Urgent indaba called ahead of Women’s vote

via Urgent indaba called ahead of Women’s vote | The Herald August 11, 2014

ZANU-PF has called an urgent meeting of its National Elections Directorate to be held at the party’s headquarters in Harare on Wednesday at 2pm.
The announcement  was made by the party’s national chairman and head of the party’s national elections directorate, Cde Simon Khaya Moyo, who urged all members of the directorate to attend,.

Though Ambassador Khaya Moyo said the Wednesday meeting was meant to finalise preparations for the Women’s League Conference which starts on Thursday sources close to developments said the shambolic youth conference vote  had necessitated  the meeting.

“I am calling for a meeting of members of the National Elections Directorate on Wednesday the 13th of August 2014 at the party’s headquarters. The meeting will start at 2pm and is meant to finalise preparations for the Women’s League conference which starts in Harare on Thursday the 14th of August 2014,” said Ambassador Moyo.

A  senior member of the Politburo who spoke on condition of anonymity expressed concern about the vote buying and chaos that characterised the youth vote on Saturday saying it required a massive leap of faith to believe that the chaotic youth conference preparations could deliver a credible poll.

“It would require more than a leap of faith even for a child to believe the incredible notion that the same power-hungry individuals who were rightly blasted by President Mugabe for embarrassing the party by dismally failing in every respect to organise a youth conference whose scheduling around this time they knew about four years ago when they were appointed to their current positions could nevertheless organise a credible,  free and fair election for the new Zanu PF national youth executive,’’ she said

‘’The chicanery at play during the Saturday midnight elections was so palpable that one could touch it because of its brazen and defiant display at the highest levels of the
Party. God help us and our Party if nothing decisive is not done to restore the urgently needed sanity on the basis of the Party’s principles and constitution ahead of this week’s even more crucial women’s conference. There’s something rotten here and it needs to be stopped sooner rather than later”.

Allegations of vote-buying, kidnapping and rigging have marred the build-up to the ruling Zanu PF women’s league elective congress set for next Friday.

The preparations for the Women’s League began early this year with the women’s parliamentary caucus chairperson Cde Monica Mutsvangwa encouraging other women not to re-invent the wheel but visit other countries to see how other women operated.


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    JRR56 7 years ago

    Calling for another 30 cows and some liters of milk from the Mugabe’s?

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    beginning to think this site has been nikuved by ZPF. why not just rename it to ZANU-PF SITUATION ???

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      I think it is a good thing to read some articles from different sources. The Herald remains a Government mouthpiece and as such it is good to be able to compare their stories and see the truths and untruths there.I would hasten to add that those that are running the site are doing their best to be impartial and it is up to us to debate these stories because this is one of the few forums where we can debate and criticize without fear or favour.

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        wensil 7 years ago

        Yes, I agree its good to see the Herald perspective becausse its a totally different insight and it also bring balance. I have liked reading the articles emanating from the Herald on this site for they have a flawed thinking that Mugabe is always right and is squeaky clean and yet this is so far from the truth as one can go.

        So lets see them and read what they have to say even on some issues the generality of Zimbabweans would consider trivia but surely not so for the Herald esp. this Women’s league issue.

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    @Dr Do Little,Well said Dr

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    Shenanigans 7 years ago

    Womens liberation in Zims has graduated from ban the bra to women wearing jockstraps

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    Whats suprising about this when they do it at national level,, in fact a clean election would of been a shocker