VP’s comments offensive

via VP’s comments offensive – The Zimbabwean 11 February 2015

Zimbabwe will only change when we have new leaders who have a value system that respects our dignity and seeks to find solutions to our problems – and not blame others for the circumstances we have created ourselves.

I am rather annoyed by some of the statements by our new VP Phelekezela Mphoko. First it was something strange about Gukurahundi being a conspiracy of the West. Then he attacked vendors as lazy people who could do something better with their lives. Now we hear how he disparaged young Zimbabweans for going to seek work in South Africa. Where did we find this man?

It is not only downright offensive but perplexing for a VP to stand up and say such things, especially given that the socio-economic conditions we face have been created by this government and this government alone. I would advise him to appoint a spokesperson.

When a senior figure in government shows such insensitivity to the challenges faced by millions of ordinary citizens who want nothing but the opportunities to lead a decent productive life, it reflects badly on the quality of leadership that we are stuck with.

Zimbabwe needs men and women who must tackle our problems head on and not shy away from telling it like it is. The only statement that has impressed me so far from him has been his condemnation of the buffoonery at ARDA.

Vast tracts of potentially highly productive ARDA estates lie idle today because of incompetence of board members who, no doubt, rush to the bank each month to collect salaries and can be seen driving in government-issued SUV’s at the tax payers’ expense. It is a shameless scandal. What does the Minister of Agriculture, who appoints the ARDA board, have to say about this?

We have pointed out these things before so there is nothing new here. There has been monumental abuse of state land and property at ARDA where chefs have stripped and looted equipment under the guise of land reform.

I myself was involved with a group that sought to take over an ARDA estate where we had an excellent plan to develop and utilise the land, the necessary skills to do so and the funding. The estate we had targeted was subsequently allocated to VP Mujuru, someone who already has multiple farms – as do so many Zanuu (PF) cronies. We all anxiously await the land audit. Those who are on these farms are even abusing their workers by not paying them.

Most are not providing decent housing, or access to services such as health and clean water as the white commercial framers did. It’s an embarrassment to us all.

As far as VP Mphoko is concerned, I must say some of us are certainly not impressed by his grasp of the pressing issues at his level. Young Zimbabweans are not going to South Africa out of choice, nor are millions choosing to be vendors because they are lazy. Zimbabweans are hardworking decent people who have been let down by the government.

The problem is that Zanu (PF)’s toxic patronage system and pervasive corruption rewards laziness and parasites while not creating any value for the country.

Instead of the VP taking responsibility and offering to change the conditions faced by many through rationalising the land reform catastrophe and adjusting the legislative framework in order to attract foreign investment so that we may create more jobs, he blames victims of Zanu (PF) mismanagement and labels them stupid fools. That is unacceptable.

But I never expected miracles from the new VPs. They are clearly joining the Zanu (PF) gravy train and we have even heard how some of their tastes for big houses and cars have taken over. These old men have no vision for our country and are more interested in living in luxury in their twilight years.

What worries me is that the poor masses actually attend their silly rallies to hear government officials give lectures on how we are victims of the West.

The new narrative of Zimbabwe must be that we are responsible for creating the circumstances we face. We are not victims. Our new leaders must not seek enrichment from the blood and sweat of the masses.

Our new leaders will not give lectures about the past but focus on creating solutions for a better future. They will be sensitive to the plight of others and lead by example.

I would encourage VP Phelekezela Mpokho to talk less and act more in addressing the myriad of the self-made problems we face. After all that is what we are paying him for. – Vince Musewe is an economist, author and President of Zimbabwe First! You can contact him directly on vtmusewe@gnail.com


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    Well said Vince. But who listens anyway; surely not the usual zanu pf buffoons. Its a pity really that @ this age the zanu pf deadwood still attract a sizeable number of foolish dancers at their rally. Day-in-day-out the seemingly energetic but impoverished men & women are told the same lie and they seem to naively believe it. Its a tragedy really.

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    Ex Zanu pf 6 years ago

    What VP? Whose VP? nxaaaa

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    Zhiii 6 years ago

    Report is a bit of an arrogant idiot with too many fountain pens in his breast pocket.

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    Nyoni 6 years ago

    So true Vince. It’s a pity ZANUPF can not learn from Mozambique. They have shown far more maturity then this crop of buffoons we had to have unfortunately.

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    Tinomunamataishe 6 years ago

    These guys are so out of touch with reality its not fun. They are the sole architects of all the problems and yet they want to look surprised by the results.

    People are trying everything they can to make ends meet and the government should try and help them. These guys are so filthy rich they cannot feel what the masses feel and hence these foolish utterances.

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    Tawanda Mataka 6 years ago

    Its saddening to have hypocrites like the so called VP. What else can he say. The procceds from those youngsters he is ridiculing are the one ones contributing to his salary and hotel bills monthly. He would rather shut up and continue with Zanu P F rhetoric. His sons and daughters do not even have experience of the suffering that true Zimbabweans experience. I have used true because ‘his ‘ see Zimbabwe on the internet because they live in the West. It is sensible for him to shut up because we are past the era of begging from them ‘Zanu’. We are having to deal with our own challenges because the callibre of leaders emerging from Zanu are targeting self aggrandisement at the expense of the people who are working to contribute towards the fiscus. It is actually a pit that he has displayed his emptiness so early. Hopefully one day you will learn. Don’t take us for granted. Noise does not solve anything instead it brings in disharmony and commotion. We are for peace and working hard ethically to sustain our families. Loot from us and sustain yours. If you are for nation building would you stay in the Holiday Inn whilst masses are starving? You fear experiencing what we experience. Shame Mr Vice President. Think again. We expect constructive statements and ideas from you if you want us to respect you. Never ever think that the fear that you instill in people work. No. It stopped working so many years ago. Vince you are a champion of democracy.

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    Louis 6 years ago

    Wow, what a an insight. Thanks to you Vince. I do not understand why we still tolerate these zanu pf cowards. I fail to comprehend the sanity of masses still rallying behind zanu pf campaigns where they listen to the same song hoping for a new tune. Zanu pf has failed and there is need for a new calibre of leadership in Zimbabwe. Personally i do not find it surprising that VP whoever here is uttering misplaced insults. I mean that is zanu pf for you. We the ordinary young people of zimbabwe are suppose to do something about this.