Prophet: Mugabe should prepare for end

via Prophet: Mugabe should prepare for end 17/11/2014

A CONTROVERSIAL but widely popular Malawian prophet has gone where his counterparts in Zimbabwe dare not tread by prophesying that President Robert Mugabe’s biological clock would not tick beyond 2015.

The Zimbabwean leader turned 90 this year but denies media reports he is battling advanced cancer although he regularly travels to Singapore for medical attention.

Mugabe, in charge of the country since independence in 1980, was elected for another five-year term in 2013 but his wife has sensationally claimed that vice president Joice Mujuru was planning to force him out at the party’s elective congress in December.

Allies of the vice president have also been accused by government-owned newspapers of plotting to assassinate Mugabe should he refuse to step aside for his deputy.

However, if the claims by Prophet Austin Liyabunya are anything to go by, the assassins might as well save their bullets.

In an interview with Lilongwe-based Maravi Post Sunday, the prophet said: “Mugabe should prepare to rest.”

Asked what he meant by saying “Mugabe should prepare to rest” the prophet said he meant the obvious — he will die.

Pressed on how soon this would happen, Liyabunya said, “It’s a matter of months from now.”

And the prophet had words of encouragement for the embattled Mujuru who is currently buffeted by allegations of corruption, plotting a coup and demands that she resigns

Asked who would likely take over from Mugabe, Liyabunya said: “The one he is fighting within his government will take over.”

According to Maravi Post the prophet accurately prophesised the momentous victory of the now ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) President Peter Mutharika.

Mutharika came from the opposition to take over from the then incumbent President Joyce Banda in a hotly contested first ever tripartite election which took place on 20th May, 2014.


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    Nyoni 6 years ago

    The prophet could be onto something here, we pray. 2015 is still to long. They should be preparing his grave at Hectares acre. I mean “Heroes”.

  • comment-avatar
    ntaba 6 years ago

    I fear the Chinese will give him a bionic clock.

    • comment-avatar
      sekuru Mapenga 6 years ago

      well – the chinese gave him a bionic cock already —

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    Tjingababili 6 years ago


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    Am now disenchanted by these so called prophets. one Malawian prophet said President would not last 3 mnths after he won elections but here we are. I think these guys are conmen masquerading as prophets. if i was a congregant i would face such so called man of God in 2016 and ask him to leave the church.

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    kelly 6 years ago

    Lovely, but the Chinese haven’t been able to get everlasting one for their dead leaders. must be paying lots

  • comment-avatar
    All Black. 6 years ago

    Let’s hope this prophet is right, because too many times we have heard this ‘good news’ – only to find out the next day that it’s all a load of rubbish!! Kuno kuDiaspora hakuchanakidza, tavakuda kudzoka kumba!!

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    Mr President can you please beat up people who talking nonsense about you teach them a leason.(VANHU NGAVAROWHE)

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    adnezy 6 years ago

    pamberi na mai mujuru.why is disgrace trying to force us to hate mai mujuru? as for me irgadles of all that has beem said im failing to find a good reason to hate her.nxaaa we ar not stupids grace

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    Tafirenyika Makumbe. 6 years ago

    Is this prophecy or just a wish? Be advised that many people have wished this man dead to no avail. Well, to his enemies this is too good to be true! Hasn’t he even outlived some of those who wished him dead?