Zimbabwean Minister Says White Farmers to Remain on Their Land

via Zimbabwean Minister Says White Farmers to Remain on Their Land – Bloomberg Business 30 January 2015

(Bloomberg) — Zimbabwe’s white farmers can avoid eviction by formally registering their farms and reducing plot sizes, Lands and Rural Resettlement Minister Douglas Mombeshora said.

“We’ve asked the farmers to regularize their stay on farms and told them they need to downsize,” Mombeshora said by phone from the capital, Harare, on Friday. “There is no farmer who is going to be chased away from his property.”

Harare-based Newsday reported last week that white farmers on land gazetted for acquisition in the southern African nation will be given 90 days to leave, citing Mombeshora. Three days earlier, the newspaper said the government would limit the size of farms and restrict owners to one plot.

The country’s ruling Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front evicted most of the country’s 3,500 large-scale white farmers, often violently, from 2000, slashing agricultural exports and deterring investment. About 300 remain on their land, according to Zimbabwe’s Commercial Farmers Union.

Several calls to the CFU offices in Harare weren’t immediately answered, while the union’s director, Hendrik Olivier, didn’t respond to e-mailed questions.


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    there is neither certainty nor the rule of law in zimbabwe.
    anything can happen at any time, regardless of the actual laws on the statute books.
    the minister can say this today and the presidents wife can say the opposite tomorrow.
    we all know this is true.
    without the rule of law, zimbabwe is surely on the path to failed state..

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      ZimJim 8 years ago

      Yup, Owen. Too little, too late. And no trust.
      Therefore, no respect for Government. Not a good situation…
      Rule of law seems to be an alien concept in Zim.

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    Mace mike 8 years ago

    Flip flop?????

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    Madhodhi ega negovt yedu.kuparadza Nyika nekuti nyadzisa every time. Zvinosiiranwa izvi.kufira mupower chabuda hapana.basa rekutuka vane zvavo kwenyu chabuda hapana. All clever zims left.the country becoz of you bad leaders.shame.

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    Umwrong 8 years ago

    The ZANU-PF government issued similar statements in 1999. “No farmers would face unlawful eviction,” they said.

    This is simply an exercise to establish how many whites are left with farmland. From there, they will be systematically removed.

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    Blessing 8 years ago

    Please if you have a government who doesn’t uphold the laws of it’s own constitution then how can you believe a minister who says the above.Zimbabwe will never come right until we have property rights and a independent judiciary.It is common sense.

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    Fantastic. Yipee. Stick it up your $rse. I want to see Zimbabweans make money rather than sponge off others. Like they have done for 35 years. About time that the “true” Zimbo stands up. Mmmmhhh. Cowards. All of you including myself.

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    Michael 8 years ago

    There are new Ministers at the trough that must get farms – so go and register your property and get the boot as a result. When crooks run a country acceptable norms go out of the window.

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    chimusoro 8 years ago

    The land is OURS!

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      Fallenz 8 years ago

      You are typical, Sir. With one hand you say “the land is mine”, with the other you cry “give me foreign aid”… all the while sitting on your bottom under a tree puffing on cigarettes and sucking on beer bottles, unwilling to work to help yourself. Did you plough, did you plant, did you tend..? Have you invented? Have you manufactured? You have not. All you have done is spread disease to your neighbor’s wife and make more babies to starve. The government has murdered, maimed, and stolen… a den of thugs and assassins who thrive on theft, and live high on what others worked to earn. Why should I help… laziness is your forte, and you do not need my assistance to become better at it.

      (signed) Foreign Aid

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      Michael 8 years ago

      If you want to own the land it is only of worthwhile value if the land is utilized properly for production of food – you cannot eat it. Large scale commercial farming is what keeps the food supply to all the people of any country provided with food.

      There is a need for ownership of land to be extended to landless people – but such a process needs to be governed wisely and in a way that food prouction on the land is not jeopardized.

      Unfortunately the system used by the Zimbabwe Government was irresponsible and dishonest. Irresponsible because from being a breadbasket – with adequate food production to feed the country – Zimbabwe has become a basket case where other countries must provide food to prevent mass starvation.

      Dishonest because the political elite stole the most productive farms and use it for their pleasure and not for proper farming. How many farms does Mugabe and his family got? Name a politico of high standing and they have vast properties. Disgrace has recently stolen another farm to turn over into a wild life privately-owned reserve and what happened to the present occupants of the land? Homes burned down and they get kicked out.

      Are you happy to see your country being turned into a basket case with millions of people starving or battling to have proper meals?

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    Go take a hike you bloody fool. All the other land you have taken lies fallow and unused. You are importing maize from farmers you chased away!! Are you not ashamed. What am I saying you are aZanoid and say what you want take you want, steal what you want, kill who you wish and we are supposed to believe you. Go crawl into some hole and stay there and you will be doing us a favor

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    Michael, “sense” makes no sense to these people, they just do not understand it and could not give a rats ass about it as it is to far above their heads.

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    Andrew 8 years ago

    So So Sad. People still live in hope in Zimbabwe.

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    mandevu 8 years ago

    omg does this twit really think anyone will believe him

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    Mukanya 8 years ago

    Final to pauperize the nation

  • comment-avatar
    josmeng 8 years ago

    oh, this site sounds like a Rhodie ballroom it sucks!

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    Petal 8 years ago

    Reap and they will take everything a thieving scumbag can never be trusted

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    Benjamin 6 years ago

    Have a look at the date of this article. January 30 2015 it says !!! THIS IS OLD NEWS AND MANY FARMS HAVE BEEN TAKEN SINCE !! SO WHAT IS THE LATEST NEWS THEN ??