Tsvangirai in trouble over CIO mole claim

via Tsvangirai in trouble over CIO mole claim 18 August 2014

A LITTLE known opposition leader has given MDC-T leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, a 48-hour ultimatum to apologise for suggesting he was a Zanu PF mole working to divide the opposition ahead of last year’s presidential election.

Kisinoti Mukwazhe, who is the president of the Zimbabwe Development Party, withdrew from last year’s presidential election race at the last minute only to throw his weight behind Zanu PF’s Robert Mugabe.

On Monday Mukwazhe stormed Tsvangirai’s Harvest House party headquarters with a two-page letter demanding an unreserved apology from the embattled MDC-T leader.

The letter titled, Retract Your Unfounded Statement: Facts of the 2013 General Election, was handed over to one Andrea Yusof, a security officer manning the Harvest House main entrance.

NewZimbabwe.com understands that a copy of the letter was also dropped at Tsvangirai’s Highlands house.

In the letter, Mukwazhe claims that Tsvangirai held a series of meetings with diplomats accredited to Zimbabwe where he told them that he (Mukwazhe) was a member of the Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) and had been tasked with dividing the opposition vote.

“According to a message on Whatsapp platform in a conversation I had with Job Sikhala it shows that you alleged that I am a CIO operative and to quote Sikhala’s message ‘VanaKisinoti maCIO vanonetsa kubata navo’,” reads part of the letter.

“What is of great concern is that I am an opposition leader of ZDP and by alleging that I am a CIO operative you suggest that I am a Zanu PF front.”

Mukwazhe also alleges that in the run-up to the July 31 election last year, he initiated the concept of a “grand coalition” against Mugabe only for Tsvangirai to steal the idea from him.

“On the issue of the 2013 election coalition in good faith and spirit using my energy and resources I administered the concept from the onset.

“We sold the idea to you and you hijacked it and posed as if it was your own creation until you killed the whole project,” he says in the letter.

Tsvangirai, Zapu leader Dumiso Dabengwa and Mavambo Kusile Dawn President Simba Makoni were part of the coalition that failed to win the elections comprehensively won by Mugabe.

Efforts by NewZimbabwe.com to get comment from MDC-T were fruitless yesterday as party spokesperson Douglas Mwonzora’s phone number was not reachable.

NewZimbabwe.com also tried to call Tsvangirai’s spokesperson, Luke Tamborinyoka, whose phone went unanswered several times.


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    todii zvazvo 9 years ago

    Uku ndiko kupererwa, Uyu iCIO zvesure! Why not sue Sikhala wacho akazvitaura why Tsvangirai.Thats why we said anyone who seeks relevance in Zim politics attacks Tsvangirai. Baba Tsvangirai vahombe zveshuwa

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    gwabu 9 years ago

    uku ndokushaya zvekuita.

    Ukanzi uriteacher iwe usiri ticha kana kuti utori teacher whats the issue there really.

    is he treating it as an insult? apa hapana kana nyaya apa. just seeking relevance or newspaper attention. how does the newspaper get to know that such a letter has been delivered?

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    Tsvangson hamumukwanise uyo, bvunzai bob

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    Chamu 9 years ago

    Mati anonzi ani,anoita nezveyi,akaita sei……kkkkkkkkkkk??????,tanga tisingamuzivi takumuziva goal achieved

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    Mukanya 9 years ago

    Hazi CIO kana Teacher asi i BENZI rakangozungairawo zvaro.

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    jobolinko 9 years ago

    Hure remunhu he ee e ndinonzi kisnot all nonsense

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    mutakura 9 years ago

    Reporter washaya nyaya here? Kisnot is a man of no significance. Unongoona nechizita chacho. Kisnot! Nxa. So why bother, really?

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    Sonofngwazi 9 years ago


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    muchinja 9 years ago

    Kisnote u are very stupid idiot nxaaa

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    bruce koffe 9 years ago

    There are many fronts for ZANU PF. May the Mukwezha state the motive of being an opposition and yet support ZANU PF.

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    idiots always act in an idiotic manner.whom did you dream was ever going to vote for you.It would not be surprising that you would get a zero vote if you took part.

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    papa zulu 9 years ago

    It seems he is seeking political relevance.Is there anything amiss by being a CIO.Any country needs this kind of a security system.Maybe this guy has his own reasons for not wanting to be associated with them.There are better stories to read about.

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    maipe 9 years ago

    kissnot, your foolishness willl make you the most stupid idiot on earth—–Tsvangson hapana angachidzosa kumashure….chero bhobho anozviziva!!!