Mugabe nephew vows indigenisation push

via Mugabe nephew vows indigenisation push – New Zimbabwe 12/09/2015

THE country’s new indigenisation minister has vowed to push on with President Robert Mugabe’s controversial programme for black empowerment, state media reported Saturday.

Patrick Zhuwao, who is Mugabe’s nephew, told the Herald newspaper: “As you are aware, this Zanu PF government was elected on a mandate of indigenisation, empowerment and employment creation.

“So I believe that it will be my responsibility to ensure that we continue with that programme of indigenisation as articulated by His Excellency [Mugabe]”, Zhuwao said.

The well-known businessman and farmer said he would “pick up” where his predecessor left off, a reference to Christopher Mushohwe who was named information minister in Friday’s cabinet reshuffle.

Mushohwe recently signalled a slight softening on indigenisation, which requires all large white and foreign-owned businesses to cede a 51% stake to local black businessmen.

Critics and the opposition Movement for Democratic Change believe the policy is scaring off desperately-needed foreign investment, and some in the ruling party share that view.

Jacob Mudenda, a member of Zanu PF and Speaker of Parliament, was quoted calling for urgent amendments to the indigenisation laws “to make it easy for investors to invest in Zimbabwe”.


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    So . . . the Mini-Star for economic suicide speaks?

    There is very little left to steal though, so they’d best be quick!

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    Ndonga 5 years ago

    Patrick Zhuwao appointed as the Minister of Indigenisation!…When I read that I was sure that this some sort of joke.

    How can a foreigner, a muBrandaya at that, be appointed to be in charge of making sure that 51% of all Zimbabwe enterprises are owned by only Zimbabweans.

    I think that his mad uncle Robert was poking his finger in the world’s eye when making this appointment.

    But then is uncle Robert himself not also a muBrandaya?

    All Robert’s and Patrick’s talk about being a member of the Karigamombe Family and the Gushongo Clan is whitewash to hide their own foreign origin.

    It’s the same way that Robert has been hammering on about gays for years when even a blind person can see that he himself is the queen of queens. Just look at the way he minces about with his silly handkerchief, waggling bum, simpering smile and his hands always held in that little girl pose. He is a major closet queen like all vocal and violent homophobes.

    Can we then take it that Zhuwao’s first move will be to hand over 51% of his many business enterprises to some lucky, real and indigenous Zimbabwean?

    God help Zimbabwe! Can’t wait for the day when all us exiles can come home and see the likes of crooks like Zhuwao having to work for their living…after being stripped of all their ill gotten wealth.

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      Yayano 5 years ago

      @Ndonga, your whole argument falls apart because of the xenophobic nature of your comment.
      I am not a fan of Zhuwao or his uncle but as far as I am concerned they are Zimbabweans.
      I think you can still put your point across without being xenophobic otherwise you are just the same as Zhuwao and his uncle who I assume you despise.
      If you are in exile better stay there and not come back and cause further problems in Zimbabwe.

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    harper 5 years ago

    Karigamombe? Surely, judging by the progress made since 1980, it should be the Magaramombe Family.
    Obert is going to have a hard time in London on the 22nd to explain away Patrick’s latest pronouncement to potential investors.

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    chimusoro 5 years ago

    This is the real indigenisation I was referring to. Christopher Mushohwe was hopeless.

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    the uncertainties caused by the indigenisation act are certainly a detriment to the will to invest in the country.
    the lack of the rule of law is also an issue with regards to property and ownership in zimbabwe.

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    Mugarbage sucks 5 years ago

    Patrick Zhuwao, yet another African genious chooses to share his wisdom, amazing how this continent keeps pushing out these turds.
    The future of Zimbabwe is assured, prepare the begging bowl.

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    Mlimo 5 years ago

    Several hundred years ago another Mugabe lived in Great Zimbabwe. Like the current one his family built other Zimbabwes each splendid in their oppulance. This ruling elite stole everything and owned the land from the Zambezi to Sofala. Eventually there was nothing to steal and the family was butchered and their mighty houses fell into ruin.
    Funny how only fools repeat history.

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    It always interests me that 35 years after “independence” these useless idiots have not managed to move beyond stealing other poeople’s businesses. But then, I suppose that stealing a business is much easier than actually building a business?

    As long as this madness persists, Zimbabwe will fail – utterly

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    Dick Mbolton 5 years ago

    haa mhuri yese yekwa mugabe ichamam zvayo, nana te nana sekuru neva zukuru. we will sent them back to malawi in bodybags