Zim no longer keen to get Cecil killer

via Zim no longer keen to get Cecil killer – New Zimbabwe 07/09/2015

AMID fears that extraditing an American bow hunter for killing Ceil the lion could hurt Zimbabwe’s hunting business, authorities seem to have cooled off on pursuing the case against Walter Palmer.

It has been a month since Environment, Water and Climate Minister Oppah Muchinguri announced that the police would process paperwork to extradite Palmer for participating in a hunt that authorities here said was illegal.

On Monday there were no new developments in the matters, police spokeswoman Charity Charamba told The Associated Press.

“I still have nothing on that case,” she said.

The National Prosecuting Authority, which is responsible for processing extradition requests, said Palmer was not on its files because the police had yet to process a docket for Palmer, a dentist from suburban Minneapolis.

In an interview with AP on Sunday in Minneapolis, Palmer said he believes he acted legally and that he was stunned to find out his hunting party had killed a treasured animal in July.

Cecil was a fixture in Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park and had been fitted with a GPS collar as part of Oxford University lion research.

Pursuing Palmer without a concrete case could rattle potential big-paying customers from the United States, said a Zimbabwean government official and safari operators.

Theo Bronkhorst, a local professional hunter who helped Palmer, has been charged with “failure to prevent an illegal hunt.”

Honest Ndlovu, whose property is near Hwange park, faces a charge of allowing the lion hunt to occur on his farm without proper authority. The hunters allegedly lured Cecil out of Hwange with an animal carcass.

Palmer’s hosts should have ensured the hunt was legal, said Emmanuel Fundira, chair of the Safari Operators Association of Zimbabwe.

“These are the people expected to know the rules and advise clients accordingly,” he said.

“Clients may end up thinking twice before coming to Zimbabwe if such cases are not handled carefully.

“Authorities have to be sure there is a case before pushing for the extradition of these hunters.”

Hunting supports about 800,000 rural Zimbabwean families, said Fundira.

Bad for business

Extraditing Palmer would “be bad for business,” a senior official in the ministry of environment, water and climate told AP.

“American hunters spend big. They are a huge market for us,” he said, refusing to be named because the killing of Cecil is before the courts.

“We still want them here. Zimbabwe sends delegations every year to lure those hunters to bring their money here. They will stop coming if the risk of arrest is high.”

Rural communities surrounding national parks also cash in from the hunting business.

In 1989, the government, with the aid of the US government, set up the Communal Areas Management for Indigenous Resources, known as Campfire, to plough some of the money from hunting into surrounding rural communities.

Campfire says most hunting clients are from the US, Germany and Spain.

“Foreign sport hunters will pay large sums to hunt Africa’s trophy animals, far more than other tourists will pay to view them. A single hunter can spend more than $40,000 on a trophy hunting trip,” says Campfire, on its website.

“At least half of that revenue goes to the local communities for rural development and environmental conservation.”


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    dusty 6 years ago

    CAMPFIRE was started in 1976 by the Rhodesian department of Parks – nothing to do with Zim or America

  • comment-avatar
    spiralx 6 years ago

    Knew it wouldn’t be too long before the hypocrisy & double stds surfaced.

  • comment-avatar
    Cde X 6 years ago

    Oh c’mon. Give us a break. Are we that desperate? Just extradite the guy? Indirectly it’s very good for tourism as Zim will be seen as strong on conservation and animal welfare. Majority of people in the west love animals! Clear example is this reaction to Palmer’s actions. These tourists will not want to visit or take their families to countries where animals are slaughtered willy nilly. Bringing Palmer to face justice shines a positive image about Zim. Unless if the only tourism you are interested in is from these blood thirsty trophy hunters.

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      @Cde X you are a complete idiot. You have no idea of the value of hunting in our country, and Dr Walter Palmer hopefully will sue Oppah Muchunguri and the rest of them for defamation of character.He is an innocent man… so shut up.

  • comment-avatar
    Cde X 6 years ago

    Why?! Extradite Palmer now! Zim is not a play ground for these rich westerners to come and kill part of our heritage for fun. Even their countries have very stringent and strict laws about hunting. Why should we be open game?

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    Corrections 6 years ago

    CAMPFIRE is acronym for Communal Areas Management Programme for Indigenous Resources. USAID and other NGOs/bilateral organisations funded the programme at various stages. It started in 1989 with two districts having been granted what is callee Appropriate Authority in 1988. These are Guruve and Nyaminyami. CAMPFIRE is an an outcome of a 1982 amendment to the Parks and Wildlife Act of 1975 which granted AA to white ranchers only. It is therefore not a creation of the Rhodesian government, although its proponents had also worked for the parks department during the colonial era. An almost similar programme during the colonial era was the Wildlife Industries for All (WINDFALL) which was implemented in 1978.

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    tapiwa 6 years ago

    As I mentioned before this guy did nothing wrong except he hired guides from a wrong group of people who did not bribe the right chefs. Secondly now that the government knows that this money will benefit a substantial number of people they will definitely try to bring down the hunting activity only because the government of zimbabwe never supports anything that is supposed to benefit the majority. If the guy who said 800,000 people benefit had said actually said only 5 people are benefiting then the government would not be interested because in Zimbabwe anything that benefits the majority will never be supported by the government.
    There are load of examples that I can quote

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    dodgy 6 years ago

    It’s no problem. They have forgiven him cos the twats that run this country are just as bad as the poachers they say they are trying to fight. They condone this s**t and are as guilty as Palmer. The two morons that got that Yankee doodle Muppet to do the shooting need to be sent to chiki and not see the light of day for a long time. Up with the RF.

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    MikeH 6 years ago

    So someone’s palm has been crossed with silver then !!! Bought off in other words.

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      proffesional hunter responsible for Cecil’s inhumane slaughter has just been charged with illegaly exporting Sable Antelope to RSA both charges will be dropped as soon as the palms have been greased can only happen in Zim

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    Drifter 6 years ago

    Even if Palmer gets off, the brown mucky stuff should roll downhill onto the two local hunters. Was Cecil fitted with a collar? If he was, did they think it was a tick?