Mugabe ouster plot thickens

via Mugabe ouster plot thickens – NewsDay Zimbabwe May 15, 2015

The alleged plot to oust President Robert Mugabe took a new twist yesterday with War Veterans’ minister Christopher Mutsvangwa warning Zanu PF’s “Young Turks” against conspiring to seize power from the ageing leader.

BY MOSES MATENGA / blessed mhlanga

Mutsvangwa, who is also war veterans’ national chairperson, said as former freedom fighters, whom he described as the vanguard of Zanu PF, they would not allow such security threats to go unchallenged.

“We are guardians of the revolution. We will be vigilant and alert, and we hope the Young Turks learn the importance of discipline,” he said on Wednesday.

“The (Zanu PF and Cabinet) posts they have came as a result of our sacrifices. We gave people power and democracy. We are very generous with power, but we are vigilant. We hope they try to embrace discipline before they go to the national stage.”

Mutsvangwa urged the unnamed Young Turks to learn discipline and dedication from war veterans, saying the 1970s war of liberation fighters were not power-hungry because “if we loved power, we wouldn’t have been generous with it”.

His comments came after war veterans’ secretary-general Victor Matemadanda on Tuesday sensationally claimed that some young party officials in the politburo and Cabinet were conniving with Western countries in an alleged plot to remove Mugabe (91) from power.

Yesterday, Mutsvangwa fired another salvo directed at national political commissar Saviour Kasukuwere in Kwekwe saying the war veterans were now lobbying to have the political commissar and secretary for security posts reserved for people with liberation war credentials.

“We are pushing to ensure that the position of PC and security in all party levels is held by war veterans, not what is happening that people who have that job do not even know their job description and end up messing the smooth flow of party activities. During our time a PC was trained first before taking up that position,” he said.

This followed Kasukuwere’s remarks dismissing some of the war veterans as “drunkards”.

In his address to the media on Tuesday, Matemadanda accused the party’s Young Turks of sponsoring confusion in Zanu PF and devising various strategies of undermining Mugabe.

Kasukuwere was also accused of imposing Terence Mukupe as the Harare East constituency candidate for next month’s by-election.

As the ruling party turf war continues to escalate, a group of expelled former Zanu PF members, now calling itself Zanu PF (People First), yesterday said they had been vindicated by the latest developments in the ruling party.

“What is happening in Zanu PF vindicates us,” the group’s spokesperson Rugare Gumbo said. “We never did anything to destroy Zanu PF. If anything, we wanted the party to be strong. In fact, people like (Information minister) Jonathan Moyo are basking in glory because they have achieved what they wanted, that is to see Zanu PF dead.”

Gumbo said Zanu PF was now an animal which nobody understood, as the party had been hijacked by newcomers and war veterans were decimated.

Zanu People First believes that several people occupying powerful positions in the former liberation movement had no history of the struggle and were pushing “selfish agendas”.


  • comment-avatar
    kalulu 7 years ago

    Mutsvangwa you must be living in a world that is divorced from ‘reality’ what do you mean ‘you gave power and democracy’ to the people. Not to refer to past evils from you and your party, can you comment on what is happeining right now in Hurungwe and tell us whether it is a reflection of democracy or whether you do not know what democracy is.

  • comment-avatar

    The constitution clearly states two terms of office for the president.he is still in his first term.if he gets another term that will be the where is the problem.the power is in peoples hands to vote..

    • comment-avatar
      kalulu 7 years ago

      Do you know what being ‘off topic’ is, why dont you keep your foolishness to yourself.

  • comment-avatar
    mandevu 7 years ago

    Oh dear. Still living in the dark ages – PC’s and all that nonsense. All of that was 40 years ago Mutsvangwa, and the rest of the world moved on from that decades ago. It is just us, languishing in the past and avoiding the realities of today – God help us.

  • comment-avatar
    nyati 7 years ago

    So Mugabe failed by appointing Kasukuwere who is not trained to be PC or whatever the animal is. Kuwanza manje uku, kanotukwa kadhara ikaka kasingazvioni.

  • comment-avatar
    Jelford Jange 7 years ago

    To hell with this hogwash. Mugabe is finshed he needs to exit the presidency asap to pave way for new and fresh ideas from the young. We are fed people’Zimbabweans we have to wake up from our deep slumber and solve this riddle. We are too soft in our approach when confronting issues that address bread and butter. Aluta continua young minds!!!!!!

  • comment-avatar
    tumburai 7 years ago

    what is he still yet to achieve which he failed for the past 35 yrs?when are the new ideas get into practice in our country?going to liberation struggle does not mean people should suffer because of that.ppl needs better and fresh ideas.Now it seems like there is no reason for educating our children bcz there is no way their education shall be accepted in their home soil.