Will you marry me, Mugabe asks Obama

via Will you marry me, Mugabe asks Obama – New Zimbabwe 30/06/2015

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe has challenged President Barack Obama by asking his hand in marriage.

His comment comes at the back of the legalization of gay marriage in the United State by the Supreme Court.

Mugabe in his weekly radio interview with Zimbabwe’s national radio Saturday said, “I’ve just concluded since President Obama endorses the same-sex marriage, advocates homosexual people and enjoys an attractive countenance thus if it becomes necessary , I shall travel to Washington, D.C. , get down on my knee , and ask his [Obama’s] hand.”

“I can’t understand how this people dare to defy Christ’s explicit orders as our Lord prohibited mankind from sodomy,” said the Zimbabwean leader in an interview with ZBC radio, adding, the American Government is run by pervert, Satan-worshipers who insult the Great American nation.

According to awdnews.com, the American tradition and heritage was based on lofty Christian principles, added Mugabe, but to the detriment of this great nation, America’s corrupt political elite is acting according to their diabolic whims.

Obama’s endorsement of gay marriage, the first ever from a sitting president, came amid growing pressure for the president to clarify his previously muddled opinion, as two senior members of his administration announced personal support for gay marriage and a day after voters in North Carolina approved a state constitutional amendment defining marriage as a union between a man and a woman.

The statement brought an immediate reaction from his prospective opponent at home as well.


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    1.Obama is already married with kids. It would be bigamy if he married again.
    2.Marriage existed before Christianity so why the hell not?
    3.Christianity also forbids murder, theft, and covering thy neighbors wife, all of which bob is guilty of in spades.

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    The Mind Boggles 7 years ago

    Who cares what the Americans are doing? Where are the two million jobs?? Where is Itai Dzamara??

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    R Judd 7 years ago

    Always knew Robert was this way

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    iwezimbo 7 years ago

    The Lord also prohibits mankind on adultery and murder of innocent people.Why is this leader being selective.

    Don’t think Mugabe is Obama’s type. Don’t think Obama likes dictator’s, oppressors, racists and homophobic’s

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    Fundani Moyo 7 years ago

    It is easier to try and mock the American laws and their way of life than to fix your own problems at home Mr. President. Obama has resuscitated the US economy which was in the doldrums after Bush’s reign, he has delivered his promise on a safe and secure America, his people enjoy all kinds of freedoms including changing their leaders every four years without a single soul fearing adaption or torture for their political inclinations; and yet for 35 years in power you have nothing to show for it other than your legacy of misery and destitution you have brought upon your people. I think the joke is on you.

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      Vague story
      Shows desperation of the writer

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      Fairness All the Time 7 years ago

      If God was to choose between A Muderer( Mugabe)as he is potrayed to be and Homosexual.Who can stand a better devil.Remember in the bible elevated Phineas for murdering cross cultural fornication because during those times it was forbideen. And went on to promote Phineas to the High office of priesthood.Yet we never heard a story where a homosexual ever pleased the LORD.In one place of the bible GOd talks of Nebuchadnezzar as” my servant” yet he butchered the the backsliden Israellites like chickens slaughterd for no meal.Even Pharoh was considered a servant of the LORD.But homosexual kings or those who supported homosexuality were ever spared by GOD. We maybe suffering form the misdeeds of Mugabe’s regime but yet when the judgement from God will be falling we be spared . For surely if God let America to proser with homosexuality then HE has to repent himself from Burning Sodom and Gomorrah with brimstones and Fire.Putin has already said it in plain speech that we will use nuclear weapons if it is necessary to burn up those supporting Homosexuality. WAKE UP : Its Judgement time is approaching

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      Fundani Moyo 7 years ago

      Correction “…..fearing abductions….”

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    Could not have said it any better Mr Moyo

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    “Desperate for slander” describes this article

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    Straight PRIDE 7 years ago

    I agree with our President I’m afraid. All he says is true! Look at the issue at heart – not other peoples past actions.