lobby its members to boycott businesses and products linked to ruling Zanu PF officials to force them to implement wide-ranging electoral reforms before the 2018 harmonised elections.

MDC-T spokesperson Obert Gutu confirmed the development yesterday saying “we need to hit the regime where it hurts most”.

“We need to hear Zanu PF scream and as a democratic party we can only engage in peaceful resistance to this regime until it squeals. The MDC has come up with a programme in which we will call on all our supporters and the generality of Zimbabweans to stop dealing and buying products from Zanu PF-linked and owned businesses as well as their products,” Gutu said.

However, Zanu PF, national spokesperson Simon Khaya Moyo yesterday dismissed the threats saying: “It’s their business and it has nothing to do with us.

“If the MDC decides to embark on a boycott that has absolutely nothing to do with Zanu PF they can go ahead ,” Khaya Moyo said.
Mugabe and members of his inner circle are already under targeted sanctions imposed by the United States, while the European Union has revised similar measures except for the Zanu PF leader and his wife Grace.

Zimbabwe adopted a new Constitution in 2013 after a referendum, but Mugabe has been accused of dithering on implementing requisite reforms designed to ensure free and fair elections.

“We have fine-tuned the programme (boycott campaign); it has been dusted and is ready for roll-out. However for obvious reasons, I cannot give you specific dates and more details as to how this will be implemented,” Gutu said.

“When dealing with an entrenched dictatorship, we need to devise systems or programmes that make it scream. We should hit the regime where it hurts in the pocket. We are aware that most Zanu PF functionaries have their tentacles in all facets of the economy.

He singled out Mugabe’s multi-million-dollar Gushungo Holdings and Vice-President Phelekezela Mphoko’s Choppies Supermarkets as businesses targeted in the boycott campaign.

Gushungo Dairies last week launched a new ice-cream range, while Mphoko’s Choppies with roots in neighbouring Botswana has spread to all parts of the country. Several top Zanu PF officials have interests in various sectors of the economy including farming, mining, hospitality and retail sectors.

Gutu said the MDC-T has the requisite numbers to force Mugabe and his cronies into the kind of action it envisages.

“We have thought that it is better to hit them in the pocket and boycott their companies. We are sure we have the numbers. We have people on our side and they will understand what we are trying to do. It should make Zanu PF squeal,” he said.

“We want them to implement the reforms that were agreed, in particular the electoral reforms, and make sure the letter and spirit of the Constitution is respected,” the former Justice deputy minister added.

During his heydays as head of the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions, Tsvangirai almost brought the government to its knees with mass labour boycotts, but his influence has lately hit rock-bottom largely because of his three successive electoral losses to Mugabe and splits within his party.


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    My grandson bought graces sour milk by mistake and all members of my family refused to eat it, gave to my 3 dogs, who also refused to eat it!

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    The mashonas have ravaged and destroyed the evonomy. Give us a break!

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    it is a dream that may never come true unless there were cheaper and viable alternatives. Just list all the products that come from the President’s companies. That way people will have a choice. I do not take their milk and intend never ever to just like I will never vote for ZANU. let them sell to China.

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    Give us the names of the companies and products!

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