Soldiers go beserk

via Soldiers go beserk | The Zimbabwean 5 August 2014 by Jera

Political analysts believe Zimbabwe is essentially run by the military. Nothing happens without the consent of the generals. Even the recent Baba Jukwa matter – a nonsensical case about an elusive internet troll – has army personnel involved. Copies of national ID documents are said to be stored at KG6 barracks.

The Miss Zimbabwe pageant, traditionally organised by veteran modelling coach Kiki Divaris, was organised by Mary Chiwenga, wife of ZNA commander general Constantine. The dreary affair was heavily politicised, with the army band providing entertainment.

Soldiers based at 4,2 Infantry Battalion went berserk in Gutu recently, indiscriminately assaulting civilians in bars and on commuter buses. The Zimbabwe National Army whose sworn duty is to protect civilians is notorious for beating up members of the public.

At Chingwizi, the ZRP anti-riot squad had to be called in after villagers living in the camp attempted to block the relocation of the clinic. Two police vehicles were torched in the resulting scuffles. Villagers are demanding compensation – believed to be $9 million in total – before they agree to relocate. Government’s reaction was to unleash its armed forces who, at the crack of dawn, swooped on Chingwizi, arbitrarily assaulting villagers and burning tents – the only available shelter for former Tokwe-Mukosi villagers since February.

Villagers fled to the relative safety of the nearby bushes and those who could not get away in time were arrested and ferried to Triangle police station where they are being held in a crowded open-air enclosure.

Mugabe remains numb to the plight of the villagers whose predicament he has never assessed first hand since the January floods, which he declared a ‘national disaster’ from the comfort of his presidential mansion.


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    soldiers in zimbabwe cannot go bezerk – they have always been bezerk

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    Eish so funy instead of protecting people they beat them what’s next

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    True soldiers protect civilians. These are a bunch of mercenaries hired to ensure no one challenges the status quo!

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    Mandevu 7 years ago

    Its asign of a collapsing system, but as civil society we need to bring these people into the fold rather than leaving them out where they will continue to be destructive. So, engage rather than exclude

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    True Hero 7 years ago

    l am very sure that doctor do little has nothing to do with this!!!!

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    jobolinko 7 years ago

    this is not a professinal army but a zanu militia

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    woundebaffalo 7 years ago

    Nhasi varikuchingwizi mangwana varikuuya kwamuri