Mujuru’s blonde moment

via Mujuru’s blonde moment | The Zimbabwean 9 July 2014 by Jera

Whenever Joice Mujuru has a microphone in her face, it is never a question of if but a matter of when she will say something inappropriate. In reference to male infidelity, Joice Mujuru once said men are bulls and bulls will chase cows – paraphrasing of course.

More recently, while the entire nation spoke against corruption, she attempted to make little of the media’s exposés of graft and mismanagement in public enterprises. Mujuru’s latest bout of foot-in-mouth disease involves a public call for Zimbabweans living in exile to return home.

The immediate response to Mujuru’s blonde moment is one of shocked enquiry: return home to unemployment, to power shortages, potholed roads and senile leadership? Zanu (PF) has failed to come up with jobs for the youths who have remained in Zimbabwe. In the event that the four-five million economic refugees were to return home, the situation would only be exacerbated.

Zimbabwe’s economy is dead and if there is the slightest pulse on its wrist, it is because the Diaspora population has kept the country on life support through remittances, estimated to be over $2 billion a year. Senior citizens who lost their pensions, thanks to the expert running of the country by Mujuru and company, would soon die of starvation if their children suddenly quit their Tesco-Walmart-Pick N Pay jobs and returned home to join the hordes who sit at shopping centres, calling out “biggers ndiitirewo one” (buy me a beer).

Zimbabweans living abroad will have grown accustomed to first world service delivery. It is wishful thinking to expect anyone in their right mind to run home to piles of uncollected garbage and burst pipes, gurgling raw sewerage onto the streets.


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    Jenandebvu 10 years ago

    With trousers dropping torwards their nees, they acre victims of Zanu Pf……..if you guys want a little something, we can go to the shrine and revenger you hounorable ZRP bashing by madzibaba as revenge to what they did to the Rhodesia Republic Police (ope, is it Zimbabwe Republic…) Or Rarohwa Ratiza Purisa

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    Joyce is one Blonde woman who got lucky. She has been carried on RGM’s shoulders all these years and all she has to do in return is warm RGM’s chair when he galivants around the world. There was atime when she kept her mouth firmly shut except when she said”Mufambe zvakanaka/bon vogage” or “Makafamba zvakanaka?” to RGM as he bounded upor down the steps to or from the plane to all sorts of destinations. But since the prospect arose that she might be in the running to replace Old Bob she seems to be talking more perhaps to scent mark her presence in the minds of gullible voters. Sadly we are now left in no doubt at all why she said very little those days.
    She is as dumb as a door knob!

    First address why we are in this mess,and dig us out of the hole you put us in then she doesn’t even have to ask Zimbabweans across the world to return.They will do so themselves. Or better still just get out of office because you have failed.

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    toperasu chirandu 10 years ago

    Seriously, Mai Mujuru needs a new commucation director. Free advice madam, you need a spin doctor and a policy director

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    you dont mess with joyce “spillblood” mujuru

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    Senzachena 10 years ago

    Fat, ugly and very very stupid!

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    mike paterson 10 years ago

    The average blonde is intelligent – something Mrs Majuru is certainly not.

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    JOHNSON 10 years ago

    Pipe Dream. No possibility for Diaspora return. Why on earth? What will be the motivation for their return. This is really surrealistic

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    DubboZimbo 10 years ago

    Yes stop insulting blondes, they are not that stupid.