Mudede wants plastic IDs as passports

via Mudede wants plastic IDs as passports – NewsDay Zimbabwe July 23, 2014 by Everson Mushava

REGISTRAR-General (RG) Tobaiwa Mudede has said South Africa should consider accepting Zimbabwe’s machine-readable biometric identity cards as travel documents alongside passports following the banning of Emergency Travel Documents (ETDs).

Mudede told Parliamentarians visiting Makombe Building in Harare yesterday that the security features on the Zimbabwean ID cards made up of polythene and synthetic material were better than passports.

He said these could be used alongside passports as travel documents because they were machine-readable at the highly computerised ports of entry.

“We can negotiate with the South African government to have our IDs replace ETDS; they actually have similar features with our passports,” Mudede said.

He was addressing members of the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Women Affairs, Gender and Community Development chaired Zanu PF MP for Goromonzi West Biatar Nyamupinga before the committee’s tour of the RG’s Offices.

The demand for passports in the country has been high since the turn of the century as people sought travel documents to run away from a rising economic meltdown.

More than two million Zimbabweans are believed to be living in South Africa either legally or illegally.

South Africa banned the use of ETDs by Zimbabwean travellers ahead of the soccer World Cup staged in June 2010 to control the influx of people.

Mudede said the demand for passports would remain very high due to the economic situation in the country. He said the country was still grappling with Western-imposed sanctions. He said the long queues experienced at the passport office were a result of people renewing their documents including those coming back home who were in desperate need of passports in order to regularise their stay in foreign countries.

He said his office was now processing ID cards for foreigners staying in the country for six months so that they would be in the registry’s database for easy monitoring. “Anyone who comes as a foreigner and is here for six months, we give them an ID card. We need to identify them if they commit crimes. The ID card will have expiry dates,” Mudede said.

The RG said his office was also issuing out high-security feature citizenship cards to foreigners staying in the country to avoid a situation where people would cheat the system.

Nyamupinga, however, expressed concern over the long queues at the Passport Offices. She suggested that the Registrar-General’s Office set up separate queues between men and women to avoid cases where women fall prey to sexual abuse.

Nyamupinga also asked what the Registrar-General’s Office was doing to control the ever-increasing number of touts who preyed on innocent passport seekers.

Mudede, however, said queues were unavoidable; the concern should be on how to manage them.

He said the issue of touts was proving difficult to deal with as his security personnel apprehend them, handed them over to the police and within a day, they would be back after paying “lenient” fines.


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    peter tosh 7 years ago

    If as leaders you can’t find a solution to all these problems including the problem of touts, why don’t you just resign Mr Mudede please. You are a failure in your job. It’s only in Zim where govt departments don’t coordinate to eradicate corruption. Can you explain why touts are arrested but within a day they are back doing their business, oh Zim what a pariah nation.

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      Tobaiwa unretired Pensioneer Mudede 7 years ago

      There must be a card supplier who offered Tobaiwa unretired Pensioneer Mudede a 10% cut. Why doesnt he let foreigners use their passports, does Zim have a problem with foreigners commiting identity fraud. WHy does this unretired over 70 years old civil servant want to solve a non existent problem. Its impractical and SA wont buy the cost of machine reading your IDs whenever they catch a Zimbo in KwaZulu or Soweto, dont you think a passport or ETD just shows if someone has over stayed without all this nonsense. Will Nikuvu allow SA to see their tricks through ID database. Mugabe must retire Mudede before people start thinking that all old men are senile!!

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    Larry King 7 years ago

    It is wishful thinking that S Africa would accept such a silly idea coming out of Mudede. Would he travel on this ID to S Africa?

  • comment-avatar
    Panda moyo 7 years ago

    Is cde mdede encouraging people to go to sa frequently?pliz sir giv people ids and bcs before changing ids into passports.i guess you are preparing fo a population influx since you are advocating for a ban on contrceptives.the baby boom wil need to go find jobs in sa

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    Gwenhoro 7 years ago

    The ID cards are indeed machine readable. For some reason, the immigration official at one asian country’s airport thought me suspicious, maybe because I was the only black person in the flight. He asked if I had alternative identification – gave him the zim plastic ID, he scanned it, and details cae out – he looked surprised, and let me in.

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    How much is the passport now for some days, don’t change things before i cm please. Mr Mdede. kikkkk

  • comment-avatar
    nyoni 7 years ago

    The plastic Mudede only knows he buys from the condom vendor. Idiot

  • comment-avatar
    Gwanyamwanya We Mahobo 7 years ago

    Let us give credit where it is due. Well done Registrar General T. Mudede. South Africa has just introduced a plastic smart ID.