Watch what you say, Chamisa warns army

via Watch what you say, Chamisa warns army – New Zimbabwe 04/10/2015

MDC-T MP for Kuwadzana East Nelson Chamisa has warned “rogue” members of the army to “watch what you say”.

Chamisa said this to hundreds of party supporters at a rally in his constituency Sunday following reports that senior generals had threatened to “deal with politicians” who oppose President Robert Mugabe including former Vice-President Joice Mujuru.

“We are watching you and there are people taking note of everything that is happening. If you threaten the people, remember administrations change and you will be called to account for your actions.

“You can abduct Dzamara (Itai) today, drag Chamisa and humiliate him openly or abduct Morgan Tsvangirai but remember tomorrow you will have to account for that,” he said.

Dzamara was abducted military style in March this year and has not been heard from since.

Chamisa gave examples of those who abated Apartheid South Africa and Ian Smith’s Rhodesia.

“Remember Apartheid South Africa’s biggest actors quivered following the ANC’s victory and also Rhodesians escaped into exile once they realised the tide had changed.

“So, I want to issue a warning to the military because I hear they are threatening ordinary people and politicians with guns. Be careful what you do.

“When the MDC wins and that is a certainty, we will not bring our own soldiers, police and CIO. We will work with the structures that are in place but any rogue elements will not be tolerated,” said the former cabinet minister amid applause.

Chamisa said when South Africa gained independence “those who were active participants in the brutal Apartheid system turned into overnight praise singers of the ANC”.

“Things change and governments change; it is a friendly warning and take heed,” he added.

The Zimbabwe national army has been fingered in a litany of human rights abuses, murders and disappearances and in the name of defending Mugabe’s administration.

The MDC-T claims at least 300 of its supporters were murdered during the bloody run-off elections in June 2008.

That was after at least 20 000 civilians died as the army targeted civilians in Matebeleland and the Midlands in the 1980s with Mugabe claiming that they were hunting down dissidents.

The atrocities have since been classified as genocide and current defence minister Sydney Sekeramayi and VP Emmerson Mnangagwa have been named as among the chief culprits.


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    VaChamisa if you have nothing to lie to the gullible supporters, why do you not just shut-up. You are but a day dreamer who hope against all hope. Tell me for once what your party’s ideology is apart from its Mugabe must go mantra?

  • comment-avatar
    mandevu 7 years ago

    we will never forget the murders you all committed

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    Robert 7 years ago

    The problem with these so called generals is that they have allowed themselves to to be politicised and corrupt. They are no longer representatives of the National Army Commanders as it should be – non partisan.

    Politicisation of the army started in earnest around 2000. By 2002 soldiers were being forcibly gathered for zanu pf rallies at KG VI Barracks, Harare Base Workshops,2 Brigade etc etc. That is the reason why I left

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    robert 7 years ago

    Chamisa well done. I don’t understand why other politicians / political parties, civic societies and churches are mute on the army’s unconstitutional statement. There should have been a deafening noise on the irresponsible statement made by that fake presidential guard commander.

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    Nyoni 7 years ago

    I truly believe idle threats do more harm than anything good. Bob is the master of this and it seems the opposition is following . The army now is not the same one 30 years ago . For this reason and more , politicians should be trying to educate these personnel on how they will improve their working ,living etc conditions for all the services when and if they come to power. Threats will only temper the already massive problems we face under a useless paranoid regime. Please opposition leaders think before you talk.