We need a nation of whistle-blowers

via We need a nation of whistle-blowers by Garikai Mazara for Sunday Mail Sunday, 22 September 2013

President Mugabe, addressing the media at State House on September 11, 2013, after the swearing-in ceremony of Cabinet ministers and their deputies, said:

“I am glad we have a team, we have a team, a team that has lots of youngsters, young people, young blood, and we are looking forward, of course, to the young blood tomorrow taking over from us and as long as they are along our lines of progress, being people-oriented, thinking more of the people than of themselves, then the direction that it will be. 

“You now, looking at developments properly, the perspective must be correct, the perspective in terms of the trajectory. Veku army, vepfuti, vane trajectory yebara, nzira inotorwa nebara. They must be correct kuti usvike patarget yacho. Zvino isu also, ideological trajectory must always be people-oriented. The targets we have must be targets that answer the issue at the end of the day when you have accomplished your programme. 

“Who are the beneficiaries? The people or yourself? Corruption, kazhinji tinotaura nenyaya ye corruption. Ava vakuru muri kuregerera corruption, but corruption-ka, it’s not that easy to detect. 

Painoitwa pachivande-vande. The fact that one has emerged rich may be proof, proof of corruption, but it’s hidden proof. Haungoti nokuti uyu akavaka imba, aah akaba mari. Ko kana akakwereta and vanhu vakachenjeraka mazuva ano. Ndakatora chikwereti; ndakazoita zvakati. 

“Hamungangorambe muchiti ngativhenekei, ngatiitei zvakati. But those who know that there have been payments made should say so. Vanopihwa macommissions vachiona kuti macommissions ari kuitwa pass, must be able to come out and tell us that, indeed, ehe pakati pane zvakati zvakaitwa, zvakati zvakati. We would be very grateful. But we can’t victimise people merely because there is an appearance of a person prospering when circumstances for his prospering are not that visible. We will want proof, proof, proof, proof. 

“We have that Government. You will be seeing what we will try to do. Criticise objectively. Learn to be objective. Kwete to start by having a subjective state of mind. ‘I will never write anything god about this person’. Aah, I say to a person like that kuti, aah, you are demented. To have that kind of mind is dangerous to yourself. You don’t think right. You will always get proof of a person doing wrong things, no, he may not reveal it, but certainly along the way if he is given to doing wrong you will see it.” 

Though this was one the many issues that the President dwelt on, on the day, along with matters regarding revitalising the economy, getting agriculture going, etc, fighting corruption has been high on the agenda of Zanu-PF going into the July 31 harmonised elections. 

And to cement his convictions on fighting the scourge, the President went a gear up on Tuesday while addressing a luncheon to mark the official opening of Parliament. 

There was a feeling around town that the President was walking the talk, and if indeed we are going to get the country up and running, especially after losing a decade from 2000, mostly as a result of the Western-induced sanctions, and then another five years through the inclusive Government, corruption is one of the biggest scourges that we have to fight as a country, as an economy that needs to get off the blocks. 

Then again, the President was forthright, that we do not go by hearsay alone, we need proof. But it takes two to make a corrupt deal, so instead of waiting to provide evidence, which might be difficult to come by, it is prudent to blow the whistle from the onset, that a corrupt deal is about to be hatched. The law enforcement agents will take over. 

Whilst the naming-and-shaming of corrupt elements might be seen as the first step towards fighting and eradicating corruption, there is also a general feeling that only the sacrificial lambs have been targeted, leaving the bigger and fatter fish that have been left to swim in the sea of corruption. 

Corruption has become so ingrained in our social DNA that it is almost impossible to do a simple everyday transaction without paying someone. 

That is how deep-seated corruption is, that to drive from Harare to Gweru you need an extra allowance for the police, to get a birth certificate you need to “cut” the registry official. 

The usual pattern is: the higher the office or the service being sought, the bigger the compensation. 
It is really a scourge, which the President, and the country, must move to tackle, so that the intentions of the new Government are clear, that we are an economy thirsty for recovery, recovery not hindered by corruption. 

