You’re no saint, Zanu PF blasts Mujuru

via You’re no saint, Zanu PF blasts Mujuru – New Zimbabwe 02/06/2015

ZANU PF has hit back at former Vice President Joice Mujuru, telling her that her attempt to pretend to be “born again” in a bid to “find a new political home” will come to grief.

The party’s deputy spokesperson Monica Mutsvangwa was reacting after Mujuru issued a statement this week apologising to Zimbabweans for her role in the leadership failure which she said had turned the country into a failed state.

“We collectively failed in our basic mandate to the nation. For my role in the failure I am truly sorry and I apologise to my fellow Zimbabweans,” said Mujuru who was fired from government and Zanu PF for allegedly plotting a coup against President Robert Mugabe.

But Mutsvangwa said if Mujuru did not agree with Mugabe’s policies she should have refused the ministerial and party positions the veteran leader assigned her over her 35 years in government.

Mujuru was named a cabinet minister at just 25 years of age in 1980 and would remain a cabinet member until her ignominious recent dismissal.

Said Mutsvangwa: “Now Mujuru wants to apologise?

“If she had any honour as she claims befitting a revolutionary, why didn’t she turn down all those power elevations for 34 years? Even more telling, why didn’t she resign?

“She’s now pouring scorn on what she enjoyed most, the power and its material rewards, which she’s still enjoying.”

Mutsvangwa said while Mujuru enjoyed a life of luxury thanks to Mugabe, many of her liberation war comrades died in destitution and many still live in poverty.

“Many have died in destitution and many are still living in poverty,” said Mutsvangwa.

“More than any other comrades, Mujuru enjoyed recognition and the trappings of power all due to the sacrifices by many. It’s sad she seems to have been oblivious to her war time identity.” columnist Ken Yamamoto, recently pointed out that Mujuru was “not a silent observer (but) a participant” in the various corruption scandals of the last 35 years.

Yamamoto referred to her role in trying to block Strive Masiyiwa from setting up Econet Wireless in favour of Telecel Zimbabwe which, it is now claimed, she also owns.

The former VP was also fingered in the looting of the war victims compensation fund and in Ziscosteel corruption scandals which have since collapsed.

Wrote Yamamoto: “She (Mujuru) is one of them. She has been part of the problem. She has been one of the corrupt elements in the government.

“She has been part of the human rights violators. She had no sympathy for the long suffering Zimbabweans. She has been a co-conspirator against the civil liberties and prosperity of the people of Zimbabwe. She has been there when others have been harassed and brutalized.

“She lived nicely when Zimbabwean families were confused by the paradox of being billionaires without food on their tables. She lived well when Zimbabwean people had to go through the embarrassment of spending days and nights in fuel queues.

“Now that she is on the other side of the river, should she not be left to get a taste of the medicine she dispensed with her former friends?

“That way, she will understand how the ordinary people have lived, and perhaps she will speak out against corruption and injustices.”

In her statement this week, Mujuru again denied the corruption allegations levelled against her and challenged the government to put her on trial over the charges and claims she plotted a coup.

Mutsvangwa told her to be patient, saying the prosecution was coming.

“There are competent bodies in the land who are handling those issues,” she said.

“Ultimately, it’s about what Mujuru may and may not have committed in terms of criminal acts and/or those institutions and of course, her conscience,.” she said.


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    Jono Austin 7 years ago

    ‘…Mutsvangwa said while Mujuru enjoyed a life of luxury thanks to Mugabe…’ This statement boggles the mind doesn’t it? I assume all Ministers enjoy lives of luxury thanks not to Mugabe but the TAXPAYER from whom they have stolen for 35 years. What right does any Minister (including Mugabe) have to enjoy a life of luxury at the taxpayer’s expense? Mutsvanga is so far off base on this that she is lost in the void of stupidity and ignorance. She is portraying Mugabe as some kind of benificent alms giver when he is nothing but a thug, murderer, criminal and thief. What a disgustingly stupid crowd Zanu and their hangers on are!

  • comment-avatar
    Jackson 7 years ago

    monica mutsvangwa you have half baked brains. Part of Joice’s statement reads “We collectively failed in our basic mandate to the nation. For my role in the failure I am truly sorry and I apologise to my fellow Zimbabweans,” Is this statement anywhere near anointing herself as a saint you woodwinked idiot of a woman? zanu is corrupt right from mugabe himself, so dont try and wriggle out and blame it all on Joice. The extent of destruction zanu has done to the country is not from only one member, its a zanu collective job and Joice for her part she has said sorry.

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    The point is not whether Dr Mujuru is a saint or not. What she is saying is that wrong things were committed by the ruling elite. She is decent enough to say she was part of that gang of people who deviated from the values of the liberation struggle. The digression has caused the suffering of Zimbabweans. She has seen the light and like Saul of Tarsus she now wants to be the great Christian that Paul was. Nobody can deny Dr Mujuru a chance to repent since repentance is for those who did wrong in the past and have changed direction. Saints do not need conversion. Dr Mujuru should be given a chance to join the democratic voices who are calling for good governance and economic development. By calling for proof of the serious allegations against her, she is making an important point that the problem is not sanctions but lack of respect for the rule of law in Zimbabwe.

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      jackson 7 years ago

      Exactly Moyo. I am prepared to forgive Joice. Look Joice is no longer in zanu, but those who have kicked her out continue to destroy the country. mnangagwa boasts he is a trained killer and will not carry out any of the referms being demanded by MDC etc

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    chira 7 years ago

    Monica Mutsvangwa
    You have just joined politics now then you open you beak like a crow.Let brains speak better than patronage.You are trying to lick the boot of your god mugabe.What grade did you complete by the way. Remember you are talking about a true doctor not fake one.I hope you go back to school just a little bit to be able to comment about the literate.You want to be promoted. Its unfortunate that your master is just half into the coffin.

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    Rwendo 7 years ago

    The Mutsvangwas, husband and wife, now seem to be tag-teaming against mai Mujuru since last year. Why such animosity?

    One cannot help but speculate that some of the roots of the bristling animosity may lie in the hasty recalling of husband Ambassador Mutsvangwa from China; a dossier had reportedly been compiled alleging that under his watch, amai Mujuru had used State-sponsored trips to China as VP to clinch mega-deals for her late husband’s Dande Development Company.