Mpofu, Zimra boss clash

via Mpofu, Zimra boss clash – DailyNews Live 26 June 2014 by John Kachembere

HARARE – Transport minister Obert Mpofu and Zimbabwe Revenue Authority commissioner-general Gershom Pasi are headed for a clash following the minister’s insistence on creating a Border Post Authority.

Mpofu’s ministry currently oversees over a dozen parastatals including the Zimbabwe National Road Authority (Zinara), the National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ), the Central Mechanical Equipment Department (CMED), the Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe (Caaz) and Air Zimbabwe among others, which are under-performing and rocked by allegations of maladministration and corruption.

This week Mpofu indicated that his ministry was now in charge of all the country’s ports of entry following the creation of the Border Post Authority.

“Currently, it is not clear who is in charge of what, especially maintenance of entry points’ infrastructure,” Mpofu said.

“Therefore, the company will improve efficiency.

“People are ill-treated at entry points, especially at Beitbridge as there is no entity that is solely responsible for travellers.”

Pasi on Monday made a passionate plea before Parliament that government should shelve the idea of establishing a Ports Authority until it can afford to undertake such a project.

“There have been talks by government of creating a Ports Authority but it is not necessary at the moment because we will be creating additional expenditure,” Pasi said.

“Once you think of creating a Ports Authority, then you want to employ board, administration staff to maintain the ports and you want more money to make them functional.”

A Ports Authority is a government or quasi-government public authority formed by a legislative body to operate ports and other transportation infrastructure.
Most port authorities across the world are financially self-sustaining.

Pasi said Zimbabwe’s proposed Port Authority would not be able to support itself for many years after its inception.

Zimbabwe has 15 ports of entry which are being run by Zimra. However, the borders remain porous as travellers are faced with numerous challenges from corrupt officials to numerous clearing agents who cause confusion.

Beitbridge Border Post is the busiest inland port of entry in sub-Saharan Africa which handles more than 3 500 vehicles and 9 000 people crossing daily, with the numbers soaring to 20 000 during peak periods.

“Government should instead work on refurbishing Beitbridge Border Post to make it a one-stop border post so that we can have fast movement of goods and people,” Pasi said.


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    Beit Bridge — nightmare gateway to Zimbabwe.

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    “Government should instead work on refurbishing Beitbridge Border Post to make it a one-stop border post so that we can have fast movement of goods and people,” Pasi said.

    I tend to agree with Pasi.

    Refurbishing though is an understatement. The post is virtually non-existent and falls far below international standards. I still get nightmares just thinking about the dust ,the flies, and those toilets.. It needs to be constructed form scratch

    Obert’s idea is just one way of diverting funds for his own purposes. He has presided over a failing bank and God knows the man is just a thief.

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    When he was Minister of Mines, Obert Mpofu became immensely wealthy all of a sudden. It would be extremely unwise to entrust this man with all the revenues generated at the border posts.

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    Expat 8 years ago

    the posts between the US and Mexico deals with 19 times more daily traffic yet they run like clock work if you are not stopped will take you 30 min to get through whichever way you are going, if you stopped to be searched no more than an hour if you found with contraband well then a little longer! Why then should crossing the the point between Zim and SA be any different – because the confusion and complete chaos make perfect conditions for bribery and corruption. So that those ‘not’ involved have a difficult time following what those that ‘are’ involved are doing and those that are ‘not’ involved are not always law enforcement, because i have found them to be some of the worst perpetrators!

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    Mukanya 8 years ago

    “Improved efficiency” so we are told and at Chiadzwa the efficiency resulted in zero accountability under Mpofu the Most Obedient Son.
    Notice the re-assigning of the efficient capricious spanner Masimirebwa.

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    Refurbishment is an alien notion to the ZANU imbeciles running our country.
    Anyone notice the state of the roads?

    Respect of property is something the Zimbo needs to learn though.
    Because any refurbished unit is soon reduced to trash once the Zimbo visits it in large numbers.

    I agree that this minister is looking for ways to refurbish his finances having destroyed those parastatals he is currently running.

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    Atheist 8 years ago

    Ah Mpofu’s eagle eyes have sighted another golden goose. He is swooping in for the kill. Now his dream hangs on how much cut he is offering His ZIMASSET NESS and the accompanying AMAZING GRACE.