Professor Ncube: Zimbabwe Better Off Without Government

via Professor Ncube: Zimbabwe Better Off Without Government – Voice of America 30.05.2015

Opposition leader of a faction of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), Professor Welshman Ncube, says economic revival will remain a mirage in Zimbabwe as long as Zanu PF is in power.

Ncube says the Zanu PF government is populated by clueless people who have no idea of how to turn around the troubled economy.

In fact, he says, Zimbabwe would be better off without a government.

He says only a change of government will bring relief to Zimbabweans.

The country is facing economic decline due to lack of foreign direct investment, alleged fears over Zimbabwe’s black economic empowerment program compelling foreign-owned companies to transfer majority stakes to locals and several other issues.

The bulk of the country’s budget is gobbled by wages and salaries of state workers estimated to be almost half a million. The government has repeatedly shifted pay days for its workers and pensioners owing to lack of funds.


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    Ncube is a lunatic. How on earth does he expect us to achieve change of government when he happens to be one of the few stupid people, on zanu pf pay-roll, who concentrate on throwing rocks & boulders in any path or road the democratic forces try to pursue?

    A pathetic fellow!

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    mandevu 7 years ago

    But he is right in one key area. We would, for a short time, be better off without a government. Let me explain. We will never change things in this country if we try to do it through party politics, elections etc. What we need is a popular uprising by the people of this country (note, not a political party), chase out all the rubbish and then re-establish a proper democratic government – chosen by the people of this country.