Mphoko charms Mthwakazi

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Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko yesterday walked out of the Mzilikazi memorial monument carrying with him the hearts and souls of the people of Mthwakazi.

Dressed in a black suit and covered in a leopard skin Ndebele rogue and a matching head gear, Mphoko certainly changed a lot of people’s perceptions about his loyalty to the cause of Matabeleland.

Mphoko has previously been out of favour with the people from the region having made utterances to the effect that the Gukurahundi atrocities that were experienced in Matabeleland in the eighties were a Western project not a ZANU PF issue as perceived by the people of the region.

Looking like a true Ndebele royalty Mphoko went into the hearts of the people of Matabeleland when he told them that he will use his office to  fast-track the long discussed issue of having a king of the Ndebele reinstated. The last Ndebele king was Lobengula in 1896.

Taking on to the podium, Mphoko led the gathering into a Ndebele war song which encourages people to remain steadfast and never give up on the warpath. The Vice President told the gathering that he is a true child of Mthwakazi and believed in the causes of the region.

Mphoko urged the people of Mthwakazi never to accepted being divided by people outside the Mthwakazi clan. He encouraged them to value their culture and language and never allow it to be diluted.

“A people who do not value their culture and fight to protect their language are as good as none existent” said Mphoko. “We must stand up and and remain united. Mzilikazi united us under Mthwakazi in our different clans under our different chiefs and established one of Africa’s strongest Kingdoms and we must remain united and never agree with those who say we are not one under Mthwakazi.”

After his brief speech Mphoko left the people chanting his name as poet after poet and speaker after speaker showered praises to the Vice President with some even openly calling on the senior ZANU PF leader to “come over and lead the people of Matabeleland.”

Vice President Mphoko is acclaimed by the people of Matabeleland for never speaking in any other local other than IsiNdebele regardless of where he is in the country.


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    tsholofelo 5 years ago

    The things that make people of Matebeleland forget about Mphoko`s reckless utterances on Gukurahundi!!: “A leopard skin Ndebele rogue and a matching head gear.” “Singing a Ndebele war song!!!” Mugabe, there you are! A piece of cake!!! Just do it and they forgive you!!

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    Nyoni 5 years ago

    That means nothing to us ,as long as he is with ZANUPF.

  • comment-avatar
    Adam John 5 years ago

    This guy is a ZANU project sent by Bob to deceive the Ndebele people. He is CIO we shouldn’t forget. What will a Ndebele king do to creat jobs?