We are failing Dzamara

via We are failing Dzamara – NewsDay November 3, 2015

Many will agree with me that the outrage and subsequent action that followed the disappearance of Itai Dzamara was rather disappointing. If anything, the disappearance incidence has actually provided the Zanu PF regime with measurement of the depth of fear it has instilled in people.

The Dzamara case was supposed to be a unifying factor to move us into action against the brutality of this regime and some of its evil ways.

However, being the cowards we are, we failed to build on this lifetime opportunity and gave the regime a victory. The dreaded Central Intelligence Organisation is celebrating wherever it is located, a job well done. They know they can afford to sleep having set an example of what they can do.

But we should appeal to our conscience as people; to whether we can just fold hands and pretend everything is normal when one of us remains missing.

We should celebrate the courage, boldness and audacity to face a whole regime by this man through fulfilling what he had started.

If that seems to be an insurmountable task, at least we must converge in our numbers and demand answers to what happened to this man.

A number of government officials had to leave their respective work stations to mourn Zanele Moyo who died under similarly mysterious circumstances to Dzamara’s disappearance.

Though the answers to her death are not forthcoming, at least an effort was put. Why not the same with Dzamara?

Let’s come together to demand action on the part of government to conclude the matter.

If we cannot do that, we would have failed Dzamara.