Many a time the President’s name, and at times the party’s name, has been used to line individual pockets. “This is meant for the President or the party,” or “the President said.” 

These are issues that, besides the decade-long sanctions, have negatively impacted on our growth as a nation. The question is: how many got away with dollars in their pockets, without getting the attention of the President? 

There are civil servants in the small offices, councillors, police officers, customs officials, etc.
Though it is a culture that might take time to correct, one of the ways to remedy the social ill, as the President has highlighted at many forums, is to raise wages and salaries. People tend to be corrupt because there is a need, and once a living wage is put in place, this would assist in fighting the scourge. 

Besides increasing working wages, one of the other ways of eradicating corruption would be for Government services to be easily accessible. 

People are prone to pay to beat the system, or such a system is created such that people end up paying. With the advances being made in information communication technology, there is no excuse for the failure by Government departments to be online, so that people do not queue for the services they require. Most Government forms should, by now, be accessible on the Internet such that bottlenecks are eliminated. 

There have been other arguments, that picking on an individual might be wrong, and that given the enthusiasm that this Government has exhibited, it might be prudent to start on a clean slate, and let bygones be bygones. The reasoning being that the individual named might not want to sink alone, and might sing in court, or in public, which might not augur well for an economy that is yearning for recovery. 

That is arguable, but what is not arguable is that corruption needs to be tackled head-on, and the more there is intent of purpose, the better it will be on our path to recovery. 

If Zanu-PF were to actively act on all the promises it made during the campaign period, as espoused in the party’s manifesto, then the road to recovery is clear, that is if such hindrances as corruption are dealt with and eradicated.


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    maisokwazo 9 years ago

    Ahaa the devil appearing as an angel of light!!! Who do you think you fool ? Asi Stupid Zimbabweans! WOW to those stupid Zimbabwean who think Mugabe has turned a new coat. Nyoka inyoka chete. Nhasi ndopo moti you want to fight corruption after 33 years of looting SHAME and you want Zimbabweans to believe you when you unashamably robbed them of their right to choose leaders of their choice. Haunyari kumira pamberi pevamwe varume uchizviti president wehumbavha, KUSANYARA

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    Sekuru Mapenga 9 years ago


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    munzwa 9 years ago

    why not start by releasing the election info and voters role?/

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    Anthony 9 years ago

    @ ZimSituation:
    Guys in as much as I appreciate the sterling job you guys are doing keeping the site going, keeping it simple sometimes helps.
    I have said before the previous format was so much easier to get through and now we have news articles that are difficult to read. In one case the whole article is all in italics, in another it’s a mixture of italics and normal font without any clear rationale behind the move . If time is pressing then stick to one simple format that works. Keep it plain throughout or if you insist on mixing it up a bit reserve the italics for quoted statements. I’m having trouble adjusting to the new format to the extent I no longer log on as frequently as I used to.
    The headline font is also still way too big.
    Hope you can take this on the chin and do something about it.

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    Rocks tone 9 years ago

    He is not my president since 2008 & he is talking rubbish kana achiita hunhu wakadai , ko vadiki vanodzidza chii ,he is actually insisting on violents means of rapturing the economy & people social life what does this mean ,kana achiti nzira inotorwa ne Pfuti shame to him

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    Chamunorwa 9 years ago

    Rocks Tone, have you ever seen a country run by Mafia? If not look at the last country on the alphabet that’s the one.

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    Chamunorwa 9 years ago

    They will target the whistle-blowers like they did in 2008.

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    Macon Pane 9 years ago

    Like all demigods, Robert Mugabe has a “hear what I say, instead of see what I do” mentality. He thinks so highly of himself that he believes truth is defined by his words rather than by reality. It seems Maisokwazo is correct… Mugabe and his minion thinks Zimbabweans are stupid.

    Within a very few years, Robert Mugabe will be dead and facing judgment for his life here. There will be no appeal court, no buying of the judiciary, no silencing witnesses. Like the ending of the movie “Ghost”, awful demons will collect him and drag him screaming into the eternal abyss of torment. God will have his revenge… and so it shall be for all the ungodly. For those who support Mugabe, I ask what will be your fate when your time comes?